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Can either the titles of political posts include a marker that they are political or have the hovertext or some other indicator in the Contact Activity feed say it is political (#potus45) to save me a click and instant click away?

I avoid the political threads like the plague, and I appreciate being able to hide them, but I also love the Contact Activity sidebar as it is kind of my own curated random awesomeness list. However, some of the political threads have non-obvious titles, which means there are non-obvious political links and I end up accidentally clicking on a link for a political shitstorm that takes forever for my browser to load. I can click away or close the tab quickly, but then I have to remember what the name of the political thread is so I can avoid it if more than one contact or more than one comment show up in the Contact Activity sidebar.

Or, do other folks have a better way of dealing with this?
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I get where you're coming from, so I'll take those ideas into consideration, but I'm not gonna commit to 'em particularly at this point. My basic feeling is I sympathize but also want to keep a good bang-for-buck balance on how hard we try to tweak little details on the politics filtering stuff, since we've got some more significant general site tweak stuff still in the hopper that needs attention more than the edge cases of what the US Politics widget's front page toggle does the most important work on.
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In the Sidebar there is a Hide US Politics? button. Does that work?
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Hey. nevermind. Missed that in your post.
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Is this something that a grease monkey script etc could fix?
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Use My Mefi and exclude uspolitics and potus45 tags ?
posted by Pendragon at 4:54 AM on January 6, 2018

As someone who uses the site primarily on mobile, I'd like to just speak up against putting anything in hovertext, ever. I'm always irked when I see a comment with the dotted underline on some words - there's information here, just not for you.
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