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It's Thanktoberfest! If you need a refresher, that's a holiday that, like actual Oktoberfest, has only the loosest relation to October. Thanktoberfest runs from Canadian Thanksgiving through American Thanksgiving, and we encourage you to focus on things you're thankful for. People have been making a ton of awesome posts about things I'm very thankful exist in the world! Share your favorites and thank your fellow mefites within!

I was trying to tag posts with "thanktoberfest" when they were about awesome things I'm thankful for but then Mr. McGee had shoulder surgery and now can't do any housework or childcare so I haven't been online quite often enough to keep up with the tagging. :D But I'm thankful for shoulder surgery to fix his collarbone! And for modern anesthetics and antibiotics!

Anyway, share your favorite posts so far this Thanktober below so we can all admire them and be thankful! Or tell us what you're thankful for in a general way, halfway through this Thanktober!
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Iris Gambol's post about the Martians on Sesame Street was the perfect sweet ending to the week, and reminded me of the real reason I say "Cowwwww?" to my kids every time we pass a herd in the field. Even though my kids are, uh, not little anymore. (Plus, just look at that awesome tagging.) Thanks, Iris Gambol!
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Thank you, Mods, and thank you,MeFites.
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I am super thankful to metafilter and it's many mefites for a few reasons this year. For one, I would never have had the courage to start my garden blog without all of you, and for another the card club continues to be a really bright spot in a very difficult year. Here's the latest card club appreciation thread if anyone missed it. Even the months when I don't receive any mail are great, because I get so much pleasure in sending it out. I'm also thankful to nicebookrack for her post on symbrock/venom because it is very nice to know I'm not the only one reveling in that film's aftermath like a dirty scoundrel rolling in soot.
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Metafilter and the friends I've made here are one of the best parts of my life. The last couple of years have been a bit rough, and MeFi's been there through it all. You filter the news to a bearable level for me, you take me out of my limited IRL community, and on trying days you bring me tonics like PILE OF LEAVES.

As we always said in our house when I was growing up: My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my cousin from Milwaukee thanks you, but most of all, I thank you.
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I'm thankful for a great many things. I'm thankful of course for Metafilter, and the warm and lovely people on it, I'm thankful for the people around me who support each-other and our common goals and keep things moving even when some people are down, I'm thankful for mayo and roast chicken, for my friends for not taking shit from terrible people and cutting them down wherever they rise, for everyone who stood up and held the line and made this world the place of great potential it is now, despite the tide.
Thanks to the 78'ers in particular, who have been on my mind of late.

As far as posts are concerned, I'm still thinking back to those grey white gas meter boxes, not because of the article or the game but for the emotions everyone is talking about. That then ties to The Sunburnt Country, another lovely post. It's an odd feeling sometimes, especially living online too much, when things actually feel like Australia, whatever that means to me.

How a game could ever capture that, the salt in the air, the slow burn, the weather than cycles all day long, is hard to imagine, even if they got all the visual details right. I think real life fails to meet my expectations of being properly "Australian", sometimes.

Anyway, thanks be to YACHT and The Front Bottoms, for the soundtrack to my life of late. YACHT has brightened my heart with their latest single, ABOLISH ICE.
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This has been a rough year for my family, the kind where I have to lead with being thankful for modern medicine.

On a cheerier note, I'm thankful for the delightful little cat we just adopted two weeks ago, who's starting to get along pretty well with the lonely big brother who inspired us to seek her out. I'm also thankful for discovering Metafilter this year. It's the kind of social internet I missed.
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I'm thankful for the relaxing dog music link I posted. Just now, the dog I'm petsitting instantly went from growly-barking at a neighbor dog to calmly staring out the window keeping a droopy eye on it.
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As someone who likes upbeat (and other) music, was pleasantly surprised to come across an upbeat Brass Band cover of a song which is famously not upbeat. That was a no-brainer for both a post, and for one to be tagged with thanktoberfest. Hope other MeFites enjoy it too.
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moving the bookstore
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