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I've written a userscript to sort the page comments by favorites. It's only been tested on the latest Firefox with Greasemonkey but it should work on Chrome with Tampermonkey. You can grab / install the script here.
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I assume this is in response to the MetaTalk request from a few days ago -- so if anyone wants to discuss the pro's and con's of filtering by favorites, please jump over to that other thread to do so. We can keep this thread for any technical questions etc about this script.
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Doesn't work in Safari with Tampermonkey; does work in Chrome as suggested. Thanks!

I found the highlighting distracting, but I was able to remove it by commenting out both lines of "highLight($(this));".
posted by naju at 9:12 AM on August 2, 2016

Only seems to work with the Modern theme for me in Firefox/Greasemonkey.
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Doesn't do anything in tampermonkey on chrome for me. I installed the script and have it running, but I cant see any options.....

threadwin still does it for me, although it's an old script.
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It works for me in Tampermonkey for Chrome, but I couldn't see any controls or toggle. So it sorted everything by favorites, with that sorting only indicated by a yellow bg to the favorites counts. The only way I could see to return things to normal was to go into settings/extensions/Tampermonkey options then disable it.

It's neat and I might use it occasionally, but that might be more clicks than I'd go through to use it with regularity.
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> I found the highlighting distracting
In the originally script I only had the highlighting to make the comment stand out more, was not thinking of doing a sort.
> Only seems to work with the Modern theme for me
Completely forgotten about the Classic Theme! Will fix it for next version.
> I couldn't see any controls or toggle
I'll add a toggle switch for the next update.
posted by querty at 6:32 AM on August 3, 2016

Version 1.1 released

Now added a toggle button. Also updated the script to work with anchors and the default theme.

The other major change is making the script to run only when you are logged in, so the script won't work for guests.
posted by querty at 3:27 AM on August 7, 2016

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