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Today, Waring Hudsucker bequeaths us all our second chance. To try and perhaps fail, but not to despair, as despair looks only to the past. The future is now!
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AND TO YOU ALL TOO!! The last cake one gormandized in 2018 was a splendid slice of Stollen, piled with almond slices, in a cafe on the platform of a steam railway station. One desires that the year ahead for MeFites also contains foods of a most agreeable nature.
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Happy New Years! Here's hoping 2019 is a year that brings you & your loved ones happiness, health, and prosperity. Remember that you matter and that it's ok to unplug from it all. <3
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Here's hoping the drugs my vet gave me are strong enough to keep my dog from totally losing it this year. Last NYE we basically spent 5 hours trying to keep a lid on an increasingly agitated 60 lb. black lab mix. T'was not fun.

I'm gonna watch Spurs v Celtics on the television then probably read for a while. I hope I'm sound asleep at midnight.

None of that resolutions stuff -- it's just setting myself up for disappointment. Better, this winter I have taken stock of the past year, & it was a good one overall. Think I'll stick to this strategy. No way it can be worse next year, anyway, right? Right?

Joining you back on the freeway, which is already in progress: happy new year, y'all.
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Happy New Year, and may all your animals stay unharmed!

Last year saw my partner trying to climb our bemused neighbor's roof in an unsuccessful bid to recapture the roommate's idiot door dasher cat. This year, we have learned: two doors between him and freedom at ALL TIMES.

There will also be a fondue party and a metric fuck ton of very good cheese. I'm excited.
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I saw on Twitter earlier that over half the earth's population hit 2019 by 1 PM EST.

We are headed out tonight - getting dressed up all fancy and going to a "Saved By the 90s" show, which is exactly what it sounds like. A band that plays nothing but 90s pop covers. I expect to hear lots of boy band and Britney Spears, which in most other circumstances I would hate. But it sounds fun tonight.

Have a happy and safe NYE - for those of you in the West that haven't celebrated yet.
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Happy New Year, ya filthy animals!

We're spending it sensibly--staying in with Chinese food, copious amounts of alcohol, an assortment of sleepy cats, and the London fireworks on TV at midnight. Here's hoping 2019 is an improvement for everyone.
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Happy 2019 everyone! At home with a bottle of gin, a thoroughly bored cat, and a huge stash of MST3K episodes--i.e., my ideal NYE evening, in which I can indulge (almost) FOMO-free now that I am Officially Too Old for Nightclubs.

May the next year of our completely bonkers timeline treat all of you kindly.
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Happy New Year, dear MeFites. I've spent a peaceful day practicing, cooking and doing laundry.

I live near enough to a fireworks display that I can just see them over the rooftops from my bedroom window. Right now I'm listening to revellers pass in the street, with the occasional clip-clop of police horses. (They're wearing high-vis blankets, which seems very kind.)

Said it last year and I'll say it again: Better days, may we live to see 'em. Happy New Year, all.
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Remember that you matter and that it's ok to unplug from it all.

And, if you are going to plug, be sure to check that the plug has a flared base. No NYE ER visits, MeFites!
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Also, in the interests of gull disclosure, my last cake gourmandized was a very cakey chocolate donut with a nice ganache and hazelnuts. And it was purchased, not stollen.
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Oh, dearhearts. To all of you, and to 2019.
(This year will be our year.)
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Also, that was supposed to be “full disclosure.” I have no gulls to disclose, and I hope that the gulls will honor our 2018 “no gull disclosure” agreement.
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Happy New Year, Metafilter! Our plans sort of fizzled out (friends who have a party every year just... didn't have the party we assumed they were gonna have) and I have a mean cold anyway so the family is staying in, getting Chinese take-out and watching Shawshank. It's about hope.

I hope you have a good year next year.
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I must comment now because there is no way I'll make it all the way to midnight my time zone. So, I'm celebrating the new year with you time advanced people.

I've had a glass of wine. Which is too much for me.

May the new year smile kindly on my Meeple. Peace to all.
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Happy Cthulhu Fhtagn everybody!
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Happy new year, MeTa! Here's hoping for fewer friends leaving us in 2019 and a whole lot more fabulous stuff happening for us all. I actually don't know what I'd do without you people.

Sometimes I wonder how my life (my travel destinations, how I think about things, my social circle, how I consume media—all of it) would be different if Matt Haughey hadn't thought for just a split second that one time, "I think I'll make a Metafilter." Holy shit, it breaks my brain to think about that. This place has really changed me (and lemme tell you, I needed it). Thanks, all.
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Happy UK time zone new year mefi!
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Happy New Year from London!

The fireworks had a lot of red, orange, pink and bits of green in them this year. Also there were some new effects I hadn't seen before: clusters of mini-rockets filled with something dark pink that sparkled as it slowly rained down, like a rain of glitter. Some sort of slow-burning powder with occasional flash bits? They also made good use of some of my favourite effects: the sort of lingering gold sprays that they use in chrysanthemums, now used as brushstrokes to delineate fiery shapes.

I like that effect because it means the beauty of the firework lasts a little longer. Maybe this will be a slow-burning year.

Meanwhile: the crowd seems a little thin this year. There's definitely less of a press going down my street to the station. Less singing, less cheering and fewer LED accessories. The weather's been dry and not too cold, so it isn't that.

The prevalence of red tones made the fireworks seem a little menacing.

May we end this year with more certainty and happiness than we began it.
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Incidentally, "Gull Disclosure" is the name of my new band; our lead singer is named Lari Dae.
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Happy New Year all! I was in, and slightly morose, but there were fireworks in the city, and from my kitchen window I have a (very, very) nice view, and people were watching them from the street below, so I felt all better for a little. Not enough to go down and circulate with the watchers, but still, I felt better.

Again, Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year y'all!
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I'm spending New Year's Eve with you fine people! (And with Micro McGee, 7, who's determined to stay up until midnight. I'll believe it when I see it!)

I made a family New Year's Eve feast to celebrate -- Gruyere Gougeres for appetizers; Mixed green salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and red wine vinaigrette; Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguinon; and Egg Noodles for the main course. And Peches Cardinal (peaches and ice cream with a sweetened raspberry puree) for desert. My tummy is so happy!
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I saw the Favourite earlier today, and did a little work. I'm spending tonight watching The Good Place, doing work, and eating cheese with my best work friend!

Here's to the New Year - may she be a damn sight better than the old one.
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Happy New year may it be full of creativity and happiness for you and all those you love.
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You people make the hair on my arms stand up (in the best way, i.e., frisson). Good shivers, reading this thread. Thank you all for being so lovely and weird (also in the best way) throughout such a strange 2018. I have a feeling I will need your continual comforting presence just as much in 2019, and I thank you all in advance for ongoing awesomeness.
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We’re doing a special mefi mst3k club thingy. If you’re interested. Happy Blue Year!
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My neighbors had a lovely open house and now I’m home in my quiet living room. Nearly two hours until 2019 in this time zone, and I’ll be in bed soon. It’s great.

I ran into a neighbor/mom of three young kids at the open house. She has my teenage daughter over twice a week to babysit, and she said just the nicest things about how much she and her kids like my kid, how thoughtful she is, how helpful she is, how enjoyable she is to talk to, etc. I guess every time I post on MetaFilter these days I talk about my kids, but it’s incredibly reassuring to get the perspective of another adult who sees my kid so often and who can share this nice news with me. Parenting is full of joys but also is exhausting and stressful, and this is really comforting to hear. What a nice way to ring out the old and ring in the new. Good night, and happy new year.
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My NYE plans are up in the air due to various circumstances, so I may or may not stay in. Which, honestly, would be fine too — I’m hella tired (and just as an aside, I keep saying words like hella, which means I’ve officially lived in California for too long).

I’m going to try to do laundry tonight, and then I might finish the Roger Corman/Vincent Price double feature dvd that I borrowed from work. I might also swing by the mst3k thing, and I may still end up seeing friends. Who knows! Shit is wild over here.
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2019! Can't be any worse than 2018. Right?
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Happy New Year to one and all! It's currently 10:00 p.m. here, and the wife and daughter have retired to their bed chambers, leaving me on my own with a bottle of Prosecco to see if I can hold out until midnight. I took a power nap around 5:30 to see if it would help me stay awake until the ball drops, but I don't know if I'm going to get there.
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Oh, I just heard from my friends and it looks like I’ll be going over there after all. But if you’re now wondering whether I’ll still be able to do laundry tonight — you may resume normal breathing. My friends will let me do laundry over there.

That was a real rollercoaster, I know.
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2019! Can't be any worse than 2018. Right?

Dahh! SHHHHHHHH!! Don't even say that out loud, geez...
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It's after 8 PM, Mountain time, and all is quiet. There were some fireworks around 6 PM, but luckily our doggo didn't mind. That might change later, but perhaps because it's rather snowy, and unusually so for this part of New Mexico, more people are indoors. I had a Red Velvet Nitro, and I'm not sure if we'll make it to 10 PM at this point.

We'll see you in 2019!
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Quiet night here at Chez Monocycle. Wasn't feeling up to company so it's a soup and crusty brown bread kind of night, possibly breaking out the good bourbon at midnight if I make it that far.

Thank you Mefites one and all for helping me (and each other) get through this dumpster fire of a year. Here's to a happier healthier 2019 for all of us. Cheers.
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Drinking local sparking wine and listening to Brandi Carlile and flipping through the (muted) channels to find some sort of countdown for the East Coast so that I can finish my evening at 9pm. I have desserts I have not yet eaten. It's a good night.

Love to you all! You make my life better!
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In the spirit of Gul disclosure, I have now had a bit too much kanar.

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Into the the late-harvest gull wing. I mean gosling.


Riesling. That's it.

Happy 2019, may you all be well.
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Happy new year! It is 10:45 central time and I am going to bed with a cold. 2019 will have to be rung in without my help! I'm counting on you, my social mefites, to pick up my slack. Cheers!
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Gul Disclosure, of the Obsidian Order I presume?

That guy always has a story to tell.

Happy new year all. and thanks for being here.
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In the spirit of Gul disclosure, I have now had a bit too much kanar.

I mean ten points for a good DS9 reference, but honestly, what would a fish based liquor/wine taste like? Is there such a thing existing on this earth and not in space?

I have a burning need.

Happy new year all! May all your weird questions have answers, even if they're not the answers you want!
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At a little party directly across the street from our house so I shouldn't have too much trouble getting home.
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Man, Times Square looks miserable, weather-wise.
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Happy New Year (Eastern US). Thank you, MeFites, for being you, and for being on this site.

I had the day off, so my wife and I finally saw Into the Spider-Verse, and had dinner, and got home well before rain covered all of Massachusetts/Connecticut/Rhode Island. She fell asleep around 9:30, while I have surfed the net.

I don't know if Dorchester/Boston has the 2nd Amendment New-Year-Welcoming tradition that seemed to happen in Edgewater-and-Andersonville/Chicago. I am hoping the massive rain will keep things somewhat quieter. Fortunately, we do not yet have pets to keep calm.

I hope/wish/plead 2019 brings us all the peace and strength we need.
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Happy new year! I’m glad to be indoors. Wishing everyone a good, healthy year.
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Happy new year Mefite pals! Come on 2019, I believe in you.
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Man, Times Square looks miserable, weather-wise.

Somebody once told me that because Times Square gets so crowded so quickly on NYE and there aren't enough restrooms, many of the revelers you see on TV are wearing adult diapers. I love this fact and also recognize that it is 100% too good to check.
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Year of new happy! Better be, dang it.
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Happy of new year!
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Micro McGee dozed off at 9:30, and just now woke up at 11:45 when he tumbled off the couch. He claims to want to stay awake the last 15 minutes but he is already fading out again.
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Well don't keep us in suspense Eyebrows, did he make it?
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Such central, very new year!

Happy birthday to the new year in central time!
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We had to shake him awake twice more but he saw midnight and the fireworks along the Chicago River and then pulled the blanket back over his head after about 30 seconds and had to be led to bed zombie-style. Success!
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My family is weird but we played some Exploding Kittens and now wife and I are trying to cram an evening of drinking into the next hour or so. Oh yeah, Happy New Year!!
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My family is weird but we played some Exploding Kittens

That sounds bad.

That was a real rollercoaster, I know.

I'm living vicariously through you tonight.
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I went to a party and there was a big doggo that looked like the littlest hobo and a tiny doggo that looked like a smol husky and they were frens and that seems like a good start to 2019.
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OK, that New Year's MST3K/ephemera marathon was awesome. I don't know who everyone was, but you all were great, and I will try to join that more in the coming year. Add that to my voluminous list of goals for 2019!

Happy New Year and goodnight, West Coasters!
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I texted the guy who's number I got a few weeks ago at the local pubs party before Christmas. He's overseas at the mo- but I was all: be brave young neanderthal. So I wished him happy new years (though it's been new years for him for a while) and he said he's glad he met me, and is sending be beautiful pictures of local architecture. This is the most social I've been with anyone not online in maybe 10 years???? and It feels good???? Here's to 2019- where I'm less of a shut in maybe!

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Happy New Year!!

I’m sick. Again. Hopes for a healthier new year. And whatever y’all are hoping for.
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This was my first time watching the SF New Years thing on TV, and I loved how totally janky it was. We brought in 2019 by watching TV hosts fumble with a champagne bottle on live TV, then forget to do the countdown until 3 seconds were left, and then when they did count down they were a second late.

Way better than Times Square.
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I briefly considered going to the fireworks in Prospect Park but the weather sucked, and the fireworks got cancelled anyway. So I made a cassoulet in the crock pot, whipped up a chocolate mousse with some leftover egg whites from some baking project I'd done, and watched French films and Bandersnatch until midnight.

I also did a tarot spread right at midnight (I toy with Tarot now and then as a sort of self-meditative thing); I got a reading with lots of cards that basically foretold action and go-getting....Big Dick Energy, basically. So that's kind of promising, especially since my resolutions are all about "Do More Fun Things, Dammit".

This morning, though, New York State is doing a lot of volunteer-led hikes throughout all the various parks, with a bunch in the city proper - one of which is in Prospect Park, which is itself walking distance from my house. So I will be suiting up for a hike shortly (which also ticks off one of my resolutions right there).
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In the interest of offering New Years appropriate music, might I offer

Hope, in the form of 100 Resolutions by the Lawrence Arms

And relief, in a song I discovered way, way too late, but still came to me just when I needed it: This Year, by the Mountain Goats.

Let’s hope this one is better than the last. You’ve all been a boon, a real boon to me, and I’m better for this place being a part of my life. Thanks to everyone, and happy new year.
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I slept through it, wee!

To be fair I generally hate the unrelenting shit show of poor impulse control that is NYE, I'm exhausted from three gigs this month - the last of which was basically horrible and really upsetting - and I'm still getting over a gnarly cold. I've been going non stop on music gigs and projects since about the end of November and socially engaged almost every day since Solstice.

December went really fast and I'm ready for a break and am intentionally not accepting any new gigs for at least a couple of months cause I need to work on real life boring non rockstar stuff.

Happy New Year! Let's hope this one sucks less!
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I had kind of a weird New Year's. I flew to Iceland from Finland in the afternoon, leaving my wife and son behind. Well, I say leaving them behind, but they went off to the countryside to stay with my mother-in-law.

In Iceland New Year's Eve is a big effin' deal. Families gather together for dinner, then there's a satiric sketch review of the year on television, lots and lots of fireworks, and then after midnight people usually go to parties. It's a fabulous holiday, really, unless you dislike fireworks, in which case it's kinda shitty. But my parents decided to do something different this year, so no big family gathering, just me and them. Which was very nice. My sister and her boyfriend also dropped by after midnight. New Year's Eve in Finland is a much smaller deal, and my wife and son were asleep long before midnight.

The reason I was away from them was that last year I was one of several poets who started a seven hour dawn-to-dusk New Year's Day poetry reading in Reykjavík. I'm on the organizing committee still, and since it was my idea to tie it to the sun, I felt obliged to take responsibility for the morning hours, which meant being here. But I'll admit I felt very conflicted to spend a holiday apart from my wife and son.

The reading went by without a hitch. I started at civil dawn, which was 10:03 in the morning, and the last poet finished at civil dusk, at 17:00. Well, it overran a bit, but by less than I thought it would (last year we finished a bit early, actually). You can see pictures of the poets in this twitter thread, along with some audience photos. You can see the sky in many of the photos, so you get a feel for the day's progression.

It's been one of the weirder New Years that I've had, but everything has been very nice. The actual moment was spent on the second floor of my parents' house watching fireworks with them. It was very nice to be with just the two of them at midnight on New Year's Eve. I don't know if I've ever been with just the two of them on New Year's Eve, and I'm glad I had that opportunity.

Happy New Year everyone!
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