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In the spirit of drawing attention to all the great stuff on this site, I thought I'd remind people of the amazingly talented people who hang out on MeFi Music. (Yes it's a place!) I thought that it might be an idea for people to link to playlists they're created or songs they've favourited, and we can have a whole thread of all the great tunes people have created and shared FREE OF CHARGE ARE YOU KIDDING ME with all of us. Never been to MeFi Music? Never created a playlist? Now's your chance! Let us celebrate the coolest of all subsites - here's to The Black.

To start the ball rolling, here's a playlist I created in October 13 called Introspective. It's actually where I save most of the things I like so I think that says something about my musical leanings, but I was listening to it yesterday and there is not a dud on there. Gems include a version of You Spin Me Right Round produced by (the sadly departed) edgeways that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. A pretty, tinkly Birdhouse in Your Soul by Karlos the Jackal and chara. Two great tracks by the amazing gorbichov. My most recent earworm, 1381 GSS (Demo) by mykescipark. And many more! I'll post the full track listing in a comment below. Now I've shown you mine, please show me yours!
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Hell yeah. There is so much good stuff over on Music, folks. And I've barely posted any music lately so I'm not just tooting my own horn on the sly. I don't even own any horns!
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For your listening pleasure:

1381 GSS (Demo) by mykescipark
Want Trouble by es_de_bah
Stay by Bluebird Wine
fly away - first time by sputgop
Your Radiance by metagnathous
Mississippi River (feat. greenish) [cover of orig. by Izintombi Zodumo] by not_on_display
Elegy by talltaleheart
Cryptid by aspenkf
You Spin Me Round by edgeways
Dark As A Dungeon by cortex
The City of Austin, Texas by armoured-ant
Kids by litlnemo
Birdhouse in Your Soul by Karlos the Jackal
Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love by Grangousier
Black Mountain Blues by gorbichov
White Light Music Night by srednivashtar
Dink's Song by gorbichov
no blade tom by dagosto
Higher by sweet mister
Dirty Deeds (Done at Market Rate) by t(h)om(as)
Ummagma - River Town (Mind Movies Remix) by Brodyaga
Kiss (Prince cover) by grumpybear69
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Cry Me A River by miss lynnster
It Was A Great Year by GMM
Seres Humanos by umbú
Sobering Up by armoured-ant
Foundations by goodnewsfortheinsane
Hide and Seek by The White Hat

And one of my favorite songs of all time, by a hell of an artist:
Olivia by chococat
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Did not know you could make playlists! Here is mine, billiebee featuring on 3 out of 8!
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chococat is a legend. I realise he has lots of great stuff in his back catalog, so I could probably do him more justice than this, but Christmas to me now means Mele Kalikimaka... But Olivia is gorgeous and has made it onto the playlist, along with a few other delights you and ellieBOA have linked to, so thank you both.

This thread has also given me the pleasure of my partner walking in as I worked my way through them and asking "Who's this?", allowing me to shrug nonchalantly and reply "Oh you know, MeFites. You've probably never heard of them."
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didn't the buttered cat story get turned into a song? also rock bell jingle.
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Throwback banger, from MeFi’s own mediocre:

Punch 'Em In The Dick (NSFW lyrics)
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Here's my imaginatively-named playlist.
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Oh God, this downbeat cover of Fame is amazing and needs to be resurfaced at every opportunity. Please bear in mind that one of my #1 bugaboos is breathy, acoustic, soooodeeeeep cover versions. This type-defying example probably benefits by being entirely its own thing and not used to sell me baked beans or an ugly, murderous BMW SUV XL5 or whatever.

For more laid back guitar see also Toad's Song.
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Punch 'Em In The Dick (NSFW lyrics)

Provided you don’t work in a dickpunching or dickpunching-adjacent field.
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here's to The Black.

*raises glass*
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Robot Choir by goodnewsfortheinsane is on every playlist I make. I can sing the whole song loudly and poorly in the car. However, I just realized that's it not "remember you've got boats for ears," but "remember you've got bolts for ears."

Punch 'Em In the Dick

And this completely improvised tune by cortex and Greg_Ace to accompany churl pumping up his air mattress. (I think that's close enough to MeFi music.)
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I never hesitate to proselytise for iwatch guy and Cinnamon, two slices of perfect guitar pop served up by CarrotAdventure (who is already in this here thread! *waves*)
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(waving back) cheers Panthalassa :)
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We'd be remiss not to include Runnin' With the Songsmith on any mixtape, especially as it celebrates its 10th anniversary next January!
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Ah-ha! I was wondering why this thread popped up in my recent activity feed. Thanks for the shout-out, billiebee! I had a blast collaborating with Karlos the Jackal, and I'd totally be down for another collab project with any other Mefites. Hit me up!
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Has anyone heard from Karlos the Jackal these days? I have been wanting to reconnect for a while. He drove up from Bellingham to catch a gig I was playing in Vancouver a while back. Cool guy.
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Fuck yeah, Music!
a small smattering, tip of the iceberg, in no particular order sampling and by no means even close to all of the tunes I've loved and favourited over the years:

Blankets and Pillows by kingbenny
Again (Baroque) by Corduroy
Jar Full Of People by grumpybear69
Black and White Rag by OverlappingElvis
Tuscaloosa by ZipRibbons
Many Chords by TheNegativeInfluence
Lower Lights by Doleful Creature
song for Jasper by koeselitz
Kylie vs. The Ex by Jofus
Oh Canada by CarrotAdventure
Breakfast! by erikgrande
Cheer Up Charlie by dagosto
Macapa by umbú
Cephalopod by lothar
Veronica by micayetoca
Minutes To Live, Seconds To Die by Brainy
Der Tod und das Mädchen by Pallas Athena
A Shrieking Blue by ORthey
Bagel on the Malecon by barmaljova
I Had To Crawl To Arizona by flapjax at midnite
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I don't think I could create a list of my ten favorite songs of all time, but I could probably manage a list of twenty or twenty-five. If I ever do that list, the following songs from two artists I first found on Metafilter Music will almost definitely be on it:

The Garden of Forking Paths
by ludwig_van's old project Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies

along with

Boots of Righteous Defense
Your Destroyer
by dobie, who sadly is a deactivated user, and his band PRISONERS hasn't ever released anything else.

I can't recommend all of the linked bandcamp music (along with the actual MeFi Music tracks) enough, it's all great and stays in constant rotation on my playlists.

I haven't done much with my Metafilter Music playlist in forever, but everything was on there for a reason, which is that I liked it enough to take the time to put it on a list.
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Check out everything by these folks. I've included one of my favorites performances of theirs, as well as a link to their list of songs:

Corduroy: Parent's Pews
uncleozzy: Rock n' Roll song (about rock n' roll)
chococat: Frank Mills
cortex: O Superman
flapjax at midnite: Jacaranda
ianK: I have a window
es_de_bah: Blackbox Blues
ignignokt: dental plan (fuck the man)
micayetoca: Dile que se quede con vos
The Great Big Mulp: The Conspiratorial Proof
By the Grace of God: orange light over mevagissey bay (half-self link of a version of the song where I added guitar to her vocals)
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First - I want to thank billiebee for starting this thread, and for everyone's comments and recommendations -- many of which are my own favorites, and many of which are new to me. MeFi Music is indeed a special place.

Second - since the post went up, I have wanted to share my favorite songs here, and I guess anxiety has prevented me from posting anything because I wasn't sure how to narrow down all the fantastic music I've heard from ya'll over all these years (like, I mean if I had to pick one chococat song? Really, how can I pick just one?). Anyway, I'll probably set up some arbitrary parameters and then share them within the next couple of weeks, anxiety be darned.
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Take my tack of refusing outright to accept the framing of "best" and "favorite" when collating media, and just pick some stuff you like. I never know who my favorite band is or what my favorite book is or what the best song by x is, because, c'mon, that's just asking for an unreasonable degree of certitude and assertion that, but I can without hesitation say that e.g. I really love chococat's cover of Watching the Detectives.
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It's way too often that I put my iTunes on random; mixed in there is the MeFi music corpus from approx 2006-2010. Lots of times I am like, "whoa! who is this?!" and it's of course a MeFite.

PONY REQUEST! I would like to download ALL THE SONGS again. I originally posted this request to MetaTalk in 2010—does anyone know how the update to this shell command so when I type it into Terminal on a Mac (os 10.13), I will get ALL THE SONGS?

Also The Great Big Mulp is a genius. Other genies include ignignokt, micayetoca, ... EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE! Seriously.
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Okay I did it... here's a selection of songs I really like! To help me narrow them down into a manageable list, I (mostly) tried to select songs that: may not be as well-known / haven't been mentioned yet above / haven't been featured on the MeFi podcast or greenish's podcast / etc. (For instance you may have heard the classic song from jessamyn, Hey Google My Town's in the Lake, but did you know that cortex did a rock style cover?)

A few still fall under one or more of those categories but I figure this is my list and I can bend my own rules, darn it... Also I need to catch up on music posted this year and a lot of last year. There's so much good stuff not listed here!

Order is approx. chronological, by post date. (I think I got everything included into this playlist where the order is slightly different. I sort of like that you can't move around the songs after you've chosen them for a playlist, because I'd probably spend another hour arranging the order.)
If I were making a MeFi Music mix tape specifically for *summer*, I'd put this song at the end. It was shared as a demo version in 2006, and then later the album cut (different arrangement) a year later was featured on a MeFi podcast. (It was one of the first songs I heard here and probably was a factor in scaring me away from posting music here for another few years.)

- Summer's Ending (album version) - ludwig_van

(Thanks to cortex for the advice not to stress out on picking "favorites.")

One of the best things about MeFi Music is that so many people here play in different styles. There is often no single "representative" song from their Music post history -- one track might be synth, one might be experimental soundscapes with field recording samples, or a recitation, or old-timey acoustic, or a low-key demo, or power pop... anything! So anyone reading this who's not familiar with artists on MeFiMusic, I urge you to explore beyond just one track per MeFite, because it's very much worth it.
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> does anyone know how the update to this shell command so when I type it into Terminal on a Mac (os 10.13), I will get ALL THE SONGS?

It's a good question -- this thread is gonna close in a few hours, though, so might be worth hitching that pony request to a new post.
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So since this thread is going to close soon (thanks rangefinder 1.4 for the comment popping up in my recent activity!) here is a link to a playlist of all the songs:

MeFi Music Mixtape

It's every song mentioned in the thread or on a linked playlist and I'm sure there was an easier way to add them than one at a time, but I'm not tech savvy enough to do it (Johnny Wallflower you owe me a new mouse...) And so it's not what you were looking for not_on_display but hopefully it's a little version of that.

They're in reverse order as they appear, so rangefinder your last song, which would be a perfect closing song, appears first, because I didn't have the wit time to think about that in advance, and there's no curation at all - no grouping together in themes or anything (my 16 year old self was telling me off for not putting in the effort of old).

But there are hours of delight to be had, so thanks to everyone who suggested something. Enjoy :)
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