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The Card Club sign-ups were a while ago and we had an old appreciation thread several months ago, but what's new? Has everyone been enjoying sending letters? Got any good stamps? Any issues that should be discussed? Just want to squee about mail? Then this is the thread for you! Technically the old appreciation thread is still open, but the last comments were in August so I figured we were due for a new one. All the thanks to the all mighty and powerful Fig for setting this in motion and keeping everything running smooth!
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It's high time we had a new thread!

I had August and September off, and I only got around to sending my October assignments sometime last week or so. I stocked up on the particular stamp I need for international postcards (the post office lady was somewhat surprised at the amount). And I also got some nice Ico-chan postcards so congrats if you've already met the coolest platypus character ever. Basically, card club is the bestest funnest fun ever for people who don't want to grow up. (Also, it helps to have a stationery habit.)

Big thanks to Fig for running the show here. I was in chat (drop in sometime, it's cool) the other day, and got talking to fluttering hellfire. And then I realised I already sent this user at least one card already! So YEY for community, one of the intended consequences of card club!
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I received several delightful birthday cards last month. My day was made several times over whenever I came home to my mailbox!
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Fig has been so great when I screw up my monthly registration! I really enjoy sending and getting cards! Three cheers for Fig!
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I was just thinking of making a post myself - good timing!

I got a few emails that I still need to reply to, from people wanting to join. That's awesome! There is absolutely no deadline on signing up, so if you think you missed it, you absolutely did not.

Participation has been pretty steady, with ~50 people sending ~225 cards to 15-20 people per month.

Hearing stories of Card Club people becoming pen pals, online friends, and real life friends warms my heart. I also get so many thank yous every month - you are all the most welcome. I also love seeing the cards that are being sent!

My birthday is this month, and I am very much looking forward to being on the list of recipients for the first time!

On an admin note: I am not planning on doing any Holiday-themed card swaps, which Card Club is a spin-off of. I'll leave it to someone else to pick up that particular baton.
posted by Fig at 2:44 PM on October 20, 2018 [5 favorites] this month, I mean next. Hah.
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Fig, I think YOU should automatically receive a card from every card club member on your birthday. I say, go ahead and add yourself to EVERYONE’S list for your birthday month! It should be one of the perks of being our Fabulous Facilitator!
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Yeah! I just signed up for five but I'd happily do Five Plus Fig!
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And, forgot to add—I love Card Club. It’s so much fun to find something in my mailbox that isn’t junk mail, a bill, or the endless election mailings. I’ve received so many great cards, postcards, notes, and various surprises during my “get cards months”— plus it’s fun to read a MeFi post or comment and then think—hey, I got that fancy card from them!
Fig makes it so easy to participate—if you’re on the fence, give it a try!
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I followed clarissaWAM on Twitter after I drew her some time this spring (the month I got to contribute to the celebration of not one but two cat birthdays!) and it turns out we have the same profession and that's been a really nice connection to make.

On the administrative side, would there be some way to see what occasions we'd signed up for when we originally joined The Club?

Also, in case anyone else is in the same boat, as my official gender is "old lady" and I am therefore officially allowed not to give fucks, I have accepted that am always going to be late getting my cards out and am trying to no longer feel too guilty about it, BECAUSE PROCRASTINATING IS HOW I FEEL ON THE INSIDE, RICK. ALL THE TIME. I eventually will come through with the goods.
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drlith - absolutely! I'll put that into the next month's opt-in. I'm sure you're not the only one who wants a reminder.

(Thanks for the offers of extra cards :) )
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Card Club has been wonderful! I received several wonderful birthday cards and notes last month and I still have them on display. Every last one brought a huge smile. And I love sending cards out, too! Thank you, fig. :)

As for holiday swaps, I plan to organize another classroom swap-style Valentine's exchange for 2019, so please join us for that! Last year's was so much fun and it really brightened up the midwinter post-holiday slump/continuing global-political existential crisis. I'll post a Meta for valentine signups in January. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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I loved the December card exchange--so just signed up today for this year-round card swap. Yippee!
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Card swap is still so much fun, and yeah, I like the closer connections! If I were more on the ball, I'd turn some of you into regular penpals. :) But as it is, I tend to procrastinate and send stuff out late- and that's kind of the best thing about how this system works- nobody actually knows that it's late until it shows up, because nobody really knows how many they'll be getting. That helps me avoid the guilt and just actually focus on getting around to sending late stuff out!
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Yeah, I'm really enjoying it.
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It's a Good Thing.
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Yes thanks to Fig over and over for making card club happen! It's so good for my sanity in so many ways and I have made connections with many people so it's all very wonderful.

I love to see people's cards/process/art/inspiration and will therefore once again mention the #meficardclub tag on instagram if that's a thing you'd be interested in.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday month so much fun and to everyone who is helping me celebrate rescuing my dog four years ago this month.

I freaking love Card Club!

Also, looking forward to mochapickle's Valentine swap and whatever ends up happening for holiday card swap. Yay happy mail!
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So I finished and mailed all my non-Halloween specific letters a few days ago- and now I'm working on getting out all the Halloween specific ones out tomorrow or Wednesday. I may have bought a mega pack of Grossman's Halloween stickers, and there is no way I'll use them up on 6 letters, so I have a sneaking suspicion people are going to get skeletons and pumpkins on their November letters lol.
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It worked! I just joined and would not have thought to if there wasn't this thread!!!

I loved the winter solstice exchange and the valentines' exchange last year (WHEN ARE WE DOING THEM AGAIN IS IT SOON???) and just never got to signing up for the card club (ok and also because I was really confused by the instructions and decided I would do it later when I figured it out, but the time is just wasting, so I have put my trust in the later that comes after signing up...).

But now I have sent the email.
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It's much more complicated to explain than it actually is in practice, I think. Ive had almost 10 new people sign up in the last week , which is super exciting! Thanks for the post, H n !
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I love it. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.
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I just got my October cards into the mailbox today! I was excited because I got a new batch of shiny dragon stamps, and some new stickers too. I don't really know how to do anything coherent with stickers so I just sort of stick them all over everything.

Also I found a box of old greeting cards I'd made from a child's chalk drawing I found on the sidewalk years ago, so I'm sending those out until I run out!
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Just got a mail returned- whoops forgot the extra two stamps on a letter due to Canada. I'll slap another two on there and re-send it tomorrow- sorry Methroach!
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Thanks for making a new appreciation thread, Homo neanderthalensis! And thanks for organizing Fig! And thanks to everyone who sent me a card for my birthday or Halloween these past 2 months - they were all delightful.

I'm on my way to a craft fair, and Mefi Card Club is my excuse to buy fun new cards, so thanks for that as well.
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Y'all, I got my first batch of cards, and it is fantastic!! I've gotten cards sent to me here and there from CC members , which are absolutely sweet and wonderful, but as a first time official recipient, this is amazing. You all are the very very best. Thank you.
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Wait, what? You forgot to sign up to be a recipient until now? The cobbler's children and all that…
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Hah! I signed up for two occasions, they just happen to be towards the end of the first year of Card Club
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I just got my first batch, for Armistice Day. Such thoughtful sentiments. I gotta up my written messages game.
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