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Just like in 2016 and 2017, let's do an end of year call in podcast! Just call the MeFi voicemail line (505) 663-6334 and leave a New Year message, or a holiday greeting, or a just hey hi howareya message in the next couple days, and I'll cobble them together for a podcast ep in early January.

Same boilerplate as in previous shows:

- It'll go straight to voicemail, no human interaction required!
- Try to keep it short! 30 seconds is great, five minutes not so much.
- Speak up! Phone quality can be iffy, it's great to be able to hear you clearly.
- We're planning to podcast early next week, so try and call before Monday if you can!

It's also okay to just email me a recording if you prefer.

We'll appreciate hearing from you even if we end up not being able to fit everybody's message into podcast running time or edit around audio quality issues, etc. And if you want to say hi but don't want to be on the podcast, just say so in your message and we'll happily honor that.

Look forward to hearing from y'all, and to y'all being able to hear each other.
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Well, if no other good came from it at least 2018 was the year I added MetaFilter as a contact in my phone.
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For easy reference, if we email, which address should we use?
posted by ocherdraco at 2:40 PM on December 31

Good question! I’ve got joshjosh@gmail.com listed in my profile, though if you have any other address for me it’ll probably work too.
posted by cortex (staff) at 2:43 PM on December 31

Voicemail fail, I rambled too long. Just ignore it. I need to condense my thoughts.
posted by 80 Cats in a Dog Suit at 2:56 PM on December 31

(Note to self: don't sing).
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does Walter Brennan dance
posted by clavdivs at 9:30 PM on December 31

Yes, sing!
posted by 80 Cats in a Dog Suit at 7:32 AM on January 1

I made the call and wish I had sung!!!
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I can't do a practice run without getting verklempt and choked up, so yeeeah, I'm going to give it a day or two.
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Voicemail fail, I rambled too long. Just ignore it. I need to condense my thoughts.

Feel free to call back and we'll use the best take. Also let us know your username, it's always great to hear people say 'em.
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Done! Slight laryngitis, no verklempity.
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cortex and jessamyn, I hope you both call in with your own messages this year!

I can't do a practice run without getting verklempt and choked up, so yeeeah, I'm going to give it a day or two.

Fig, this is basically also what I said to cortex over email when I tried to do a practice reading. Glad you were able to get through your message! (And I hope you feel better soon)

In the meantime I sent in a short music recording in case he can use it in the episode; it's a version of a year-end retrospective piece I was (re)working on over the holidays.
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Also wanted to mention that the call-in number (505) 663-6334 = (505) 663-MEFI (I always liked that).
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Has anyone tried to call the number from outside the US? I tried with +1 and 001 before the number, it rings then says the person you are trying to call has not set up voicemail.
posted by ellieBOA at 7:59 AM on January 3

Aw, cripes. That was a problem previously too, and I had convinced myself with a bit of googling this time that Google Voice had since fixed the issue but on further look it seems like not. More of a "well we're actually just gonna try and make everyone use Hangouts, you can duct tape together a solution with Hangouts, why aren't you using Hangouts?" situation.

Emailin' is probably the go-to alternate approach in that case, and I'll look harder at some separate solution for this in the long run.
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Thanks, emailed in the meantime.
posted by ellieBOA at 10:40 AM on January 3

Oh good, I love ellieBOA's voice and wouldn't want to miss her!
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Eyebrows!!! Thank you!
posted by ellieBOA at 1:59 PM on January 3

Just so other people outside the US know, I was able to call in and record a message using Skype.
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I called from my mobile phone in Australia and mumbled something inane using 0011 1 and then the other numbers, worked fine! The sound quality will probably be awful because I had three fans pointing at me and was bathed in sweat at the time.
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wow this felt super awkward but I did it!
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done! and I forgot all the clever stuff I was going to say.
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Finally called in! Hope it's not too late.
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Forgot about this until this morning so I hope I made the cut!
posted by kimberussell at 4:09 AM on January 7

Sneakin' you two in! Jess and I are recording a little later today so the wire was get-underable.
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Oh shoot, me too. Off to call now!
posted by Songdog at 7:58 AM on January 7

posted by Songdog at 8:10 AM on January 7

Y'all are champs.
posted by cortex (staff) at 8:12 AM on January 7

Dammit, I thought of some more cheese.
posted by bondcliff at 8:18 AM on January 7

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"Also wanted to mention that the call-in number (505) 663-6334 = (505) 663-MEFI (I always liked that.)" - rangefinder.

MLfR stares at his phone, and stares at the exchange string, and stares at his phone...

"Hn. 505-MOD-MEFI ," MLfR mutters. "Verry sneaky, cortex."
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Holy shit, I had no idea about the MOD bit, that's tremendous. I went searching at the time for numbers with MEFI as the last four and settled on Los Alamos since there wasn't a local area number available that fit the bill so hey why not. (That has since caused the occasional issue as someone was like "right, MeFi's in Portland, it must be 503" and then not gotten through.)
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"Hn. 505-MOD-MEFI ," MLfR mutters. "Verry sneaky, cortex."

Nice! For the the "MEFI" bit, that was just me repeating what cortex used to say in the past, but thanks to your observation, Mutant Lobsters from Riverhead (what a great username btw), I looked at my phone too, and...

505 = L0L.


Okay, it's L-zero-L and not L-O-L proper, and it's probably not advisable to give out "L0L" in case people dial 563 instead of 505. But still!
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