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We're celebrating the launch of mltshp by adding it to the Social Apps options on profile pages (and deprecating mlkshk). While we're at it, we're also adding Ravelry support finally. Details inside!

Both of these are variations from a norm we'd maintained in the past of only allowing account support for other sites that had publicly-accessible member profile pages. Over time my feelings there have changed some, but more to the point the web has changed and members-only profiles/sites have become a more common site structure.

So we're going ahead and adding these, in the thinking that while random non-members of mltshp or Ravelry won't be able to browse someone's activity on either site, fellow MeFites who are also members at one of those sites will. And that's the key value in my mind of sharing these things on our profile pages to begin with: to see what one another has in common out in the supra-MetaFilter web.

Accordingly, I'm willing to revisit other past suggestions and see if there are things in a similar previously-rejected state that folks have sufficient collective excitement about adding/sharing still.
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The wiki has the list of sites that are already on the social explorer as well as those which have been rejected.

We still want there to be a profile page; a page that, when someone clicks on the site icon from your profile, takes them to a page representing the you who is on the other site.

In most cases, that page will be something like, and those ones are ones that are easy to revisit and reconsider. Harder are things like Mastodon and Diaspora, where there is no consistent structure and your profile page could be on one of a hundred different servers. That part, we're considering and thinking over a little before deciding how to proceed.

As to mltshp, I'm not sure why so many people are so enthused about a site devoted to Maultaschenpfanne, but I've made an account and am looking forward to seeing how other people cook their filled noodles.
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Mastodon has a consistent structure, doesn't it? It's just that the domain is part of the changeable fields. Like it's always going to be, where my full username is I admit I don't know how GNU social works.
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Mastodon's on the list, it's just a little bit trickier because of the multi-instance structure so we need to sort out how best to handle storing/validating it. But it'll be along!
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Hooray, Ravelry! I can stop whining at them about the private profile profile pages now.
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People who have Ravelry listed in their profiles for your future reference pleasure!

This will make my plans to cross-breed MeFi and LSG for future world domination so much simpler.
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Oh hey I was just coming here to say maybe it's time to take a sprint through some of the sites that don't exist any longer and take them off the list also? So MLKSHK and This is My Jam are the two that come to mind. And I just logged in to for the first time in years and I guess it still exists. Any others that have quietly moved on?
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LearnedLeague had previously been rejected due to the privacy thing. The profile-page URL there is , where "foo" is the username entirely in lowercase. (Any spaces in usernames are replaced by underscores.)
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Yay MLTSHP - I'm super enthused by the volunteer effort to make this thing happen again THANKS Jessamyn, et al. and also I miss This Is My Jam.
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Over time my feelings there have changed some ...

So have mine, C, so have mine ...
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Yay for Ravelry! For people who don't know, there's a Metafilter group in the forums.
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Hooray, Ravelry! Thanks so much for adding this.
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Yippee for Ravelry! And hooray for those who use MLTSHP, too.

Podcast idea: It would be fun to hear the Mefi mods shoot the breeze with the Ravelry owners, as two social media websites that are purposefully and thoughtfully built to encourage civil participation.
posted by Liesl at 6:18 AM on May 19, 2017 [5 favorites] still exists! I still use it a bunch! It's easier to remember that my Pinboard for some reason.

Also I typoed that as Punboard and I want that now. Someone get on that.
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(and deprecating mlkshk)

psst, I still see it
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And I just logged in to for the first time in years and I guess it still exists.

Yahoo sold it to a couple of YouTube founders in 2011 who rewrote it and a bit later decided to focus on a video app so they sold it to Science Inc in 2014 (who owns things like Dollar Shave Club, online dogsitter agencies, etc) who then sold it to some search engine optimization company who dropped the rewrite and the com domain, turned off the export function, and started injecting their own links into people's RSS feeds. Which I guess is good for someone.
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This Is My Jam is still extant, just gone read-only forever.
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Oooh, great new pony. I added Ravelry, and while I was at it, I also added LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, OKCupid, and Blogger.
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I, too, would like to read about filled noodles.
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Seconding Mastodon, and if the code to allow multi-instance social network situations is functional, maybe we can include Slack chats on there? [blah], with your username? (I don't know if there's anything resembling a profile page for Slack profiles)

If we're now open to members-only profiles, then I'd like Autostraddle and NaNoWriMo.
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Oh! I saw that Patreon was on there, which made me wonder if we could add other money-related sites. Kickstarter, Indigogo, and I think Pozible have profiles. Maybe also, Ko-Fi, Venmo, Square Cash?
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AFAICT Slack doesn't have and sort of user profile pages that are available to other people.

I feel like straight up "This is where you can give me or my project money" sites that don't have ways to really connect with and grow a network with other users are a lot less what the Social Sites stuff is supposed to be about.
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Kickstarter's profiles are a lot more than just 'give my project money.' You can follow other people who support the kind of projects you're interested in, for example, in order to find more projects like that.

I'm not clear what the value of and the other personal payment pages would be, though. If someone on MetaFilter owes you money, you can tell them your info directly. The situations where someone might be moved to randomly send another Mefite unowed money seem few and far between and fraught with potential scamminess (dying cancer kids askme or whatever) that might be better avoided.
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So excited for Ravelry! Just added that and my Patreon, because I'm doing a knitterly Patreon this year. (52 pattern releases in a year, oh my!)

Which reminds me, I should really post that in Projects now that it's been going on for a while.
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Huh, and you've got Airbnb too! I added them both.
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And done! Happy this post reminded me to make that one, especially with all the knitters here!
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I added to the suggestions list. I know from discussion on the shutdown post that there's a few other early backers amongst mefites.
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