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Word is that Joel Hodgson is doing another Turkey Day stream of classic MST3K episodes on Thanksgiving this year, starting at noon Eastern time, both through YouTube and their new 24 hour Twitch stream! The stream already shows MST3K all the time, but watching it for Thanksgiving is like a tradition, a tradition that we in MST Club believe strongly, so we watch the whole marathon in our video room each year, as kind of a preliminary for the big Christmas Marathon. Come join us!
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Sadly, Adam West will not be joining this year.
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I deeply regret to inform you that I have nothing better to do and nowhere better to be, so if you don't see me there, it could only be due to my long-failing heart finally zeroing out.

This is apparently the first MST3K Turkey Day in years that will be attended by Tom Servo and Crow, although it's unclear which of the puppeteers will have their hands up the bots' asses.

And please remember, Noon Eastern Time is 9 AM Specific, and somewhere around 5 PM Greenwich Blue Meanie Time.
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I took a break from Rifftrax to check this site, and oh yeah, the Turkey Day marathon! Clearly I live and breathe MST3K, but I may actually be tied up with ~family obligations~ and may not be able to join.

That said, my dad has always been a big fan, so I'll see if I can get the stream playing on the TV at his house.

I'll be with the msties in spirit, if not in digital presence.

Don't zero out, foop!
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Aww foop, hang in there!

I will probably be ducking out during the show for a while for Black Thursday sales, which as an electronics-using person on limited income are an important source of equipment for me, but I will try to make it back as soon as I can, and there'll be plenty of other people there too to help keep things running, as far as that's necessary for a completely automated stream.
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Definitely tuning in for this! And I'm still holding out hope for a third season of the Netflix revival.
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Working that day, but working from home, it'll be on in the background. It's kind of comfort food to just hear their voices in the back. I've enjoyed previous Turkey/Holiday marathons with the rest of the MetaFilter community, it's always a good time.
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I am semi-functional at this time (although by Data's standards, I haven't been fully functional in years), with the help of Twitch.tv's non-gaming streaming channels, now that there are both Rifftrax and MST3K channels. Plus Twitch now has channels showing old cooking shows, live poker tournaments, Bob Ross, Beavis & Butthead, and a feature animation channel (/animationcartel) which has recently shown some classic Disney, recent Pixar, all the Shrek sequels and a bunch of Japanese Anime including the mind-bending "Spirited Away".
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I was originally planning to be pretty busy with housework on Thanksgiving, but last week I sprained a rib whilst coughing, and may be limited in how much I can help out. If you see me there, it's because I'm still an invalid.

(Also, today I learned that (a) you can sprain your rib, and (b) you can do it from coughing too hard. I spent the weekend thinking it was cholecystitis, so a sprained rib is better, but goddamn does it hurt if I bend the wrong way.)
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Aww! Well I'm glad you can make it while simultaneously being sad about the medical issues that make it possible. Get well soon everyone!
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Sweet! I'm doing Quaker Stuff all morning and early afternoon my time, but will head out when I run out of spoons and definitely stop in for an episode or three towards late afternoon evening PST.
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What is this, year 5? I can't say enough about how these annual events have increased my pleasure in life. Like a lot of people I know up here in the northern climes, I suffer from seasonal depression, but the MST club has always been the one thing to count on when the wind blows cold and snow piles up. But by this time, my lungs were aching for air.
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And I'm still holding out hope for a third season of the Netflix revival.

Oh, the naivety of the past....
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Also, I wonder if I can get this to run on my TV while I still use my computer. Because that would be optimal. I guess I have technology adventures in my future! (I have an AppleTV, but I haven't used it for streaming anything like Twitch. Maybe I've done YouTube in the past? Or maybe one of my other devices has YouTube? I'll have to investigate!
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I got to be a part of the Christmas event last year and it was fabulous. I am unlikely to make the Thanksgiving thing because of the time difference and other commitments. But I will be here in spirit and drop in if I possibly can because it’s big fun!
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Oh, the naivety of the past....

Indeed. Sigh.
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Context: Netflix cancels MST3K after two seasons. (Nov. 26, 2019 -- on the blue).
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At least we'll always have Rowsdower in our hearts.
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That thread is not Metafilter at it's finest.
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I noticed multiple commenters in the MST3K thread on the blue noting that they had been unable to watch some or all of the Netflix episodes, meaning they were unaware of the MeFiMST3Klub showings. I don't know if we should make our Klub content known to random front-page readers, but considering we also stream the latest from Star Trek, Doctor Who and Steven Universe (all of whom will be back soon even if the Bots and the Mads aren't), some improved notification is probably a good thing.
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Someone needs to tape this, from start to finish, for posterity and tape circulating.
We need more Turkey Day Marathons out there!
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Happy Thanksgiving, MeFites!
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The Turkey Day Marathon is beginning, at the MST3K Twitch cannel, other streaming services and https://cytu.be/r/Metafilter_MST3KClub with a MeFi-centric chat channel.
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you guys watch Joe Don Baker movies?
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