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Metatalktail Hour: Holiday Cheer

Happy weekend, MetaFilter! We're deep into the holiday season and rounding the bend towards New Year's. This week I just want to hear about your holidays! Or your non-holidays! Whatever nice things you are doing this month, no matter what holidays you do or don't celebrate!
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Dec 16, 2021 - 94 comments

Mefi New Year Gala 2021!

Welcome to the Mefi New Year Gala! Streaming LIVE NOW on Youtube (starting Sat Jan 2 at 10am pacific time, live chatting and featuring Mefi pet pics, Mefi trivia, and more - going for a couple hours or more depending). Join us here in this thread, or in the Youtube Chat! Let us know about you/your pets' fancy gala outfit, real or imaginary. [more inside]
posted by jessamyn on Dec 31, 2020 - 72 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Resolved!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, I'm wondering about New Year's resolutions -- do you make them? Do you hate them? Did you succeed at any last year? And also, how do you welcome in the new year? [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Dec 29, 2018 - 148 comments

New Year's Resolution Check-In/Update

We're just at the half way point of 2018. How are those New Year's resolutions coming along? Have you done the thing you said you were going to do? If you have, that's awesome. If you didn't, there's still time. And maybe you won't, that's also cool, there's always next year. Figured it'd be fun to have a place to share our triumphs, struggles, etc.
posted by Fizz on May 30, 2018 - 69 comments

Metatalktail Hour: RESOLVED!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight's topic: What are your New Year's Resolutions? [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Dec 30, 2017 - 125 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Holiday HoliYAY!

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, an open thread for the holidays, and I hope you're having lovely ones! Tell us something holiday-y that's up with you.
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Dec 23, 2017 - 219 comments

Metatalktail Hour: Pre-Holiday Chatter

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Now that Halloween is over, I am ready to GET HYPE for the winter holidays, and with the SUPER-INTENSE SNOWSTORM we had on Friday that made it impossible to drive, but only for an hour, I think the universe is telling me it's time to talk turkey. (And trees and menorahs and festivus poles and kinaras and champagne and red envelopes and logs and orbital mechanics and any other holiday accoutrements that may be common to your culture, family, or religion!) So what is up for the next couple months, what are you looking forward to, what are you making cunning plans to avoid, tell us everything holiday.
posted by Eyebrows McGee on Nov 11, 2017 - 121 comments

100: The Big 100

The big end of the year, end of the double-digits podcast episode was recorded yesterday and runs 1h51m as we chat about all our favorite posts from the previous month, highlight some winners from the mefites choice contest, and reminisce about the holidays. [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Jan 7, 2015 - 70 comments

Yearly MeFi Retrospective Podcast?

Podcasts of notable things on MeFi each month or so are fun. Maybe a larger scope would be funner. Would a podcast about the entire past year be possible? [more inside]
posted by mccarty.tim on Dec 7, 2011 - 25 comments

New Year's resolutions for MetaFilter

What are your New Year's resolutions for MetaFilter? As in, I resolve to attend more meetups in Iceland without making gender-based assumptions about the other attendees. [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Dec 31, 2008 - 190 comments

French-fried cars callout

Getting quite fed-up of Postroad's racism. I take it it's not an acceptable form of speech to characterise a whole nation as violent as it's most anti-social elements?
posted by dash_slot- on Jan 3, 2004 - 77 comments

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