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The situation in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, and elsewhere in the Midwest looks to be horrible. Any MeFi's out there want to let us know if you're ok or if you need help?
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Here in Des Moines we're only seeing minor flooding on the Raccoon River. It's shut down the main thoroughfare between the airport and downtown, but it happens at some point almost every year.
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Eastern Nebraska is pretty screwed. I have a coworker who left work about 9am one day last week to try to make it home before the floods isolated his home from all directions. He hasn't been able to get out yet, but they did finally manage to open one of the roads today.
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I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska. Things aren't too bad in town, but they're asking people to minimize water use because flooding has cut off electricity to a bunch of the city's wells.

I just dropped off some tampons and Ensure for a supply run to the Santee Sioux Nation that's being put together by the Dandelion Network. There's a GoFundMe to raise money for the Santee utilities commission for water and sewage line repairs, if anyone is looking for somewhere to donate.
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I'm in Omaha, but if weren't for the nightly news I'd have no idea anything bad was happening at all. As I sit here typing, I'm looking out my window at one of the city's major thoroughfares. 10 miles to the west, this same road is , or recently was, completely under water. But right here, it's fine.
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I’m in Lincoln and aside from the water restrictions, things are normal here. But I have a lot of animal rescue friends who have been helping collect hay and round up goats and feral dogs from a hoarder house and things like that. I have to decide on where I want to donate to help people who were hard-hit. I know a lot of family of friends and coworkers who are among that group.
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I'm in northeastern KS. There's definitely some flooding around here from the Missouri River and other smaller rivers and creeks, but in my town specifically it's luckily not been that bad. My university students hadn't even heard about any of the flooding until I brought it up.
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