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For some Mefites it's Thanksgiving today, which can mean travel and family etc (or not). For everyone else it's just midweek. So here's an open chit-chat thread where we can celebrate what we're thankful for, or take refuge and gripe about traffic and family, or alternatively, celebrate its not being a holiday and gripe about regular midweek nonholiday stuff. I really like the word "blustery", do you have a word you like?
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Lately I've been using "crap-tastic" to refer to various things going on in my life: end of year crunch time at work, end of semester crunch time in grad school, end of year holidays that I don't participate in and try to avoid. So at the moment, crap-tastic is my favorite word. Maybe followed by "crap-tacular."

I'm spending my two days off writing reports for school, listening to some new artists I found on Spotify (In Love With A Ghost, Midori Hirano, and Snail's House), catching up on my manga backlog, and just avoiding people. Go me.
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Recently I discovered you can sing the word "benzodiazapine" really satisfyingly to the tune of Nearer My God to Thee
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I'm working today while my partner has the day off and I'd much rather spend time with her. I need my work shift to just end. Fuck work and money and bullshit and capitalism. This time of year gives me so much stress with regards to gifts and family. It's fucking exhausting.

I just want to hug the people I really love and everyone else can get bent.
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Here in the UK, we're in the middle of a long stretch of strike days where I work, so I've got Thanksgiving off by default. It's been a nice quiet day--I went to a union rally at noon, then swung by the grocery store for a few festive things for mine and Mrs. Example's small-scale private Thanksgiving dinner. We're celebrating with that and a good old-fashioned MST3K marathon.

We're pretty thankful this year, especially compared to a few years ago. Our whole immigration status thing was a lot more precarious than it is now, and I didn't have a job yet. Things are so much better these days. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is a good one, even if it's not a thing where you are.
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We're at my in-laws this week, along with my brother in-law and his girlfriend. They're all wonderful people, so it's been nice to hang out with them. On the other hand, I really just want to sleep in my own bed - I spent three weeks away for work and got only a day at home before we had to fly out again for this trip. Plus I pinched a nerve or something and the whole left side of my back is in pain.

We had to send our nervous doggie to sleepaway camp for the trip, and while she's been there before this is her longest stay yet. We've been seeing photos on Instagram of her and she looks pretty calm (mostly curled up on a couch with a bunch of other dogs) so I'm happy about that.
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I love the word crepuscular.

if you don't know what it means it sounds a little...gross? but it means one of the most (well two of the most) beautiful times of day. my favorite anyway. crepuscular light is magic.
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I also really like the word bucket. I don't know why...
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Just got back from (successfully!) seeking manatees down here in Southwest Florida and saw the word "estuarine" for the first time. Familiar, of course, with "estuary," but had never seem the aforementioned form before. Ripe for a poem, I'd say. Speaking of estuaries, "brackish" is a great word as well. Water words rule.

"Bucket" is a good, honest word. "Blustery" is one of those words that makes what it describes sound better, which is nice. "Crap" is very fun to say and metamorphose. Also fuck work and money and bullshit and capitalism! I hate all of those things too!

Feeling enormously thankful today--vibrating with gratitude for a million reasons and it feels so good. Came to MetaTalk in hopes of seeing an open thread so that I could extend specific thanks to all y'all! MetaFilter has really been centering for me this year; all my love to you today and every day!
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if you don't know what it means it sounds a little...gross?

and yet in truth it is absolutely pulchritudinous
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Autumnal, derelict leaves.
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I am very grateful that 2 weeks ago my student loans got forgiven by the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, all 47k. I'm almost 70 and am now free to retire, which I will be doing in the next couple of months. I'd been paying those fuckers on and off since 1981.
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I’ve been saying bonkers a lot recently.
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the word bucket, because it rhymes with Nantucket.

This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
The clams
That were in
The bucket.

And which
You were probably
Saving for Nantucket

Forgive me
They were so umami
And so cold
I'm shucked...
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It's Thanksgiving for me and I am at work.

I am thankful for that.

At my previous job, during orientation you had to sign a piece of paper saying that you would work every holiday and initial next to each holiday that you were willing to work, Thanksgiving and Christmas excepted. At this job, you work one to two holidays per year and receive comp time for doing so. Management asks that you submit your 5 most preferred days/shifts and arranges coverage attempting to give each employee their most preferred shift. This is the first time in 4 years I got my second choice instead of my first.

And, the only reason we have to work holidays at all is because I support hospitals. It's neat to know that working a holiday can help save lives (albeit not directly). And, old job now requires all employees to also work either Thanksgiving or Christmas. And, way back when, I worked retail. You would either have to stay after closing Wed night, come in on Thanksgiving or come in early on Friday to mark all the new prices for Black Friday. We typically didn't leave until 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday because store didn't close until 11.

All things considered, I am feeling pretty lucky. I forgot to mention that the work I am doing today is mostly just answering phone calls. Each person doing this is averaging one call every 80-90 minutes.

Archipelago. Rutabaga. They just fall out of your mouth.
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This is the weather forecast, saved from, complete with a Turkey. We've had a few inches already. I went out sledding a bit, and came back to snap this photo. This amount of snow is unusual for central New Mexico (as of late*), more so for this much snow falling this early.

* Talking to folks who've lived here longer, the old rule of thumb was that you'd get less than a week of days over 100 degrees, and a week of days down to zero. And someone else recounted when you used to make snowmen in the city of Albuquerque.

We hunkered down with the in-laws, driving over last night because we thought the local roads would be a mess, and they are. We might spend the night here tonight, too, but tomorrow's forecast is rain. I might go back out to try and sled a bit more, before it all turns to mush.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Thursday, with or without turkey and such.
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Thanksgiving 2016 my wife was starting radiation treatment for breast cancer, had just lost her job (because of the cancer) and my income was down 50% as I had lost my job 24 hours prior to her cancer diagnosis. Over 100% of my take home pay went to COBRA for health insurance and the mortgage.

3 years later she is cancer free, we've moved and downsized dramatically and are much happier for it, and financially we are comfortable again.

I have much to be thankful for.
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A turn of events has thrust me back into the role of Thanksgiving cook, which honestly I don't mind, except that I stayed up until 11 last night watching the Crown (thanks to whoever suggested that in my AskMe) when my normal bedtime is 8.

My best friend from law school showed up this morning with the coolest early Christmas present for me, bourbon bottles with amazingly clever and detailed custom Sheltie-themed labels that she had her graphic designer friend do up. This was the result of my commenting that Costco bourbon is good but the bottles are ugly. Problem most excellently solved!

Lots of fun activities planned for this weekend too! Dog hikes and parties and whatnot. Pretty great.
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I have to go back to work tomorrow but after a three day break I'm rather happy to. I am not looking forward to the people who will inevitably will be expecting black Friday deals, which is something we don't do. I am also not looking forward to the fact that now people will be here to buy Christmas trees in earnest. I already had a mild freakout over on the slack about the whole "wheeee constant reminder I'm a religious minority at work wheeeee" so I'll spare you all. Anyways pine smells nice and I get to use a chainsaw to clip the bottoms off those fuckers and I like power tools. It's just me and the folks and I made two nice pies yesterday along with the cranberry sauce and there's a bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge and dad's about to put up the turkey and mom made the stuffing. So it's all good. I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving that does it and if you don't do it I hope you have a nice Thursday. The rains have started here in SF which suits me just fine. Means I wont have to water for a few months. Cheers and may the approaching winter hold no sting.
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This Thanksgiving, I will hang out with my new cats <3
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Ironically, while the rest of the country is apparently getting slammed by weather, it is a gorgeous bright and sunny day here in the PNW. My relatives all just went down to the park for the usual football thing and it’s just me and my wife in a now quiet house.

I just snuck up on her in the kitchen as she was prepping the mushrooms and gave her a squeeze from behind. Out of all possible hilariously inappropriate thanksgiving-themed sexual innuendos, I whisper in her ear:

“How ‘bout we go upstairs and, um... gobble, gobble?”
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Cool, not only did I forget one of my best friend's birthdays but also my parent's anniversary. I'm just nailing it this week.
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My mom is here, and my dad and his wife, and the prime rib is coming slowly up to temp.

My dad has cancer and is recovering from radiation/chemo before surgery, and his wife has some kind of joint problem in her hips, so they are a little slower than usual. There have been many games of go fish with the 4 year old, and my dad and I are taking turns beating each other at backgammon. He gloats, I have to take a break sometimes.

My mom cooked the turkey breast and made gravy and stuffing, I did popovers and roasted vegetables and am in charge of the roast, and we have already eaten most of one pumpkin pie for breakfast/second breakfast.

Send warm thoughts to all of you.
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I'm at my older sister's with all my nieces and their kids. This year we have three Coasties too far from their families to go home.

My son is glued to the skeeball game in the basement rec room, and my sister's cat is slow blinking at me from under the coffee table.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.
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We host for extended family every year because we have the easiest house for large indoor gatherings, and because we can, and because tradition, I guess. Expecting 13 for the feast in a couple of hours. 22.6 pound fresh turkey, stuffing AND dressing, dirty rice, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry chutney, salad, and several appetizers have kept Mrs. IRFH and myself very busy already. That, plus cleaning for a house bursting full (including a toddler added to the mix for the first time in years). I was up until eleven last night working on the dirty rice. Other favorite dishes provided by guests. Quality standards are pretty high, so we do stress a bit. Plus, we both work long, stressful hours, and both have some health issues, so this is a painful and exhausting process for us. We enjoy it (mostly), but it's a little harder to pull off every year. There's a little family stress, too, though no more than most families, I think, and better than many. So no complaints, I guess, but I'm really thankful for the pain killers waiting for me when dinner is over. Happy holidays to all to whom that applies, all my best wishes to everyone else.
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We aren’t traveling to or hosting or attending any Thanksgiving festivities this year, for the first time in our entire lives, and I am so thankful that it’s just me and my partner, puttering around in jammies and watching football while sunlight fills the house, with no plans or obligations and no chores to do or people to see. We might go for a walk later, and make a nice dinner, but the feeling of four days stretching out in front of us with no one to please but ourselves is glorious and especially so because of its rarity!
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Thanksgiving was more than a month ago for us for Canadian reasons, but today's our anniversary precisely because it was about the only time we could guarantee that the US side of the family could make it to Scotland for the wedding. Thankful for my work with all the events I've done recently; equally thankful that I have a lot of down time now.


Works even better for the UK national anthem (as does "gastrointestinal"). "Amphetamine" works for the first line of the Canadian anthem, but falls apart a little after than. I'm reaching a bit, but the US anthem is "monocotyledon".

susurrus, peregrination, nub, perjink, dint, spoon, lamina
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We're going to our friends place 20 minutes away for dinner, and a few members of their family asked if they could come over and use our oven since theirs has been going nonstop for days now. Having friends in your kitchen cheerfully making tarts and cleaning as they go while you sit at the table drinking hot chocolate and chatting has to be one of the most pleasant ways to spend a morning, they are invited over to do this anytime.
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I am sad and worried about many things, some of them stupid, but glad to be able to spend the day with my family, including my sister’s excellent cat.
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No Thanksgiving here, just the ordinary week with the weather finally making the transition from autumn to winter. My husband, unusually, got a bad cold and, inevitably, passed it on to me, so we've been hibernating at home and sniffling at each other. (However, I'm working on the translation of a sociological volume about marriage which is saying how hard it is to get married after the late 30s, and feeling very smug and superior. SEE? We started then and have managed to reach the state of married bliss at which even colds are common property! Sigh.)
Lots of other work to do too, plus my own writing projects of various kinds. Strawberries are back in supermarkets, as are Brussels sprouts.
Nice words that come to mind just now: myriad, iridescent, mixolydian.
Best to all.
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I actually got to doze on a couch today so basically life is beautiful.
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I've spent a lot of time on Marktplaats (the Dutch Craig's List, pretty much) lately to find a better set of comfy chairs than we had. The word 'fauteuil' (comfy chair) looks really, really weird to me now; I'm not sure anymore that it's actually a word. But I did find a nice pair of whatever they are called, at a good price. They're a Gispen remake (y'all might want to look that up) and really quite comfy, and in good shape. A better buy than the cute, Scandinavian-style previous chairs, which we bought new and which were a literal pain in the ass.
Now Stoneshop has a problem because he's just found out that the arm rests (yes, bakelite) get in the way of typing on his laptop. And as I'm typing this, I'm finding that he's right. They do. But my bum is so much happier. We'll make this work.
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I love the word crepuscular.

As do I -- but let me add another:

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I have a word: opponent

I will now paste an excerpt form my profile about that word. For context, the coach in this case is a former spetsnaz who I trained martial arts under for a couple of years back in the day and not like say, a life coach or a football coach.

An old coach of mine was fond of using the term "opponent" when describing "the person who was to be the receiver of the technique" under discussion. I liked the sort of NLP aspect of using this specific terminology: because an opponent has no feelings; an opponent is simply opposed to you by the very nature of its being, of its name. It can't help itself; like a force of nature. Contrast this with some other interchangeable terms like "attacker" or "target": psychologically loaded terms both. There is fear implicit in the framing of an "attacker" coming at you. There is urgency, stakes at risk, lives on the line when we use the "target" or "objective" terminology. There is moral judgment and dehumanization in the term "enemy". But an opponent, on the other hand, we do not feel sorry for, we do not take lightly, we do not listen to pleas. We do not fear them, but we respect their potential for damage. We simply, dispassionately defeat them. For they are the opponent.
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P.S. I love the word "iterative" which means "we're going to take a half-assed stab at this so we can say we did something and then later we'll try to clean it up a little." We use it a lot at work.
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I'm at my life-long friend and chosen family's place and dinner is almost on and things are good. There's no crazy arguing about politics, just commiseration and sympathy and a whole lot of trash talking. I'm get to be the weird drunk uncle, but a good one.

Thankful to be here in general. Love and hugs!
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I’m with my beloved in-laws today, taking a break from post-feast dish duty. Little e and Mr. e are doing a puzzle nearby, and pie is warming. I got texts today from my best friend, and another friend I haven’t seen enough lately, and an old friend I missed, and a new friend I quite like. It’s really quite a good day.

I had call to use the word synecdoche when texting the bestie earlier, so that needs to top my list. Little e says her favorite word right now is “seriously?!?”

Warm thoughts for any MeFites for whom this is a difficult day.
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I really like the word "augury," not only because I think the practice of augury is a neat idea, but also because I find something very satisfying about the way it's pronounced. Augury.
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Also the word "scapulimancy," which refers to the practice of reading roasted and cracked animal bones as a method of divination.

Happy to say I used both of these words at dinner, along with the sentence "that's my second-favorite form of Mediterranean divination!"
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I still like saying "sooty mangabey."
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Y'all! Y'all. Oh my god, get a load of this. I'm at a Thanksgiving dinner where prior to the prayer the host read inspirational quotes from wall hangings in a catalog. Like, they held the catalog and paged through it and read their favorites to everyone. At least they omitted the prices.

This is not a judgement on the host. But it is easily the best metaphor for the way capitalism infiltrates everything in our lives that I have ever seen in person.
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What is Waldo running away from? Why does he drift from one exotic locale to another, seemingly without rest? Why does he instinctively seek out the comfort and anonymity of crowds? Is he lost, or trying to become so? Is he hiding from someone, or hiding from himself? What private suffering hides behind that vacant smile?

Everyone asks where Waldo is but no one ever asks how Waldo is.
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Just a regular day in Canada. Behold, some life updates:
The cat and I are still looking for an apartment. I was expecting it to be competitive. What I was not expecting was to just be straight up ignored when I try to schedule in-person viewings. That being said, I’m going to see a place on Saturday morning. It has hardwood floors, steam radiators, a decorative fireplace AND it is in a slightly nicer part of the same neighborhood, so I wouldn’t have to like, learn a new grocery store or take a bus to the gym. I am really discouraged if that was not obvious!

Last weekend I went in to our little mailroom and while I was there I noticed a big box on the floor. Sometimes the delivery person leaves stuff out in the open when maybe they shouldn’t, and hm, that looks a lot like the box that my cat backpack came in...
Yes. It was totally addressed to me, and it was totally a second cat backpack. I’ve emailed customer service but everyone is probably on holidays? Anyway the box is in my kitchen now which is fine because it just blends in with all the other boxes.
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I spent the day mostly hanging around with cats napping on me. My husband made a duck and some panettone. He's been baking his way through the bread baker's apprentice, but now he only has ridiculous fancy breads left, so he's slowed down. Also, we now have an entire sleeve of panettone wrappers, which is sort of blowing my mind. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing you should have in a house!

I think I talked my mother into doing a secret santa for the adult members of the family this year, so long as we don't call it a secret santa (I don't know, she reacted really strongly to the word but had no issue with the individual parts, like it was obamacare or something). It's a huge weight off my mind - I'm actually surprised how much better I feel. Things might actually get more bearable around the holidays!
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i like peripatetic, puissance, mulchpile and mayan ewers.
lately have been singing phrase "weeping edema" to "waltzing matilda."
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I also wanted to share that the in-laws' cat was doing very poorly before we got here last weekend; they weren't sure she was going to love much longer. She managed a full recovery, though, and my one responsibility today was to provide the cat a lap. This worked out for everybody - there wasn't an animal underfoot in the kitchen, cat got a warm place to sleep, and I didn't have to shuffle around awkwardly looking for some way to help.
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Viscerally thankful that no one at dinner today suggested going around the table to announce their thankful story.
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The roast beast has been feasted upon, I have been fully humiliated by a group of ten year olds on Madden ‘20, and everyone is now passed out or watching Elf on tv.

My wife and I never made it upstairs to “gobble, gobble” but we’ve been drinking all day and are pleasantly buzzed doing the Thanksgiving seduction dance.

“I’d like to candy your yams”

“I’m gonna stuff your bird later.”

“I wanna mash your potatoes.”

“I got something right here for you, I like to call it Plymouth Rock.”
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Happy to say I used both of these words at dinner, along with the sentence "that's my second-favorite form of Mediterranean divination!"

I'm a haruspicy gal myself
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Pata-Gucci. My son's name for the suburban moms who wear Patagonia for style rather than for function or purpose.

I am thankful that one of my sons 'came home for a few days this week to spend some time with me and share his caring and humor before he visits my other son, his brother, who just last night got out of the field that he spent 40 days training with his platoon of tanks and eating MREs. Thanksgiving dinner in West Texas will definitely be better than a meal in a bag. I am also thankful my daughter came by for a few days this week before she flew to the Midwest to visit her bf's family for Thanksgiving. Finally, I am so thankful for my gf just being here for me. She is a great person. I hope she keeps me!
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I will tell you the most beautiful word! It is "anastrophe".

The word that I have had more educated people tell me "I don't thing that's a real word"? Disambiguate. Maybe it is mostly used in logic, but it is real. If life were a Scrabble game I'd win so many challenges on this word!

Other favorites: Bloviate. Tuple. Nugatory. Anodyne. Persiflage. Recondite. Phatic.
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Unmitigated piffle
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Thanksgiving was good. I got to 23Hoyt at 6:45 and had a seat at the bar by 7. The bartender Kyle greets everyone as “friend.” I decided to drink all 8 cocktails on the house cocktails list.

It was a prix fixe menu and I started with butternut squash soup. It was great and full of giant garlic chunks that elevated it to extra garlicky heights.

For the second course I had ordered prime rib. There was lots of horseradish and mashed potatoes and perfectly-cooked collard greens.

I had no idea how much steak would be involved and only ended up eating about half of it.

Then, it was about an hour before they closed and fellow waiters and bartenders kept coming up to the bar to meet up with friends and gossip about the others. The guy next to me told the same story to at least eight of his friends.

The next course was “pecan pie” which turned out to be two tiny slivers of pecan pie with crème fraîche and mint leaves all covered with large crunchy sugar bits.

For the next hour or so, I chatted with the waiter sitting next to me (parents are Russian, I impressed him with the one sentence I can say in Russian and he mansplained a bunch of stuff about the Soviet Union even though he was born in 1992), the bartender, and Kyle who had resurfaced temporarily to help the bartender.

I kept reading a book on my phone (“Five Days at Memorial”) and smirking at the jokes the waiters/bartenders made. Eventually, I tried to order #6 out of the 8 cocktails (I’d been distracted earlier by a Moscow mule so I was a bit behind) but it was after last call.

I left there around 9:45 and went to the Chevron for a little bit of White Clam to finish off the evening. I had my boxed-up steak in my hand and when a guy outside the Chevron asked me for change I told him that I only had prime rib. After briefly questioning me about how likely it was to give him tapeworms and me valiantly ensuring him that it wouldn’t he took the steak.

I chatted for a minute with the cashier in the Chevron and made my way toward home.

I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head, that I have enough money to feed myself and live indoors and splurge sometimes. I'm thankful that I'm able to talk to strangers as much as I do because the silence around me would otherwise strangle me. I'm thankful that I'm slowly gaining a scaffolding of supportive friends.

This may come across as insensitive:

I'm thankful that I'm not experiencing food poverty and that I can eat and drink as much as I want every day without worry.

I'm thankful that I'm not experiencing houselessness and that I don't have to hide my bedding or my belongings in public every day.

I'm thankful that whatever addictions I've had or have now have not destroyed me.

I'm thankful that even though sexism is rampant in my industry, I still feel like the community that supports us is growing and getting more effective.
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"Blustery" is an excellent word.

I have always liked the sound of "thwart" and "minion" (since way back before minions were little yellow animated guys). Also, thanks to Calvin and Hobbes, I quite like the word "smock."
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"Don't mock my smock or I'll clean your clock!"
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I, too, am glad and thankful those things are true for you.

I bet you share with me the hope that someday, maybe even soon, those things will be true for everyone. Until that day, I'm glad and thankful that they are true for you, and for everyone else for whom they are true.

May we all be blessed/fortunate, every one.
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We brought home a beautiful rescue cat (obligatory photo) last night and it is so hard to be patient, and to know the transition to our home has caused him to be terrified, but of course he is. I worked from home today so that his first day in the house wouldn't be empty, but I've just retreated to a bedroom in hopes that he will relax a tiny bit when he has the sitting room to himself.

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carbide your new friend is beautiful!! Now I miss my black cat.

thelonius, I am disappointed by your beautiful word - in a just world, anabolic:catabolic :: anastrophe:catastrophe.
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I have been redundant for one week now (employment wise; my self-esteem hasn't plunged far enough yet to apply it to other aspects of my life, although it's not too far off the mark for a lot of it) but as I hoarded all of my annual leave for the past year I received it as a lump sum as part of my payout, so I'm officially just having a holiday at the moment and I'm not actually an unemployed 52 year old woman with no qualifications.

I'm thankful I got enough to pay off the desperation loans I had to take out earlier this year after I wrote my car off in a stupid accident on the way to work.

I'm thankful my beautiful boys, 14 and 18, still love me enough to miss me when I go away for 3 days and leave them to their own devices.

I'm thankful my freezer is full to the brim with food, both the kind that needs preparation and the other stuff that just needs reheating, really.

I'm very bloody thankful for this website, flaws and all (just like me).
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susurrus is a favorite, one that I try to shoehorn in as often as I can.
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Currently working remotely from the in-laws' kitchen table surrounded by pies, bagels, and coffee. Word of the day: liminal.
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I'm at my grandma's for the first time in several years - two years ago I spent Thanksgiving with my stupid ex and his terrible family and last year my cousin got married the weekend before in Tucson and I couldn't swing another plane ticket - so it's nice to be in North Carolina with my grandparents and my parents. My little brother was supposed to come in from Texas, but he found out on Friday last week that his leave request was denied because they were heading to the desert for some fire support training. He called us yesterday - apparently MREs don't come in turkey.

I'm hanging out with my grandma, drinking coffee and working on job applications and having my knees licked by her tripod dog. Thankful to be here (in all senses).

(I don't think I have a very favorite word, but my PhD advisor told me I used "particularly" too many times and if I wrote it once more in my dissertation, he would cut off my ponytail.)
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and then I promptly lost permission to ever pick apples again thanks to my extreme specificity.

But, I'll tell you what. My daughter got in to baking this time around - really for the first time... 100% focus and technically it was early enough in the morning that she hadn't had her medicine. She *wanted* so hard to be on task and focused and blammo! She did it!

So, at the table she starts the whole what we all like most about Thanksgiving - and I finally figured what it is for me. At about the 15 minute mark of any big ordeal meal - where everybody is eating, and everybody is happy - and everybody has worked hard, where the compliments are streaming out of people while they cram all the food they jammed onto their plate into their mouths. There is a serenity and peacefulness and contentedness that you don't find at every meal.

Also, my apple pie was absolutely worth it. It looks like I'll tell you about my next one when I'm 55.
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I don't know that I have a favorite word in English, but when I started learning Italian in high school, I really loved the word for butterfly -"farfalla" - US English speaking carbohydrate fiends may recognize the plural, farfalle, as an alternate term for bowtie pasta. It's just fun to say - I like to sing "Deck the Halls" with farfalla-la-la-la-la-la.

Anyway, about that time my little sister and I were mounting pressure campaigns to be allowed to get new pets; our beloved miniature schnauzer Amadeus had moved on to the big couch in the sky a few years previously. My sister got a beagle puppy while I was still looking for an adoptable kitty. I convinced her we should give the new pets names that went together. I think I had various options, but the one I sold her on was Abbott and Costello. Her little beagle became Abbott and my cat, when I adopted one, would be Costello.

Shortly after, I found a lovely, shy little tortoiseshell cat at an adoption event. She was wonderful and I happily brought her home, but she just wasn't a "Costello." So I sold my little sister out immediately and named the cat Farfalla. My little sister still complains about this, 2 decades and several very good dogs later - fair enough! But I maintain that Abbott was an Abbott and Farfalla was a Farfalla, and we mostly just called them "the dog" and "the cat" at any rate.

In conclusion, I am thankful for the sweet animals who have made our family better over the years, and I am thankful my familial grudges are uniformly the hilarious, inconsequential kind.
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I had an excellent introvert Catsgiving Day, which involved a lot of napping and a lot of purring. In addition to my beloved tortie BFF, I have two 6mo old kitten fosters, and they are the biggest love bugs. Throw in a fun texting thread with my sisters, and the day was made.

Some people don't know what to say when I declare I'm doing introvert recovery time for Thanksgiving, but quite a few are very jealous.
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(To the tune of the Scottish national anthem)
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'Salacious' is a fun word.

Thanksgiving was good! I hosted just for my immediate family, and the boyfriend came over too. There was way too much food, so everyone went home with a lot of leftovers. It was a really nice day. It was especially nice that my problem-child dog, Taco, has really mellowed out around strangers to the point where he wasn't banished to doggy prison when everyone was over. I am so proud of him! I don't know what changed, maybe just aging. Still! I'll take it.

I'm SO thankful for my communities, especially this one. I tend to be really independent, not a big people-person, do it all myself, blah blah. Learning how to open up to others, be vulnerable, and accept the affection and love I get in return has been such a gift. Thank you all so much for the opportunities to do that, not least in the chatty threads like this one.
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heresiarch, akimbo, tectiform, shahanshah, caboose
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A friend and I roasted a turkey for the first time in our whole lives yesterday! And it didn't turn out half bad! I mean yes the white meat was a little on the dry side, but the (superior) dark meat turned out lovely, and of course combining the white meat with gravy and/or cranberry sauce did the trick!

We had a meat thermometer lying around which I think was very helpful -- we cooked it until the breast had just hit north of 150 F in the oven and it was perfect for me.

And best part, tonight/tomorrow's dinner is going to be a Thai-style salad using the leftover turkey meat! (Cooked turkey meat + cilantro, mint, scallions + cherry tomatoes + peanuts, dressed with fresh lime juice + fish sauce + Thai chilies to taste + a bit of nam prik pao)
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While Warren G. Harding is to blame for introducing the American people to "normalcy," he is also to be thanked for popularizing use of the word "bloviate," which is one of my favorites.
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Words that start with a double "o" are my favorite. Ooze and oolitic are the all time best. I used to work as an interpreter in a historical museum that had a huge chunk of limestone on display. I would get school groups to pet the giant rock and chant OOOOOOOOOOO-liiiiiiit-ic LIME-stone as they did so. The rock spirits deserve the worship of children, so I was trying to doing my part.

On the Thanksgiving front, we're at my parents house. They listen to a blaring TV at all moments that they are awake. My nerves are shot.
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Blanket, mitten, cozy, warmth, resplendent.

In an attempt not to ramble on too much (because I know I tend to do that when something's on my mind), I'll try to distill this down...

It's been another challenging year. So much to do, and so many things to keep track of. I still have a lot to be grateful for, and it's good to keep them in mind, because that's where I draw my hope from.

I'm thankful for this place. I won't pretend that there haven't been ups and downs, but I can say that about most things I love. MeFi is still my online home away from home. Thanks for being here.
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So, go to work this fine a.m. and the doors are closed and light are off. I text. Text back: "You didn't get the message on the Facebook"
"He sold it"
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BlueNorther and I went to see Adam Ant perform last night, and he was BRILLIANT. We dressed up, and I may have attended in full ‘Stand and Deliver!’ mode, complete with white stripe and half a pencil’s worth of eyeliner daubed across my face... Pics! 1 2 3
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I've made it through my third "But why won't anyone hire you?" conversation in 24 hours and I've only cried twice!
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It's not a word, but... when it's a "soft day," when the drizzle is visible on the windshield but the precipitation is so fine that it's like gentle kisses on the bare skin. Halos around the street lights. Reflections in the water puddles. A gentle fog around red safety lights high above on the towers. If you look closely, you can see the cloud layers shifting in the sky. A gentle layer of moisture on leaves and hair.
Seasonal lighting is glorious on a soft day.
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I ordered a book from Jiz Lee and it came signed!
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