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We've done it every year for a while now; and I haven't seen a post about it yet. Those of us still active from last years are asking if anyone wants to jump in a league this year? We're on Yahoo; standard scoring (no ppr); standard/default team composition. No money, all in good fun & bragging rights. We're thinking of drafting 1pm EST on Sunday 9/2. If you're in, and that works (or doesnt work, we're flexible) drop a line here or memail me and we'll get you in.
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Maybe you can help me out here- what *is* fantasy football?
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I just looked at my Premier League fantasy team and then flicked over and got excited for half a second at a Mefi league - and then remembered oh... that "football".
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a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players.
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Cool. I'm in. Although I'll be on a train here in the UK at the time which may mean I end up having to autodraft for at least part of it (Depending on rail wifi).
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I'm in! :)
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I'm in, the Dancing Years will be fighting hard to maintain their mediocrity level of "just kind of good enough to just miss out on the playoffs" once again.

Garius: Assuming you've not played before... you can set a draft order in advance, so it'll draft the players you want if they're available... but there's no way to choose by position, so you can end up drafting lopsidedly if other teams don't draft how you expected. Then again you should be able to manage that list over intermittent Wifi, and there's practice drafts a plenty on Yahoo.
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I'm in again.

I've also got the overflow league from last year, which only had four players, but I'm happy to open it up.

Meta World Peace.

Scoring's a bit different (gives points to D/ST for 3-and-out, etc.) but it was fun last year and gets a little closer to what I think are actual position values.
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Went ahead and changed the draft to Sunday to give folks a couple more days to see this.
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I'm in. I was traveling and think I missed the message via Yahoo!
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Come do it with us! I'll be super busy this season, which means I will lose dreadfully in a hands-off way, instead of fussing with my team until I lose dreadfully!
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Thanks, klang, Meta World Peace was fun last year!
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Right. Now have my train time for later.

One minor request - but I totally understand if it's not possible:

Currently, the draft time is set for 10am your time. If it was 10:30 I'd already be on the train (my train departs at the equivalent of 10:15am PST), comfily secured in my first class seat with wine, free wifi and my laptop out. Which would obviously be easier for me.

If that delay is too much of a pain, then no problem - I can probably do the first bit by phone and quickly switch when I'm on the train. And if anything, the first part of any draft is the bit that's easiest to miss (it's the 'long tail' at the end which is the critical human bit!) and I'll have my lists set up anyway.

Figured there was no harm in asking though!
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Is everyone else down with that change?
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Moving back by half an hour? Works for me.
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Kinda want to join just so I can make Kaepernick my number one draft pick.

Yes, I know he's not even likely to get to play. But SYMBOLISM.
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