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I've been unsuccessfully trying to search for a webcomic posted in the comments (maybe a couple/few years ago?) about a nerd 'Rip Van Winkle' illustrating the difference between the promise of 'nerds then' -- perhaps around 30 years back -- to the comparative letdown of 'nerds now'. Ring any bells? I thought it might have been SMBC, but looking through the archives, I'm pretty sure it's not. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)
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There was a SMBC Theater sketch on this sort of topic, with a woman going back to tell nerds of the 80's what the future held for nerddom. Could this be what you're thinking of?
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this one? close! but it was a webcomic :P
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Maybe from Pictures for Sad Children? The site no longer has the series of comics I'm thinking of, but here they are on someone's blog. No Rip Van Winkle, but there is a ghost... and the reference to thirty years is for the future. The art style is quite different from SMBC's, though...
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Was it this one?

On a side note, when I started searching, I could have sworn it was SMBC too, but couldn't find anything that fit.

Which reminds me - did anyone figure out that paint can splash from a sitcom intro thing?
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Is it this from Nobody Scores? ("It's 2010, man! The nerds have won!")
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yay, that's it! thanks seikleja, and thanks everyone else too; it's much appreciated :D
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