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Initially envisioned as an Ask post about sign slogans, I'm switching to a MetaTalk post to encompass anyone's need for ideas around signs, organizing, strategies, post-rally experiences, etc. for this weekend's (June 30, 2018) Families Belong Together rally.
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My initial sign idea is "Trump Tortures Toddlers" (with Trump in gold leaf) on one side, and, if I can pull it off, an image like this or this (with as much attribution as I can muster) on the back.

Also, lifehacker How to Protest Safely and Legally


EFF - Know Your Rights! Tips for Talking to the Police
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I'm thinking of just a simple "We Are Voters".
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Thanks so much for doing this. I haven't rallied/protested in some years, so the refresher course and place to gather ideas is much appreciated!
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I've given quite a bit of thought to this, in particular about what sign my kid might want to carry. In the end, I will 100% let him decide, but I want to present him with some good options to choose from. "YOU CANNOT HAVE MY MOM" and "MY IMMIGRANT MOM IS A GREAT AMERICAN" are early candidates, though they speak more about our family's fear that anti-immigrant hostility could come to our door in the near-future than the specifics of the border separations, so I don't know if I like those.
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I'm going to the Minneapolis one.

I have terrible trouble with signs in general and usually end up with non-original ones because I get overwrought.

Probably just something generic, like "Abolish ICE". A friend pointed out a quote from Moby Dick, which we read earlier this year:

"In this world, shipmates, sin that pays its way can travel freely, and without a passport; whereas Virtue, if a pauper, is stopped at all frontiers."

I also copied down some lines from a sermon someone preached right after Charlottesville, although I've mislaid the source:

"There can be no comprise with hate: with racism, with Nazism, or with all the merchants of death cloaked in the veil of white supremacy. The Church--the People of God, along with those called to the ministries of service (bishops, priests, deacons, religious)--must give voice to the Gospel, where all are called to the kingdom of Christ as companions, as sisters and brothers. With Bonhoeffer, with Kolbe, with all the countless Christians who gave their life protecting others and opposing fascism, we must be resolute and unambiguous. We are washed in the blood of martyrs and strengthened by the certainty of resurrection, so let us commit ourselves to oppose the fascists, with our bodies, if needs be, and our voices constantly. Let us invite conversion with love, but never be ambiguous: Nazism, the Klan, the Alt-Right, white supremacy--whatever its name, racism is idolatry. It denies the intrinsic value of every human person, denies the fundamental message of the Incarnation, and creates of race a false god in place of the true God. It is a grave sin, and any compromise with it, diminishes all of us."

So maybe something from that.
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I am actually pretty excited for this. I live near Seattle and probably would participate here regardless, but as it happens my son and I are visiting family near St Louis (western illinois). Family are anti-Hillary voters and I haven't forgiven them, but she took Illinois so I consider their votes meaningless in the big picture. I'm probably throwing a cat amongst the pigeons by politicizing what has been established as a neutral family fun time, but the whole point of this is to point out how cruel this policy is to innocents.

Anywho, there are two protests nearby and one of them is at an ICE detention center in Troy MO. so I think that's where we'll go. Anybody here familiar with the area?
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I’ll be at the Troy, MO action.
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I'll be in Grand Rapids, MI, which is great because it's a) nearby and b) a major receiving location for stolen toddlers.
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I will be in the middle of nowhere on a backpacking trip, but I will have my own Cook County Minnesota Unorganized Territory action. I'll try to rope in some of the other hikers. We will have a tiny parade and share the pics when we return.
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There are like three in New York City alone. Any word on which will be the most "official" one? Or am I better off going to a smaller one for more "oomph"?
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I'll be at the DC one. Still deciding on signs and shirts. Wavering between something affirmative like "we are all immigrants" and everything just covered in fuck you, Trump.
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OHenryPacey, the downtown STL protest will be much larger and whiter. Most of the veteran activists I know are headed to Troy. If there’s confrontation with the police and/or arrests, that’s where it will be.
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I PM'd you, but thnks for the info.
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My slogan: "So much for the TOLERANT LEFT!" You said it, now we MEAN it! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! for racists, fascists, federal law enforcement, white collar criminals, and fence-sitting "MODERATES" on EITHER side! AGITATE FOR DIRECT ACTION to destabilize the United States Federal Government NOW!
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I'll be at the Austin one, along with at least one roommate. Christ, the timing is bad for us, but what can you do? We still have posterboard, I think, at least.

I may go with the whole Statue of Liberty theme: give me your tired, your hungry, your poor! We lift our lamps beside the golden door! And maybe see if I can't paint lamplight or something. (I might add "true Americans remember" for good, spiteful measure--I try to grind that shit in where I can.) The paraphrase will fit better, I think.

If I could work Trump stripping the gold off the door and replacing it with tattered guilding, I would, but that's more of a political cartoon than a protest sign.
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An affirmative message suggestion from a group local to me: Free Our Future.

Respectfully suggest people say something else besides "we are all immigrants" if you want to be affirming, because indigenous people in the US aren't immigrants and people descended from slaves aren't really either.
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I'm going with what I had on my sign last Friday for the protest meetup at the White House ("Reunite the families you cowards").
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I'll be at the DC rally/meetup.
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I'm volunteering at the one here in KC. If anyone local needs information or help there please memail me.
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I'll be at Philly. What sign can I make to honor the rightful boss of everything, Maxine Waters, and her recent sentiments?
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Respectfully suggest people say something else besides "we are all immigrants" if you want to be affirming, because indigenous people in the US aren't immigrants and people descended from slaves aren't really either.

And both groups have had their own children ripped away from them by the US government and may be feeling a bit raw right now anyway.

I'm trying to figure out something with a "No more cages" theme that covers both immigrants and the prison system.
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If you have a protest sign you want printed, MeMail me. We've got a 24" printer and plenty of paper. We'll ship within-US, but if you're local to Cambridge, we can figure out a local handoff.
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Hey, Bay Area, join us in San Francisco's Dolores Park!
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Any Eugenians around? Nakedmolerats and I will be there at Kesey Square!
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We're heading to a low-key one in the Chicago suburbs (Glenview) where we can take all the kids (I mean we could take them to the main Chicago one, it's not a safety issue, it's a "bring 10 billion snacks for whiny children and at least three pieces of luggage of kid stuff" issue). It's being organized by one of those groups of progressive grandmas (like literally the entire meeting every week is two dozen grandmas!), so I expect it to lean heavily towards women and families.

I guess I gotta get some posterboard!
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I have poster board, because I bought a bunch last year for future protests. (Pro tip: foam board works better than ordinary poster board.) I still need to come up with a slogan.
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Thanks for posting this, otherwise I wouldn't have found out about the rally in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Berkeley, represent!
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I'll be in Albany; holler if you'd like to meet up.
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DC checking in - we'll have the kiddo with us, so we'll probably be hanging around the periphery!
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I'm heading to the Boston rally.
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I'll be at the Portland rally. I've been thinking about either "fuck civility / children don't belong in cages" or "civility is a tool of white supremacy" on a sign.
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Blockposters.com is free, and it’s good for enlarging artwork or text to then paste to a foam core board. And I got a foam core board at Dollar Tree for $1. I found that printing it out on letter-sized paper, 3 sheets by 3 sheets, with borders, was the best fit, but it did still need to be cut down a little.
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Another Portlander checking in. I'll be there.
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Uncage the Kids!

Protest sign idea
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I have just found out that I will be spending this entire weekend in a full EEG kit. Fortunately, it will be a portable one.

....this is going to make protesting interesting indeed.
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Picture of a protest sign I saw on FB that made me laugh:

Roses are red
Tacos are enjoyable
Don't blame Mexicans
Because you're unemployable
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I am thinking of using a single large image of a red hen with no words. Y/N?

Also, is GLACIES DELENDA EST insufferable?
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Will be at the Raleigh march. Holy shit have y'all looked at this map?!
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Sarcasm, even bitter sarcasm is too easy to misunderstand. But groping for sign ideas my dark side wants to bear a sign that says: "Hush -- your screams are disturbing the torturers".
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I'm thinking a sign that mentions something along the lines of "Well, that's several thousand kids who are gonna need 60+ years of therapy after this," but uh...anyone got a shorter snappier way to say that?

Why did I not ask my shrink this earlier?
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I drew this and was thinking to pair it with the text “The Only Toddler Who Belongs In Prison” but snappier sayings are welcome.
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So, given that "using Smokey the Bear in an unofficial capacity" is a federal misdemeanor similar to illegal entry, I was thinking of doing a "Only YOU can prevent American Fascism" themed sign (then on the back having a "*this sign is a federal misdemeanor" )

(I would kind of like Smokey to be playing Woody Guthrie's guitar, but I don't art good.)

Another one I've been pondering is a map of the US with some recent "Small American Towns Dying Because No One Wants to Live There" headline blown up on the top, and a "Immigrants Coming To Seek a Better Life" headline on the bottom, with a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in between.

The reversals and non-reversals and re-reversals and now the court order (and the Travel Ban decision which is definitely related) have made my sign verbiage kind of a moving target.
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I'm going with "Fuck Civility. Be Humane."
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Hi guys. I’ll be at the protest at Richmond’s ICE detention center in the East Bay.

Meetup like here: https://irl.metafilter.com/3954/Families-Belong-Together-Protest-at-ICE-detention-center-in-Richmond-CA
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I'm begging you: quit with the comical signs. They are jarring and unwelcome in the face of real crisis, and scream "look at me" rather than "look at the atrocity".
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Meetup event is up for Austin, TX. Hope to see everyone there!
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Okay, I did math.
2300 kids with lifelong abandonment issues.
$140/hour for therapy in most places, according to my shrink
50 weeks a year (assuming you take a few off) = $7000/year
x 40 years at least of therapy = $280,000 FOR ONE KID
$280,000 x 2300 = $644 million

Cost of The Wall: $21 billion.

Still not sure how to put this into a sign slogan though.
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I saw some great signs last night at the protest in downtown Manhattan against the SCOTUS decision. "Fight Ignorance, Not Immigrants" and a jewish group that had signs saying "We've Seen This Before" and lots and lots of variations on "Abolish ICE." The one that stopped me in my tracks was the very stark "You Will Be Next."

(The one that made me laugh - a bleak laugh, admittedly - was "My Con Law prof told me Korematsu would never happen today..." but that's not as relevant.)
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I'm begging you: quit with the comical signs. They are jarring and unwelcome in the face of real crisis, and scream "look at me" rather than "look at the atrocity".

Humor is one of the ways that many oppressed groups survive and cope with both acute and chronic crises. More generally, it's a way that humans navigate difficulty and absurdity. Humor has the power to cut through our preconceptions and stale thought patterns and surprise us and reveal new perspectives to us. So funny signs might have the potential to reach people that more straightforward messages would bounce off of.
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With today's compounding horrors of Supreme Court news, I am considering a solo run to Daly Plaza in Chicago from slightly north in the burbs. I am not very good at trains or crowds but my position has changed from not-likely to maybe.

Can someone tell me the benefit of "signing up" at the Move On website? They already have my email to send me stuff. And I do feel that signing up for things with my personal information online is less than ideal, generally.
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I have no idea why anyone is signing up at the Move On website, other than that Move On wants to build their mailing list.
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I'm going to be out of town, in Orange County CA, for the day. Anyone else going to a really in that area? There are several, and I don't know which is the best option.
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My kiddo made (by which I mean dictated and then scribbled on) a sign for the first women's march that just said "NO WAY." I like this. I can't go to the protest in Seattle because I have to be somewhere else, but I've offered to do something kind and sustaining for anyone I know who does go, to make up for missing it.
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I assume they want you to sign up so they can get an easy head count when whoever starts counting how many showed up at the protest. That and the mailing list. I still haven't signed up/"committed to a location" yet though. I don't really wanna register my name and address officially either.
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Right now I’m torn between “Never Again?” and “ICE is Antichrist”.
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Hey, Bay Area, join us in San Francisco's Dolores Park!

And for those on the East Bay, come out to our local ICE detention center:

Let Our People Go/Families Belong Together rally at West County Detention Center in Richmond. (There is a bus that goes to the detention center, and folks will be providing rides from Richmond BART.)
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I'll be at Seattle.
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I really want to be able to go to this (I'll be moving, ugh), but anyone who still needs a sign idea can take mine:


(Because, yes, this is some Boko Haram level shit the government is pulling.)
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I'll be in Raleigh. So far, all I can muster for catchy sign ideas is just COMPASSION in enormous letters....but that doesn't seem like a word that has real meaning anymore.
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There's a bus going from Brooklyn to the march in DC, is there a benefit in being at the DC March over the NYC one?
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Dorinda, I really like the thought of a sign that just reads "Compassion." I'm not ready to give that word up - thank you for sharing your idea.
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Must admit I quite agree that comical, in-joke, self-referential, or inside-baseball type signs are out of place. Who's our audience here? Other activists, the in-team? Or people who need to be influenced, persuaded, encouraged, put on notice? It can come off looking really self-involved, and off-putting /trivialising to the public, passers-by and media. Stuff is serious, and urgent. Expecting people to have/take time unravel irony or abstruse political /pop-cultural references is ... is no. We need to look it too. I swear there was a post once here about how in the 60s the civil rights movement dressed seriously to be taken seriously and how kids these days... etc.
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... and on that note, info from the motherpost about the demo in Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is having a Saturday 30th demo too, 1pm to 3pm corner of Ebertstraße and Behrenstraße, (i.e. at the side of the US embassy, down from the Brandenburg gate, opposite the Holocaust Memorial.)

here is the facebook link

and here is the website link

We'll be linking the situation in the US with the threats to asylum seekers' human rights in Germany, we have speakers, actual music, we're collecting donations of toys for local shelters, and the demo will be family-friendly.

Please come if you're in Berlin, share if you know anyone here
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Must admit I quite agree that comical, in-joke, self-referential, or inside-baseball type signs are out of place. Who's our audience here?

I think it makes sense to think about the local audience, though. A march in a very blue US city is going to have an audience with a different level of support for the cause than one in a very red place with more rightwing media coverage.
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Can someone tell me the benefit of "signing up" at the Move On website?

You'll get emails from celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Lin-Manuel Miranda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

BTW - I'll be at the Asheville NC one; I'm executing the "Trump Tortures Toddlers" and "Statue Of Liberty art". I'd be happy to hook up with other MeFites.
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I've been at a morning commute-time vigil in front of the ICE city offices in Seattle this week, and I am totally gobsmacked at how many well-dressed hyper-online Seattle bicyclists have, like, maybe vaguely heard that there's something going on they would disapprove of.

Short signs in big letters. Make the reader start with "yes, but" if they want to disagree.

"No Baby Jails" and "Families Belong Together" were working best, I think.

The witty, referential, historically minded stuff in small print goes somewhere that your fellow marchers can read it and laugh ruefully. Also, I am working on looking more and more bourgeois and kempt, because those are the people who aren't with us already.
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There's a smaller local protest in Vallejo, I'm going there.
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I’m still navigating the challenges of attending an American protest on the Canada Day long weekend. But if I can make it home, my sign will say “Child neglect is a crime. Prosecute ICE.”
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Considering a tshirt saying Of Course I Care on the back. I have a white tshirt and would just need a big marker.
Sign? Common Human (In)Decency or Learn Right from Wrong or Family Values - Keep Families Together (Keeping Families Together is a Family Value)
It's been pouring rain all day. I should make a run to the office supply store 'cause there's a brief lull.
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I'm planning on being at the Pittsburgh rally tomorrow in Mellon Square at 11.
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I'll be at that one too, Octothorpe. Heading to the store after work to get some posterboard and make myself an Abolish ICE sign.
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If anyone is still looking for something to put on their sign, I printed this out on blockposters.com.
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I decided to go with to-the-point and not-clever. "Families Belong Together, Safe and Free" and "Reunite the Families/End Detentions/Abolish ICE". I left the foamcore and markers out for my husband and returned to some very cryptic verbiage and a Bible verse (we're atheists?). We're leaving tonight to stop at his parents for the night (and leave our kid there) and I packed an extra piece of foamcore and markers in case he has second thoughts.

I got this book out from the library last night for my kid and nearly burst into tears reading it (to myself--my kid is not so interested, but I got it because he knows we're going to protest and if he has any questions I want to be able to whip a book out because I suck at extemporaneous kidsplaining).
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I will be in D.C. with my NO ICE sign, wearing white. Looking for slogans for the back of the sign. May riff off 'Fuck Civility - Try Compassion' but we shall see.
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Big letters: "End all immigrant detentions / Abolish ICE"

Small letters: "We are the people not doomed to repeat history" (from a post by a local immigrants' rights org about the march.)
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Still trying to decide on signage, as my "maybe going" has changed to "probably going"!
Right now considering (some or all of this, any criticism welcome):

The Republican Party is 100% COMPLICIT

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Quick advice on optimal sign size, experienced sign-makers? I'll just be holding it up with my hands (rather than on some kind of stake), so I'm trying to hit the sweet spot between
-easy to hold
-easy to read
-not completely obnoxious for anyone standing behind me in the crowd

What might a good dimension be?
posted by TwoStride at 4:04 PM on June 29, 2018

One observation from the gun control rally is that your sign should have the saying (or sayings) on both side so that people in front and back of you can see it.
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I will try to make it to the Philly one!
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What might a good dimension be?

Buy a piece of pre-cut foamcore posterboard and you're done. They're about the right size, cheap, and they don't flap everywhere like plain posterboard does. You'll be grateful for that as you move through the crowd, because it will be a whole lot less effort to hold up.
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In other news, I'm not going to be able to go because I've been informed that I'm not allowed to get sweaty or damp this weekend so I don't lose this fucking EEG kit, and it's going to be 100 degrees tomorrow. I'm upset and crabby and sad about it, but at least my roommate is volunteering and I can cheer her on for it.
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New Mexico represent! We'll be in Albuquerque, with at least a party of 4, maybe 5. Family rally time!
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I'll be in Portland, Maine, wearing white. I'd like to go subtle, along the lines of Fascism didn't work well last time, or even more dry, or just Got Human Decency? The most important thing is that I will be there. Thank you all for standing up for what's right, and take pictures to post, okay?
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Hmm...on the back of my sign, I may write “Apparently, we DID forget!”

Here’s another pic that can be printed out on blockposters.com for a sign.
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sciatrix, here's a thread for you if you haven't seen it yet.
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I found out around 11pm that I had completely misunderstood what I was doing tomorrow, so thought I was just speaking at a much smaller activist fair...turns out I'm on the official program of the Portland rally with some heavy hitters. I will be talking about children's mental health with...a looooot of strangers. Uhhhhhh

Uhhhhh im nervous u guys
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You're going to be great, fairlynearlyready.

Are we really supposed to wear white? I don't even think I own white pants or a white skirt, and I have my period, so wearing white pants seems like tempting fate anyway. I could wear khakis and a white t-shirt, but I kinda don't want to, because of the period issue and because it's going to be really hot and my khakis are kind of heavy. I think I may be ignoring the dress code for this one.
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So it's supposed to be close to or above 90F for most of the country today. If you're going out to protest, make sure you have a water bottle and wear sunscreen. A hat wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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Arbitrary, I'd wear a white t-shirt and whatever bottom feels comfortable. For the effect of a photo, the white top is much more important.
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For reasons of timing (prior unbreakable comittments) I couldn't make it to any of the marches; they'd all have already started before I get there.

But the route of one of the marches starts in Foley Square and comes over the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm seriously considering getting a couple bags of ice, some gallon jugs of water and a pack of Solo cups and setting up a card table at the Brooklyn side of the bridge with a sign "free water for marchers". I couldn't make it to the start of the battle, but I'm just fine being part of the Rohirrim coming to save Helm's Deep at the end.
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Down at Mellon Square in Pittsburgh with a ton of other folks right now.
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....Going by the pictures I'm seeing I think I have actually missed my window for water distribution. :-(

But I saw that there was even a march in Truro, Massachusetts. Y'all, I didn't think there were enough people in Truro for a march.
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It was hot and humid, but Lincoln, NE had a nice turnout of sweaty but enthusiastic people out to rally. Lots of kids and signs and handouts from the DSA and ACLU and honking supportive cars. One sign of Jareth the Goblin King with an ICE hat and badge.
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I ended up at the smaller Chapel Hill rally instead of the Raleigh march. Pretty good turnout, especially in the heat we had here. Looking forward to hearing reports from around the country.
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The Boston march was great (lots of people took pictures of my sign), but there were fucking nazis there and the police surrounded them in riot masks facing the crowd. The Nazis were chatting with the cops, at one point put a hand on someone's shoulder as though to thank them for standing with them. It made me literally nauseous.
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We're about to sit down to some overdue lunch in Dupont Circle. We peeled off from the march once it reached the DOJ because I went from feeling pretty ok to feeling like maybe 3 hours in 90+ degree heat was about enough round about the Old Post Office That Shall Not Be Named. When we were in Lafayette Square it didn't seem like that many people, but once we started marching I realized yeah actually it was a fuckton of people. Some really powerful speakers. I cried several times. I am now going to bury my face in some scallion pancakes.
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Are we really supposed to wear white?

At the rally in SeaTac, there were a few people in all white outfits, many more with some bit of white, but most of us were in dark colored raincoats. (It didn't rain much in the first hour or so, but may have more after we left.) I think white shirts makes more sense all the places with heat waves. And I did wear a white sunhat (somewhat incongruously for the cloudy day).

There were enough people around the detention center that it was starting to overflow into the street and the police stopped traffic from going on that street at all. We didn't get closer enough to hear the speakers, but joined in a few chants that made it that far back.
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I’m in the middle of the Minneapolis march. It’s at least 6 blocks long and has shut down light rail service in downtown.
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Sorry we missed you, soren_lorenson!
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We held a rally for two hours in front of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office in Troy, MO where there’s an ICE detention center. Speakers included immigrants, state and city-level politicians, activists from the north (black) St. Louis community, and clergy.

We heard from the fourteen-year-old citizen son of an undocumented immigrant—his mother has been allowed to stay in the country for four years with an ankle monitor, but now that he’s fourteen they’ve issued a deportation order for his mom because he’s old enough not to need her anymore.

We heard from a prominent local rabbi who talked about the scriptural command to welcome the immigrant and about the courage of the Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh to save the lives of children. She urged us to turn our places of worship into sanctuaries for the persecuted.

There were something like a dozen speakers, and then we marched out and took Highway 61, blocking traffic. The police showed up en masse at that point and the organizers told us to get to the shoulder if we didn’t want to be arrested. There were a few dozen people willing to stay and be arrested, but the organizers ordered us off the road as the police started to move in.
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Chura Chura, I was there! I missed the counter-protestors, though, which is just as well. I've been trying to cut unnecessary loathing from my life. Did they have a formal affiliation? I saw this picture of the six of them -- six! That's not a protest, that's a well-actually. And that dipshit reading his Scott Adams book -- it's all a game to them.

I might show up in the corners of some Globe pictures, and a lady in a Roman collar took my picture without introducing herself, so I might be on a church Facebook page. I don't mind. I went with a small sign that said NEVER AGAIN.

I wasn't too far from the stand where Warren and Kennedy spoke. Warren was still full of anger about what she had seen. Listening to Kennedy's voice from the middle of a crowd of protestors was surreal and slightly bracing, like I was part of a history that I had learned about as a child. No one else has a Kennedy accent anymore, but I suppose I can see why they keep it.
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My party of 5 was scaled down to three, but we were among the thousands who attended the Albuquerque rally. We weren't there long, but we came in after the punks for justice.
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I was also at the Boston march and saw the counter protestors. Honestly, I found the sieging and chanting just to feel like troll feeding, and just walked away from that spectacle. Better to give my attention to the speakers and people advocating for positive change rather than feed some Redditor's lame ass need for attention. I also found it reassuring how much of what was going on the ground was talking to people about budget items and ballot measures at the state level that were needed to protect immigrants. Hooray for channeling that passion into actual political action.
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Seattle (and LA I hear) was quite powerful cuz we were at a detention center. People could see and hear us.

I read on Facebook that because of the protest they cancelled visitation today. One woman wrote that she took a bus up from Portland and got turned away at the door.

I suspect the protest organizers didn't know about visitation.
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I went to a small town protest rather than The Big City One, I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather go to a small one and not get arrested. This one actually had NO cops, the organizer said there was one on call but they never were called. I saw three cop cars drive by at the end and that was it. The organizer said they expected about 36 people and 285 showed up, so that is impressive. I guess three of us came from my town. Small children, ages 6-11, were speaking at this one. Mostly it was people standing on both sides of the street with signs, and a bunch of speeches in the middle. I was disappointed there was no marching whatsoever and I wanted to say something but figured someone would say "It's too hot" and that was probably why. Sigh.

I had one sign with a Trump-inkblot head and saying something along the lines of "Oh great, now everyone's gonna need 40-60 years of therapy after this" and the other was quoting Cher Horowitz on immigration in Clueless. Who woulda thought that "it does NOT say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!" was gonna be anything but a joke? I kind of am debating making that into a shirt now or something. Folks seemed to like them.

This was about 25 minutes away from me and I usually don't go there that often other than for shopping, so I can't say I know what kind of people usually live there. I assumed more liberal bubble. I felt a little bad because it was SO local and they were talking about local issues and getting on their county mailing lists or whatever and I was all "hm, I'm from the next county over, better not." They also pointed out that nobody on their city council showed up and I guess the council had to be harangued into declaring June as pride month, so.... But locals were honking back at us, a lot.

Also, there were two hecklers. This is my third protest and so far everyone at them has been on "our side," so I was surprised on that. One guy was there before it began and left fairly quickly, but one guy showed up in full Trump regalia with shirt, "patriotic" suspenders and a giant Trump 2020 flag, with his dog. At first a lady walked up to him with her "I will not stay silent" sign and just stared at him and he walked off, which was great, but then he joined the protesters on the side of the street and was making comments. One girl went over to the sign making booth and made herself a new sign and then stood next to him. It said "Screw this guy --->" Eventually he left too.
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I read on Facebook that because of the protest they cancelled visitation today. One woman wrote that she took a bus up from Portland and got turned away at the door.

I suspect the protest organizers didn't know about visitation.
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Our local ICE detainees actually stay in the Contra Costa County Jail - the county leases beds to the feds. So there are people in jail and ICE detainees in the same compound. Our rally was organized by folks who hold monthly protests at the detention center and so were aware of visitation and aimed to support people visiting loved ones. It seems visitors were still being allowed in to see loved ones, at least at first, but the sherifs ultimately blocked the road access to the detention center. I saw some folks I think were going to visit a family member and they had to walk maybe 1/2 a mile or something which sucked. The protest organizers had volunteers reserving parking for people with disabilities and anyone coming to visit loved ones but ultimately the organizers couldn't control the actions of the sherif. The organizers also explicitly discouraged some folks who wanted to encourage a more occupy style event in that space because of the visitation issue (and instead encouraged folks to participate in occupying ICE offices which are in SF). In general, this stuff seems hard and complicated. The state can always find ways to use our actions in ways we don't intend. We should absolutely do our best, but at the same time we can't control the actions of the state. I'm sure there are a ton of protest organizers out there who are new at this and made bad choices, but a lot of these things are organized in coalitions that include people who are long time prison and immigration activists who can't always anticipate the state reaction. We can't be paralyzed by what could go wrong. My two cents.
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The Eugene rally was reasonably well-attended, though it was disappointing to see people leaving in droves when they realized they weren't going to get a chance to march and were just going to have to listen to all these darn speakers talking about why these rallies were important and what actions we needed to be taking. I mostly stood near the street, holding my sign and waving at cars as they drove by and honked, of which there were many.

At home afterwards I noticed that the rally's Facebook page had been inundated by posts/comments from one person who was Personally Offended that we were doing a rally rather than a march, even after the organizer explained that there had originally been a small march planned, but that they had to move the location and change the plans once it became clear that many more people than initially expected were going to attend. The person who objected to this posted repeatedly that "this is unacceptable" and "you need to be at the police department right now filling out new permits" and "if we don't march you are robbing us of our voice," and "I hope a different organization is in charge of the emergency rally if Mueller gets fired or we're all doomed" - on and on and on ... Of course never once did they offer to assist with any of the planning themselves but boy did they have Big Ideas on How It Should Be Done.

I'm sure you will all be shocked - SHOCKED! - to learn that this poster was a middle aged white guy.
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News reports say about a thousand people in Asheville. I'm pretty happy with the way my signs turned out, We Should All Care, Trump Tortures Toddlers (despite technical problems with the gold leaf)

I guess it's time to get started on a set for Mueller's Drop or Firing; "Article 2 Section 4", etc.
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Did you go to your rally? MeMail me a great sign and your address and I will send 2 lucky MeFites a 3 x 4 RESIST sticker that I was given.
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Late update, Chicago rally. I went with a Mister Rogers sign front and back. We had some great singers and inspirational/emotional speakers. Forgot not to rub my eye with sunblock at one point, ouch. Did about 3 hours at the square for all the speakers (got there pretty early) and went home heat exhausted. From pictures it seems they gained some thousands for the march because they estimated 50k and though the square and surrounding streets were eventually packed, and I am terrible with estimating crowds, it was far less than 50k and in fact I heard more than one person say they hoped for bigger turnout. Of course, the heat was a factor. Will try to march also, next time.
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I just wanted to drop this here. Awesome signs from the British protest. Ideas for next time. (HuffPo link)
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