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tl;dr: is there anywhere i can see every post I've ever "added to activity", or does the record of such posts get deleted at some point?

Sometimes I add a post to my activity and not to my favorites. This produces an ephemeral effect whereby, after a while, the post fades entirely from my consciousness, which is often the desired effect.

Sometimes, uh, I add an anonymous post of my own to following so I can see responses, without having a post I had reason to make anonymous associated with my account in a way anyone stalking my favorites could find. And then I don't save any other record of the post. And then it's gone.

Is there a special secret feature where I can see all the posts I'm following, even ones that haven't had any recent activity and/or have already been closed?
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Well, there's, which lists at least the last few posts you added to your activity.

I didn't see it linked from anywhere, so I added a link to it from the Recent Activity page.
posted by frimble (staff) at 11:26 AM on October 2, 2018

thank you-- but that appears to only list activity that is on your recent activity page, that is, stuff that's been posted in recently. so nothing older.
posted by Cozybee at 11:47 AM on October 2, 2018

It looks like the last 100 posts added (frimble may be able to confirm). I don't think there is a list of all-time, ever-added-to-activity.
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 11:53 AM on October 2, 2018

LobsterMitten, mine only has 17 listed, all links that appear in the Recent Activity Page.
posted by Cozybee at 12:26 PM on October 2, 2018

Mmm, so it's probably the 100(?) posts with the most-recent comment, within some time threshold.

frimble's off work for the night right now, but may be able to take another look at this tomorrow.
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 1:28 PM on October 2, 2018

I tossed a thing together that should show all the posts that were ever in your Recent Activity. I have no idea how well it'll work for someone with a LOT of activity, but for my ~650 posts worth of activity, it's ok, other than causing dissociation as I try to reconcile who I was in 2011 with who I am now.
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awesome! Thank you!
posted by Cozybee at 4:16 AM on October 3, 2018

I tossed a thing together that should show all the posts that were ever in your Recent Activity.

That is interesting to look at, thank you for putting that together.

It would be interesting to see a list of just the "added to activity" posts but I get that it is a niche question that not many people are ever going to ask.
posted by Dip Flash at 5:49 AM on October 3, 2018

Nah, just added to activity is way more useful, honestly, if you have all the threads. I’ll add that as well just to round out this pony (making it the famous spherical horse, I guess) because “everywhere you’ve been on MeFi” is, thinking about it, less useful than “the threads you added to RA.
posted by frimble (staff) at 7:52 AM on October 3, 2018 [3 favorites]

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