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It's been a pretty stressful week, and I can't be the only person who feels like they went ten rounds with a particularly exhausting Tower of Terror. So I'm looking for reasons to laugh, be it bitter black humor, all encompassing joyful bellows, groan-worthy puns, or simple funniness.

Personally, I have been trying to take solace in fanfiction lately, which is why I found myself cackling like a loon at the image of Bucky Barnes trying to fit into Steve Rogers' supersuit and then finding the necessary padding surprisingly useful in combat.
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This muppet video is the most perfect example of things I find funny.

John Bellairs's short novel The Face In The Frost always makes me laugh, even though at this point I could probably recite it from memory.

My Life As A Background Slytherin always cheers me up. (To read the strips in order, go to her website - but she tends to be a little dilatory about posting them there, so the last few are on tumblr. This Emily McGovern cartoon just completely sends me, every time.
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If you want awesomely painful puns (and very humane stories) you can't do better (or worse, as it were) than Spider Robinson's Callahan's stories.
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Horrible Histories is a show from the BBC and based on the books by Terry Deary. There is a song at the end of the first episode by Georges I-IV and it cracked me up last night.
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I had a snake get itself stuck in my scarf Monday morning, and that was pretty hilarious. Cutting her out of it was a bit nerve wracking but it was quite amusing right before and after that point. (She was fine.)
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My best friend Tommy has always had a sense of style. And today, well let's just say she was on point. Does she remind you of anybody? Hmm...

I mentioned that she looked like she was rocking a very Steve Jobs kind of aesthetic and she said, no, I look like someone else. And then a minute later, she busted out the fanny pack and I was in tears. Happy joyful tears. She's one of my most favourite people on the planet. You should all be jealous you don't know her.
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I came across this and it made me laugh. And then I tried to furminate my fat tabby demon and she bit me, but I still loves her...
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I got caught up in he scream at own ass memes. My husband has video of me lying in bed, tears streaming down my face.
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Simple funniness? Will a 35 year old music video featuring steel drums, a gospel choir, a stuffed vulture and re-used French TV ad footage of a van being parachuted out of a plane do? Don't miss the hand signals.

Did a post on this song and video a while back, but it still raises a smile and probably always will be my feel-good song...

MADNESS: WINGS OF A DOVE (alternative link)
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I've also been laughing at fanfic lately. I've been reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality because of this thread as well as seeing other recommendations for it on a surprisingly frequent basis around the web in the last year, and it's made me laugh enough that I've had to read bits to my wife, who does not care about Harry Potter fanfic (Zelink LoZ fanfic on the other hand...). I was on the fence until the Prank, which sold me. I may or may not fall off, it has so many chapters.
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This trippy tumblr thing that is supposedly a meme (I've never seen it anywhere else) made me snort-laugh and scare the dog.
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A couple of silly things from work:
A translator encountered a source-text word for which the correct translation would have been "micro-organisms." She tried! She just somehow ended up omitting the "ni" from "organisms". I'm really glad I caught that one before submission to the client.
Also, there is a Chinese technical firm which uses "Han's Laser Technology" as its official English name. I want to write them and suggest that they make their official corporate motto "We Shoot First."
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This comic because the horrors are perfect

This video because the fireworks make it so much better
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Reading Ryan North's "How to Invent Everything" which is disappointingly (to me) semi-educational and not just jokes about time travel and technology. But he had a joke involving Hamlet, phonetics, common traits of languages and the sound "thbbbbbth" that I didn't see coming and started me laughing, reading the sentence aloud so I could say "thbbbbth" and then laughing again.

My cat, who was sleeping on my lap, respects me a little less now.
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Bojack Horseman!
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(I don‘t know if this is allowed or maybe to politics-y, in which case please delete without further ado, but the only thing that can cheer me up right now is bredlik poems...
so if any of you esteemed Mefites could make, or share, a bitter, evil, Brett-themed bredlik/brettlik poem, I would cackle at it in eternal gratitude!)
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The Good Place: The Podcast has been making me laugh out loud on my commute, it is delightful.
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I recommend starting at the beginning of the archive. This is a fun webtoon. But for your immediate purposes, this. Oh, and I've had this one as a desktop picture a couple of times.
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This MeTa thread is probably right up your alley.
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I've been rewatching WKRP in Cincinnati, and laughing so hard it scares the cats
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I both laughed and wept a little at this.
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When the team behind "The Nostalgia Critic" does a review of a movie, first they watch it - usually this is Doug Walker and his brother watching it together, making notes as they go. Sometimes they film themselves watching to catch their initial reaction.

They recently did this with the film "Freddy Got Fingered".
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In the building where I work there is a large bookstore with an escalator and on the upper floor, a Starbucks where a group of us often gets coffee.

The escalator, if you touch the metal part of the railing, will give you a little but startling zap.

I have been a bit...emotional lately? for REASONS and was grumpy one morning on our way upstairs and my colleague casually leaned down and pretended to lick the metal.

I laughed a LOT.
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Also, EmpressCallipygos, would you like some sausage?
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My 8-year-old came home from school on Friday & announced that she had told her class she was going to make brownies for everyone this weekend. She then spent quite a bit of time on Saturday chortling to herself as she cut paper into squares and used a brown crayon to mark each one with a large "E".
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Horrible Histories is a show from the BBC and based on the books by Terry Deary.

Horrible Histories is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video! It used to be on Hulu (and may still be).
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Baseball's Edwin Encarnacion walking the parrot (a fan explanation for the particular posture he has when he rounds the bases after hitting a home run).
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I'll echo elsietheeel: Horrible Histories is amazing and gut-bustingly funny.
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I'm a sucker for warhammer 40,000 stuff. This a humerous article set in that universe.
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In the Deer 2nite. The tongue out, the drum fill, the stately walk off (I meant to do that), I can't even...
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Not sure where I saw this (maybe MeFi?) however, may I offer:
Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. To visit the idiot.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
The chicken.
I am still suppressing a snort as I type this now.
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Also, EmpressCallipygos, would you like some sausage?

that's the only bit they remembered from the trailer going in. And that is BY FAR the mildest thing they react to; there is a segment that makes their jaws literally drop, and then they have to actually stop the video for a good two or three minutes just to discuss "what the hell ass balls did we just see?"
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I laughed at a seasonal plum joke yesterday, I retweeted it to enrage my friends, and I'm not sorry.
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EmpressCallipygos, I know the one you mean. I saw that ...thing purporting to be a movie... in the theatre with a friend and we were slack-jawed to say the least.
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John Mulaney's "Salt and Pepper Diner" bit gets me every time. BWOMP BWOMP
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Midway through The Good Place Season 2, first for the Trolly Problem episode, and then for spoiler.
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This video just gets funnier and funnier.
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My daughter, age 6.
Little Gal: What's next?
Me: I am going to tickle you.
Little Gal: Correction. No.
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I read a forum thread called “tell me the stupid reason your child cried today” which made me cackle a lot.
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Little Gal: Why did you start making breakfast without me?
Me: Because I told you I was going to.
Little Gal: Then you're fired.
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My Dad Wrote a Porno is keeping me afloat to an astonishing degree these days. Rocky Flintstone's grasp of human anatomy or lack thereof is very special.
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I have laughed at the Washington song each and every one of the 8000 times I have watched it.

Very old and NSFW because of swears.

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I am dying.
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My six year old came up with this bit of primordial humor, riffing on a classic:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Interrupting fart
Interrupting fart w--

The other day, he also sat luazinha down and asked her, very earnestly: Mom, can you give me some advice on marrying?
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My diaphragm and vocal cords.
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I got married over the weekend and my 10 year old niece wrote in our guestbook "have a good year".
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A conversation with my four year old daughter, on our way to her preschool:
Her: Ice cream store!
Me: We can't stop for ice cream right now, sweetie.
Her: What if there was healthy ice cream? What if there was ice cream with... (long pause while she tries to think of something healthy) a lot of fiber?
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Congratulations fizzix!
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September 13th was a good day for those of us into one specific game franchise. A few of the reaction videos of people watching the long series of announcements, where Nintendo played with the viewers over whether there would be a new Animal Crossing, or not:

* Crowd reaction - individual reactions elsewhere in the video, and observe the scrolling text, bottom right, after the reveal.
* "Just say it!"
* "Nintendo, you trolled all of us."
* "I'm done; Nintendo, take my money."
* The fuller Nintendo Animal Crossing bait-and-switch (contains frequent, strong profanity).
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Congrats fizzix!
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Are you on Facebook? Join Cool Dog Group (or send me a Memail so I can invite you to it...I don't remember if it's invite only still).

People will post ridiculous (and sometimes sad good bye photos) photos of their dogs. Without a doubt, it makes me laugh (and takes up a huge portion of your feed if you want it).

Example: One Elephant and Three Rats in a Swedish Forest.
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My students crack me up.

Colleague: See you all tomorrow. No, wait, tomorrow is Saturday. I don't want to see any of you tomorrow.

Her kid, who is a student at the school: Even me?

Colleague: I don't want to see you unless you share 50 percent of your DNA with me.

Another student: We all share 99 percent of our DNA with you.
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