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It's Thanksgiving in America, a day to give thanks, spend time with family, friends, & loved ones and share a warm meal. 2018 has not always been the most easy of years to live through, I thought it'd be nice to have a place to share thanks, to acknowledge that we made it another year on this planet, that we did it together. I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my partner, and all of you. I'm thankful that MetaFilter exists. Cheers.
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Thankful for our about-to-turn-one-year-old grandson (and the rest of the family, but mostly the grandbaby). Thankful the midterms went our way. Thankful that the cancers that the missus and I were treated for haven't come back. Thankful as fuck that we are economically safe. Thankful for my MetaFilter family. Thankful that my anti-depressants are still working.

Damn. Life is good. Wishing happiness and good fortune to all y'all, too.
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I also want to give thanks to all those who work in service related industries on this day. It's hard to stand on your feet all day. So thanks for working so that others don't have to, so people can still get where they are going, find a place to stay, grab a bite to eat. Thanks to you and your labour, it's appreciated.
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Thankful my dad's recent hospital stay was brief.
Thankful the recent elections were mostly positive.
Thankful I found a volunteer gig that (I think) makes a difference and helps stretch me in new ways.
Thankful for family and friends who helped me through a difficult year.
Thankful for this place and other online refuges that help us try to make sense of it all.
Thankful I recently realized you can just buy stroopwafels instead of resorting to air travel to bask in their goodness.
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I'm thankful that this was the year I discovered the wonder of potato ricers!

In all seriousness, I'm thankful for my sobriety. Without it, I wouldn't have the health, family, friends, job, and perspective that I'm so thankful for in the midst of this batshit year.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite place on the intertubes.
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I'm thankful that my kids are both home from college.

I'm thankful for the chosen family we have made who mean the world to us.

I'm thankful for the family members who aren't batshit crazy, and I'll continue to put up with the ones who are.

I'm thankful for MeFi Chat and several MeFites who talked me through a really rough time in my job (yoga, Winterhill, deezil, and asperity especially). I don't know if you know how much you helped me, but you really did.

I'm thankful for this entire community.

I'm thankful my pets are currently healthy and happy.

I'm not super thankful that I have to go wrestle the 22 pound turkey out of the brine by myself because the rest of my family keeps night shift hours, the weirdos, but it's okay!
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If you're having an especially difficult day, please reach out.

If you want someone to vent to, I'd be happy to listen. Feel free to memail me.
Also, try chat. It's a great crowd to bitch to. :)

Hugs if you want em.
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Thankful for those who enjoy and share the positive things in the world. Many MeFites are included within. And thankful for cats. Do I need a reason? Well, just ... cats.

Thankful for moonrises over landscapes and snow and trees, and those who notice and acknowledge and celebrate and protect these kind of things.

Thankful that Nintendo know their fanbase and are making a new version of Animal Crossing as we speak/type. And thankful to whoever left 37 small cheese rounds outside my door in the middle of the night last week, and I should really have done a 'should I eat this?' AskMeFi about it but as I was already tucking into the third one when that occured to me then too late I guess. Thanks for the cheese, whoever you are. Some will (and have been) eaten, the rest distributed appropriately.

Thankful to those who put on rural village shows and county fairs, and bake mince pies, gingerbread, Victoria sponge cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes and muffins, cake slices, and above all, coffee and walnut cake (Your Mouthwatering May Vary - substitute in your desired foods there). The world would be a blander and duller place without their creations.

And thankful that Cortex is a genuinely good, and genuine, person and has not sold MetaFilter/his soul out to AmaGooTwitBook, verily keeping this place going as it approaches its twentieth anniversary, an occasion we should perhaps make a year-long celebration throughout all of 2019? Twenty years! May the sun rise and set over this community for many more years to come.
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I am so far away from everyone I consider family, and even though I have nice people where I am, none of them celebrate Thanksgiving and I feel sad. I also have a parasite. I am so, so thankful to be alive and healthy and whatever, and I am so thankful that I am almost done with this portion of my field work, but it is hard to feel truly (not performatively or perfunctorily) thankful while shitting in a squat toilet every ten minutes and thinking about my mom's mashed potatoes and fall weather and my friends.

To those who are also far from home, whether the distance is physical or otherwise -- I see you and I hold you! I hope you find something worth enjoying. And if you can't (I'm not sure I can), I hope for both of us that next year we have quieter hearts and minds.
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I am thankful for my partner, who has given me the first hopeful and happy year in a long time. Trying not to gush too much. (Hi, honey!)

I'm thankful for my sister and Dad, who both survived extremely stressful surgeries this year. For my Mom, who takes care of everyone and should be canonized (and also given a solo vacation to the tropics to recuperate and enjoy some much deserved alone time).

And for people like Michael Twitty who ensure the preservation and celebration of African and African American food traditions and storytelling in the US. If you aren't familiar with his book The Cooking Gene, check it out - today's a good day for that.
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Thankful that I'm actually starting to get to the point where I have a somewhat dealable relationship with money for the first time in my 48 years. I'm still wobbling between "too frugal" and "spending binges", but I'm getting to a much, much better balance.

Thankful that part of that is because I know how to cook and I have fairly simple taste. I'm doing a FriendsGiving with a friend tonight, where I've offered (read: I kind of insisted) on tackling dessert as my course; I spent all day yesterday making two cakes and a dozen mini pumpkin cheesecakes for an expected party of eight. Totally banjaxed the apple sorbet I was going to also make, but just shrugged and decided we'd go without. And then had the wherewithall to be able to throw together a rustic apple tart this morning when my friend learned at the last minute that our party of 8 is now going to be a party of 15. (Add to this: thankful that I had the brains to sign up for a CSA because I already had all the apples and was wondering what I could do with them!)

Thankful that I've started re-awakening an old photography hobby, thanks to some misfortune with my old camera forcing me to use a better one - and learning that I do really well with a good camera. Thankful to my friend who lead the photo class where I learned that, and ETERNALLY thankful to him for his patience with me when I'm at my worst (read: he endured my panic attack when I dropped my old camera in a lake accidentally, and endured my temper tantrum when I got frustrated figuring out a loaner camera; those were just the latest examples out of a 17-year friendship between two people who trust each other now enough to be vulnerable with each other, because we know if we ever have a hissy fit at each other we'll be making up like 3 minutes later).

Thankful that my father is so determined to get me a new camera for Christmas that he is actually going to get up at midnight tonight and hit up a Black Friday sale in Cape Cod because he discovered a deal on the very camera package my friend recommended I get to replace my old one. Also thankful that his immediate response when I called my parents to bitch about the old camera was "okay, Christmas is coming, we'll help out with that" before I even finished my story.

Thankful that I'm getting some of the urge to "get out of the house and explore dammit" is coming back, after a long time lying dormant.

Thankful that I have a writing outlet that's starting to really take off. (It's just a corner of a general-interest blog right now, but will soon be rolled out to its own thing - hopefully in the New Year.)
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I am so, so thankful that my PITA daughter has made a successful transition to sleepaway college and is getting great grades, is on the BB cheer squad, handling her shit...and able to talk about it now that she's feeling a little stressed and a little overwhelmed and have a productive conversation about how to balance between giving zero fucks about school and giving too many fucks about school. And for those of you who are in the earlier stages of this process, I am also thankful that I made the decision to separate/divorce 2.5 years ago. I am so much happier now than I was during the last half of my marriage, and the only dark cloud that had been hanging over it had been worrying about PITA dau.
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I'm thankful for this nice long list of all of the radio stations across the country that will be playing Alice's Restaurant today.
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Thankful for my chosen Canadian family. And for you all. Spending three nights in the States right now and home time cannot come soon enough. Hiding in the guest room atm.
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I am thankful that I get to spend Thanksgiving with parents for the first time in nearly 10 years.

I am also thankful for my job and the friends I've made at work. I actually got an invite to go fishing tomorrow (but passed because fishing in sleet at 7am something I don't want to do on the day after Thanksgiving). It took me 40 years to realize it, but what I need most in the world is to feel like I belong and I've found that up here, so I'm thankful I moved as well.

And I'm thankful for all of you MeFites. You're the best.
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I am so thankful for all of you, and that I get to hear stories from and connect with all of these diverse wonderful caring smart people from all over. I am thankful for the team that runs Metafilter for making that possible.

I am thankful for the Mefites that participate in Card Club. I volunteered to do that when my husband's addiction was at a particularly destructive point in order to have a positive personal project to work on, and I get so much out of it.

I am thankful for my job. I've only been there 6 months but it feels like forever, in a good way. My boss and my assistant are both fantastic to work with. Plus, it pays better and has less hours and a shorter commute than my old job. I'm very very grateful.

I'm thankful for my friends. They are the most loving, caring, fun people and have provided amazing support while I struggled immensely this year.

I'm thankful for the part of me that woke up this year and said "Your life is not the best it could be. Let's do some work to make it better." I started therapy for the first time ever, realized how bad my husband's addiction was affecting our marriage, how unhappy I was at my job, and ended up leaving both of those within the year. The path forward from my marriage is still unclear, scary, and full of grief from looking backwards, but I am thankful that my inner self is full of hope and optimism.
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I'm thankful y'all are here.

I might be in chat for a bit soon, slip.
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I am thankful for the blue sky I can see between rain clouds. I live north of San Francisco, and the smoke-filled skies (and all the loss and horror they represented) had me more down in the dumps than I realized.

I am thankful for my weight loss program through Kaiser that helped me lose 100lbs and keep it off. I feel like everything came together. One of the keys is that we have a weekly support group who I've come to care about and feel accountable to so when I want to stray from my eating plan, I mostly can resist and even when I "slip" it is an isolated incident and not a spiral of unhealthy behavior.

I am thankful that I live 10 minutes away from my family and actually enjoy spending time with them so today's gathering will be fun.

I am thankful for Metafilter and all I have learned here--you all have made me a better, more thoughtful person.
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(And to friends, colleagues, contacts, and escapees from Albion, over in the USA - Happy Thanksgiving, and may your Turducken be perfectly deep-fried, and followed by splendid cake)
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This is the second Thanksgiving we're spending with the friends who we've started to call our chosen family, the first since my mother physically assaulted me last December (a conflict I suspect started with choosing to spend the holiday away from her). I spoke to my sister last night and she "casually" mentioned that my mom is having surgery soon, that they're planning to spend my mom's 70th birthday together in two weeks. I woke up from thin dreams about sending my mother the perfect email to make it all better--woke to a bright morning where I STILL have clarity about what I need to keep my physical and mental health intact. Distance. Chosen family. I found a trans/genderqueer support group last month and someone asked the group: how will you make the future more wonderful for yourself? And I said, I will surround myself with people who will not hurt me, and make that choice each and every day. And then laughed about what a low bar it is.

I am grateful today that I like myself enough to protect myself now. I am grateful to places like metafilter that make choices like that okay.
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If you are going home to an unsupportuve family this holiday season, please remember your worth isn't defined by what they say about you or how they treat you.

I'm thankful to still be living indoors and to the family and friends that shine continued love and kindness on me and my son.

I'm thankful for all the advancements my son has made in the last year, by his own determination or through the help of his teachers, doctors, therapists, and paraprofessionals.

I'm thankful for Professor Pumpkin Pants the Great Pumpkin Cat and my son's emotional support animal for making him feel loved, but for also cuddling me at my low points. And I'm grateful she's healthy.

If you've made me smile or laugh, helped me out, or taught me something, I'm grateful for you.

But mostly I'm grateful to be alive because any day spent on this side of the ground is a good day.
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I'm thankful that my wife has been cancer free for two years.

I'm thankful that everybody else in the family is healthy.

I'm thankful that my mom is due here in about two hours to spend the weekend with us.

I'm thankful that I can afford the $6000 increase in health insurance costs that I'm apparently absorbing next year. (By afford, I mean I won't have to choose between rent and healthcare. I probably am going to choose between a European vacation and healthcare though. I'd make a First World Problem joke, but I think we'd have better, more affordable healthcare in a lot of third world counties, so...)

I'm thankful the midterm elections restored a little bit of hope that we can survive the current darkness in the US.

I'm thankful Metafilter exists as a place to dump my bad jokes about healthcare costs, so I can spare my family :)

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.
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I’m very firmly enveloped by the Everything Is Shit that is going on right now (example: spent all day yesterday arguing with heroin addicts). But two things in my life have brought lightness consistently — this place and my kids. I’m grateful to keep finding things that my kids and I enjoy equally.

Today, it’s the terrible-terrific movie Uncle Drew. Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O Neal, Chris Webber, Nate Robinson, Reggie Miller all play elderly blacktop ballers who come together to win the big basketball tournament against a bunch of hot dog youngbloods. It’s completely funny and sweet and stupid without being ageist and Nick Kroll plays the hysterically evil bad guy coach. This is the perfect thanksgiving movie right now.
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I am thankful for you all. AskMe has been my daily companion for years. I try to cut back but nothing else on the web is as interesting. I've learned far more than I ever expected. Even from the questions I skip initially but end up coming back to because I've run out of things to read. This is a mind blowing place!

I am thankful for every new day, every new chance to grow into a more compassionate person, every new chance to appreciate the people close to me.

I'm thankful for the irritating, annoying actions of my family. When I finally stop being exasperated and perplexed I see they really are teaching me. Eventually I can learn to understand them and myself more completely. If I would only listen.
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I am thankful for a ton of things, but the thing I am most thankful for is that I found my people– some online, but mostly IRL. I found friends, mentors, coconspirators, and so much more. I wish that everyone could find such an amazing cast of people.
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I am thankful that the only thing I'm cooking today is mashed potatoes. I am grateful that I could afford to buy all of the other components of our meal. I am really grateful for all things MeFi and Those Who Make It All Possible.

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Oh -- and I am always very thankful for heated mattress pads. Truly.
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Oh -- and I am always very thankful for heated mattress pads. Truly.

This brings to mind an old memory of something I witnessed my grandfather doing back in India.

He'd place a heater at the foot of his bed and he'd point it under the covers. He'd prop up the covers with this long stick and a couple of books to make a pyramid and he'd let the heat run for 10 minutes and then just before bed, he'd shut off the heater and hop inside of this hot-pocket. I love that this was his night time hack for a warm sleep.
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It's a shitty year, a chickens coming home to roost year for the US, a year where I've come to feel real dread for our natural environment. So in that spirit my gratitude is brightest around where people are working together for change and a better world.

On the electoral front, I've seen the most civic engagement I've ever witnessed in my 44 years: from volunteers canvassing my neighborhood to support local candidates to large scale grassroots fundraising for candidates who refuse corporate donations. I've seen people's literacy of complex processes of US democracy get much more sophisticated and I know people have so much more understanding of their legislators and how to exert pressure on them.

On the community organizations front, I've seen explosive growth in DSA but also new groups like Indivisible. I've seen my local "liberal" groups (Indivisible for example) putting their money and time into supporting young people and people of color's organizing.

For protest: I've been going to them since about 1990, Gulf War I & Queer Nation, and never in my life have I seen such mass protests. The Women's March's and Airport protests, the mass demonstrations against imprisoning immigrant children. These are enormous shows of community power that have been so inspiring. Smaller scale demonstrations are going on every week - and one big plus of social media is getting to see people getting arrested in Washington DC, people interrupting power when they try to go out to eat and forget the harm they have on human lives.

In my own workplace right now, we're having an unfortunate work speed up in my department. Everyone is super demoralized and pissed. But fortunately, I am in a union workplace, and this struggle corresponds with some new blood in our local bringing more energy for organizing. I'm seeing my whole team coming together, unified, refusing to throw each other under the bus, to push back at management. It's thrilling to be part of such a group, across lines of cultural differences, for a common goal. And that makes me feel hope for large scale change.

So I'm looking at where we're coming together. It gives me energy to keep going forward.
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I'm not American but my daughter is a dual citizen - last week was the eight anniversary of her brain cancer diagnosis (also her mom's birthday) - I'm thankful to report that while she has some lingering post-treatment issues she is able to lead a completely normal nine-year old's life, and especially that for eight years of first class treatment we are only out of pocket about $2,000 thanks to Canadian health care system.

I'm also grateful my dog is so goddamn majestic.
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I'm thankful for my dog. I'm thankful for the family and friends who tried to help me get better. I'm thankful that human suffering isn't likely to last longer than another hundred years.
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I'm grateful for MeFi, the community, the warmth, and the mods being polite and helpful.

I'm grateful for my friends, and for my brother's continued existence somewhere in the South Pacific (I believe he's at Guadalcanal right now).

I'm grateful that I'm financially solvent enough to have extra to share with local groups who do good works.
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But fortunately, I am in a union workplace,

Oh my god, I totally forgot to tell you guys — In response to more health insurance company bullshit and our senior executive leadership bending over and taking it, we spent the last year organizing. Hundreds of hours of meetings and phone calls and rallies, during which the only message we had was “protect our patients” and “fulfill our mission”, we held our vote on November 1, and counted the votes last week. We are officially union, the first group of primary care doctors in the country, to my knowledge, to do so. Proud SEIU 1199NW!

So I’m thankful for that and all the coworkers who made that possible.
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I'm thankful that my dad is around another year - he was very ill and it looked like we were going to have to say goodbye this summer. But he pulled through and it was a fine year of good food and family. I'm also thankful that we were able to leave around 3, come home, and put on pajamas. Tonight Herr Vortex and I are going to watch movies and eat pizza...another Thanksgiving tradition.

I'm also thankful for you, Metafilter. I am not able to comment as much as I used to (we are down to one computer in the house, and I hate typing on my phone) but I am always reading.
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We are officially union, the first group of primary care doctors in the country, to my knowledge, to do so. Proud SEIU 1199NW!

Oh hell yeah!! Your people sooooo need a union. So impressed and grateful you all are doing this work that will benefit all of us!
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I've been kind of grey and sad for the last little while, but right now in this moment I am thankful to be sitting in a warm corner at my cousin's house while everyone bustles around and Henry, my 7-week-old cousin once removed, sleeps on my lap.

Thanks, Metafilter!
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It was 5 degrees this morning, and I'm thankful for:

- Having 1/2 a tank of heating oil during a cold snap, and knowing we can buy more without nail-biting;

- Getting a new battery on our car last weekend, as the original battery was 6 years old;

- Food security, not having to worry about how much to spend on Thanksgiving;

- Being able to donate to a small local charity, without giving a care;

- Relatives, while far away, who care about me;

- Being able to live stream the Macy's Day Parade on my YouTube app on my TV, which is major, as we can't get cable here;

- Fuzzy blankets and cats;

- A relaxing day with classical music, no cooking disasters, and colored lights to help us into the 4:30 sunset.

- Pumpkin pie and whipped cream to look forward to.

There was a little girl on the news, who is giving presents to her classmates, and I was able to donate to her cause, without a thought. Not saying it to pump myself up, but that I could do it without cringing at the cost. We're not rich, but we can afford a small charity donation, and that hit the spot. It just made me feel so good, to be able to make a little girl's day, that's all.

We're not rich, but at least this year we don't feel poor. That's what I'm thankful for.
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I am thankful that for the first time I can afford grown up foods like fine wine and stanky cheese.

All that remains is to build a rich and interesting life that lends itself to refined palates and weekends filled with activities more sophisticated than watching anime alone in pyjamas.

Starting tomorrow.
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I’ve been texting friends and telling them how thankful I am to have them in my life. Mostly leading with: “What kind of ship is best for a long voyage?” “Friendship!” Because that is the kind of person I am....
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I'm thankful for everybody who loves their families who gets to be with their families right now, but I'm also thankful that I finally let myself stop doing that. I went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet and that was fantastic, and now I have a pie that I had to do nothing whatsoever to prepare waiting for me later tonight.
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I’m thankful that my parents are still with me in their 70s.
I’m thankful my sister and I had a cathartic conversation earlier this year when I just couldn’t cope with the unexplained tension between us anymore, and we both aired hurts caused we hadn’t grasped, and we now have the relationship I always wanted which feels like an actual miracle.
I’m thankful for the emotional labour thread that has allowed me - mostly - to learn to disengage from battles which aren’t mine and let others do their own dirty work.
I’m thankful that I have a chance at a new job that will allow me to escape my hateful boss.
But most of all I’m grateful to be marrying my anamchara on Saturday.
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I'm thankful that my wife is back from a two-month trip to England, safe and sound.

I'm thankful that my friends and family are all in varying degrees of good health, and thankful that I have such a great support group and social circle comprised of friends and family.

I'm thankful that for the past year and a bit I've been in the first job I've truly been happy with.

I'm thankful that my first purchase from the Ontario Cannabis Store is waiting for me at the post office.

And yes, I'm thankful for MetaFilter. I recently passed 10,000 total comments, posts, etc. on this site. I had planned to put together some sort of MetaTalk post thanking everyone, mods and members alike, for being such a big part of my online life since 2004, but then I forgot and passed the milestone.
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I’m thankful that my wonderful mother grokked how anxious I’ve been lately so she pumped the brakes on dad’s usual very tense and intricate thanksgiving dinner and we’ve just been slowly cooking all day and maybe in an hour when the chicken is done (no turkey too fussy) we’ll re-heat everything and eat at a normal hour and not at 2. I just pulled two lovely dairy-free sweet potato pies from the oven (hazelnut milk is a delight to bake with) and even dad is much much calmer watching football on his phone in the kitchen while the chicken cooks. I will eat my weight in my mother’s wonderful dressing and dad made homemade cranberry sauce yesterday- it’s all good. I am so thankful for my family.
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I am thankful for all of you, for keeping me informed, entertained, annoyed, questioning, engaged, outraged, inspired, confused, illuminated, educated, frustrated, and amused for 18 years. My life has been enriched immeasurably just by showing up here every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I'm deeply thankful, and consistently amazed, that this past year brought an intensely fulfilling job and a move across country to embed in a spectacular landscape. Seattle has problems, but I rather like it, and I'm quite in love with the PNW as a whole.

I am thankful that said job gives me a middle-class wage, and I feel like I can breathe freely for the first time in awhile.

And that said wage means I could go on a buying spree the other day and make myself a glorious sides-only Thanksgiving dinner. It's just me this year, which I'm very happy about, though I can see doing a Friendsgiving next year.

I'm thankful that the oyster stuffing I made for the first time ever is amazing holy shit I'm not sharing that with anyone.

I'm thankful to be 3000 miles from my exhausting mother. It's been a lovely, peaceful holiday, and I was able to hold onto not being frazzled, or dissociating, or generally having to deal with her. I'll be out there for Christmas and that will be quite enough, thank you.

I'm thankful for Wonkette's annual Thanksgiving Prayer post.

I'm thankful for Metafilter, which has been a part of my life for well over a decade now. The community here has seen me through multiple careers, homes, problems and solutions. I love it here.
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For the past five or six years, I’ve been especially thankful for the efforts of one particular mefite: JHarris. He has been a good friend and provided so much entertainment and what I like to think of as a rock in this world that often times seems like an ocean of chaos.

In fact, it was that rock upon which we orbited during the 2016 election. We were all so happy, thinking it was gonna work out. But we all know how that went.

Anyway, thanks John. You’re the best.

Oh, and we’re doing that thing we always do. Right here:
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Some syrah, some baked brie, some people and family, it rained all night, and on the way here, there was a happy guy on a motorcycle shoes, shorts, shorts, shirt and a helmet-70 miles per hour, California! We think our candidate will win in 21. So all is well. Best to all of you.
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If you're reading this -- paid-up or lurker -- you're one of the things I am thankful for!

Well, you and my super-awesome new-to-us rescue dog, Cooper.
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We had a combination of same-old-thanksgiving (me and sister and Jim, she cooks, we eat and clean) and also met some new neighbors of my sister who had us over for cheesecake. We brought my sister's wacky gingerbread pumpkin trifle (you heard me) and spent some time talking to new folks including the local policeman (who is a surprisingly decent small town cop type). All around thumbs up, did some unwinding and now I'm "checking my web" before snuggling in with a book and calling it a day. Thankful for my small family, the amazing moon tonight (we walked over with the trifle in 14 degree weather), fuzzy cats, affable neighbors, access to decent health (and mental health) care for everyone (we've all needed it this year), and thankful that things, in general, aren't worse.
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Even though I chose to be alone today (I’m exhausted and I needed alone time to reflect on what my life is currently like and what I would need to do in the very near future.), I am thankful for my family and friends who continuously give me love and encouragement and who constantly forgive me the times I fail to be as good and kind as they are to me.

For the past several years, I always seek all of you people’s posts for guidance, inspiration, hope, insight, and yes, entertainment the times I found myself desperately needing them. You don’t know me, but I am thankful for all of you. You have saved me a million times in several different ways and I am sincerely grateful for that.
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The flag queue timed out while I was digesting dinner over at my mother-in-law's place and thus began The Story Of Me Having A (Figurative) Goddam Heart Attack but it ended well.
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I'm incredibly grateful for my solid network of friends and community that helped me take care of rtha for the last six months and which is caring for me now. I couldn't have done this without them. I'm grateful for rtha's cadillac health insurance, which meant that we never had to make decisions for financial reasons. I'm grateful for our cats, who are handling all of this disruption and loss with more grace than I am. I'm grateful for all of the folks on metafilter and fb and elsewhere, who have been sharing their stories and appreciation and showing how many other people knew just how awesome she was. I'm grateful the surreal smoky skies have cleared.

I'm grateful for all of that and this is still so fucking hard and I have no idea how to put my life back together without her or what I do with this hole in my heart. It just sucks.
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Hugs, gingerbeer. My heart goes out to you.

I've just realised it's my 10th Mefiversary in about a week's time. So even though I'm not based in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, now seems as good a time as ever to say that I am grateful to have stumbled all those years ago into one of the most supportive online communities I could have found. Honestly you all don't know how much you have helped me navigate life's problems, little and big, not necessarily directly, but through sharing your experiences and perspectives. It seems strange to say this about a website, but I really feel that reading and participating on Metafilter has changed me as a person, and for the better.
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I'm thankful for the results of the US midterms and for Metafilter, both as a website and as a community (without these, I doubt I could have made it through IRL Thanksgiving). You all make this place truly the best of the web.
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gingerbeer, I think about you with love and gratitude every day.
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And yeah, heartbreak. For you, for me, for this community.
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I'm thankful for more music from Maggie Roche:
Hi Friends, A few months ago I asked if you would send images of the holidays that meant something to you so we could make a video of Maggie’s song “CHRISTMAS LOVE" that we recorded for WHERE DO I COME FROM ~ selected songs ~ Maggie Roche. We received so many amazing images. THANK YOU! Unfortunately we couldn’t fit them all! I asked Christine Lavin to help make this video to celebrate your images, Maggie, and the season. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the video and please share it with anyone you think might like it.
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I got this flyer from the animal shelter the other day wanting me to come to a fundraising banquet on New Year's Eve, and I added up the cost of tickets for me and boyfriend, and I looked at the flyer some more, and it said we have to dress up, and that there's an 80-90s cover band, and I thought, really, I would rather donate that ticket amount to the shelter directly and stay home with the cats and wear old clothes and listen to whatever music I want. I'm not quite sure what this has to do with Thanksgiving but I am very thankful to have my cats and also the ability to donate to charity.
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I am thankful that Fizz and Wordshore were brought back from the Mirror Dimension of Evil by the Rescue Team before anything worse happened. Whew, that was close!
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I am thankful that my part of the country - Southeast Texas - storms and hurricanes and floods this year. I realize that others have had their own floods, hurricanes, fire storms, and such. You guys have my love and support, while you struggle to return to something like normal.
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I am thankful that husband and I got to spend Thanksgiving alone together without any passive-aggressive family. I'm always thankful for this little corner of the internet where I feel safe and heard. Hugs and love to you gingerbeer. I am here if you want to talk.
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I am thankful for a quiet Thanksgiving day.
I am thankful that I got to celebrate with my dad.
I am thankful to be able to spend a little time today with my twin brother and his spouse at lunch.
I am thankful that my dad is dating someone who is kind and clearly digs him. (We met her today at lunch).
I am thankful that for my kid - who is kind, honest, well-behaved, has a moral compass (at 8!) and speaks up for himself. I only hope that I can do the right things to make sure that he stays HIM over the next 10 years.
I am thankful for my spouse.
I am thankful for my mom's sister and sister-in-law, who have stepped into an older sister/mom role since my mom passed away. Their small kindness have kept me going over the past 18 months.
I am thankful.
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I'm thankful that, a bit over seven years ago, I was arrested for driving under the influence, thus beginning the road to recovery that I could not have initiated myself in the state that I was in, and making each subsequent Thanksgiving vastly better than it otherwise would have been.
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I'm thankful for my so wonderful family, and for my husband, who is my everything, and seriously too good to be true (for 28 years now – I guess it's true!), and for ¡¡the Metafilter community!! and all its quirky, smart, nerdy, passionate and compassionate members, and especially for Josh for keeping the flame alive and for being him, and Jessamyn who shaped and defined so much of what makes things worth keeping alive, and my amazing, brilliant co-workers, who are so, so caring and wise and good and funny. I love you all.

Right this minute, I'm also thankful for our annual post-Thanksgiving soup simmering on the stove, which we have been making forever, so I'm amazed I haven't shared it before (it's not a good vegan option, sorry! – but leaving out the butter and cream might still make a great alternative version of this). I use the turkey carcass to make the broth and throw in all the bits of leftover turkey meat, and use whatever mushrooms I can get my hands on, even if it's only button mushrooms and the dried porcini, like this year – it's still amaaaazing. You can use whatever rice, as well; we have a wild rice/white rice combo this year. I also make more broth than the 4 cups called for, since the mix sometimes needs to be thinned after all is said and done. Anyway, it's flexible, and it's based on the recipe, "Chicken Soup with Forest Mushrooms" by Crescent Dragonwagon:
4 cups Chicken (or Turkey) Stock or Vegetable Stock

1 ounce dried porcini mushrooms

1/4 to 1/2 pound fresh shiitake mushrooms, tough stems removed, caps and tender parts of stems diced, 1 1/2 ounces dried

2 cups dry white wine

3/4 cup wild rice, rinsed

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons mild vegetable oil, such as corn or peanut

1 large onion, diced

1/4 pound domestic white mushrooms, coarsely diced

1/4 pound any other exotic seasonal edible mushrooms, such as morels, tree ears, or oyster mushrooms, cleaned, tough stems removed, caps sliced

1/4 cup unbleached all-purpose flour

1 cup heavy (whipping) cream (or evaporated skim milk, if you must save calories and fat grams, and/or watch cholesterol)

1/4 teaspoon dried thyme

Several gratings of fresh nutmeg

Salt and lots of freshly ground white pepper

2 tablespoons dry sherry or brandy

1 teaspoon, approximately, Garlic Oil (optional)

Minced fresh parsley or sprigs of fresh thyme, for garnish

1. In a soup pot, bring the chicken stock to a boil.

2. In a small bowl, put the dried porcini and the dried shiitakes, if using. Pour 1 cup of the boiling chicken stock over them to cover, weighing the mushrooms down with a plate so they remain submerged.

3. Add the white wine to the stock remaining in the pot and bring to a boil. Stir in the wild rice. Turn down the heat to medium-low and simmer, covered, until the rice is tender and split open, 45 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Meanwhile, in an 8- or 9-inch skillet, heat the butter and oil over medium heat. Add the onion and sauté until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add the fresh mushrooms of all types, including the fresh shiitakes, if using, and sauté, stirring often, until the mushrooms soften, are fragrant, and on the edge of browning, 5 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle the flour over the sauté mixture, and gradually add the cream, stirring and cooking until the flour is smoothed in, the cream thickens, and all delicious mushroom and onion bits are scraped up. Season with the thyme, nutmeg, and salt and pepper. When the wild rice is done, add this mushroom-cream mixture to the barely simmering stock.

5. Remove the reconstituted mushrooms from their broth. Wash them very well if they are at all dirty, cut them up fairly fine, and add them to the soup. Strain the mushroom soaking liquid through a paper coffee filter to remove any dirt or grit, and add it to the soup. Add the sherry or brandy. Let the soup simmer over the lowest possible heat about 20 minutes to blend the flavors. Taste, and if it's not quite there, sneak in a little garlic oil. Do not boil; stir often. Taste for seasoning. You got it? Oh! Divine! Garnish with the minced parsley or sprigs of thyme.
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I'm thankful for a lot.

I am thankful to be with my friend-family that I've known for so long and so supportive of me even when I sucked, and that this is our 8th year in their lovely home filled with art, music, and now two kids and two kittens.

I'm thankful for the work and self advocacy I've done on my own mental and physical health, even though I may feel like I'm struggling or that things are slow and difficult, I try to remember and give myself credit for how far I've come. I'm thankful to be (mostly) free of my depression and related issues.

I'm thankful that though I might be cash poor and barely have enough money to afford my bus trip out here and bac, my life is filled with true wealth - friends who care about me, friends I care deeply about, as well art and music and nature.

I'm thankful for the peace and, paradoxically, all of the noisy birds at my current home and the small but sturdy roof over my head.

I'm thankful I had a chance to tell rtha and gingerbeer how much she meant to me, that though our friendship and time in the same city was relatively brief that it meant so much to me and influenced me for the better so profoundly.

While I was not nearly as relatively close to rtha, I regret procrastinating in the living wake thread for gman and missing the window for that, and his efforts combined with the love from something like 150-200 mefites saved my life almost 8 years ago. And that the bicycle that his brother so generously bought for me brand new has since saved my heart, mind, body and soul dozens of times since. If not every time I go for a ride.

And as hard as it's been, I'm incredibly thankful for my very unique life filled with wonderful, wild art and music and dance and brilliant, gentle people.

And I'm thankful for MetaFilter and all of you here pulling at the oars and helping each other get by and strive for better things for all of us.

May you all find some of the peace and deep satisfaction of the soul that I've been so fortunate to be able to find.
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I’m thankful for my cats, who are good company. I’m grading, and my younger cat will politely pester me to play fetch with her for about 5 minutes once an hour, which is a nice break.
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It's been quite a year, and at the end of the day, I'm just really grateful for my tribe, my people, that I'm lucky enough to have more than one tribe, that they seem to love me and care for me and defend me (that, that my friends, is the best feeling). Find your people, love them hard. Sometimes that love hurts but it's better than doing this alone.
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Very thankful for the rain in california and the clean fresh air
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