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Happy lunar new year 🌙🐀everyone! Be guided by moonbeams and stardust inside to find your fantastic fourth week results of the January readers' choice contest, with final tallies for overall winners coming next week. ✨✨✨

Week 4's big winner is:

🎆How much of us is just... random? by clawsoon 🎆

Second place for Week 4 is:

Rupa's Proto-Balearic Bengali Beats by rory

Other fantastic top vote-getters include:

*hoo* *hee* *hoo* by the man of twists and turns

Our knowledge of the past is odourless by youarenothere

Sailors and Saints Across the Indian Ocean by Mrs Potato

Into each life some rain must fall …and fall …and fall …and fall by theory

"Outdoor public stairways are a window into the soul of a community" by filthy light thief

The chicken-or-egg of big gods, morality, and societal complexity by filthy light thief

How one move can make climbing more inclusive by daisyk

To understand Martin Luther King Jr., don't rely on the highlights reel by jj's.mama

loving and hating and loving and fighting each other by curious nu

the leech triumphantly oozed its way back into the hospital by ChuraChura

Making Civic Literacy Fun Again: iCivics by MonkeyToes

Where there is a fête, there is murder. by andrewesque

Thank you, marvelous posters, for all these amazing posts! Going into the final countdown, there's still time to make your own posts, and remember to keep voting for posts you love by flagging as "fantastic."

And don't forget your last chance to make a post for members sponsoring Individual Prizes for the month, where "best" is up to the prize-offerer's discretion:

Taz is offering an e-book (to be decided) for the best post on little / less known mythology or any aspects of mythology from any era or culture. Please tag your post with "secretmythology."

Frimble is offering an award for the best post in the category of "High Weirdness"; please tag your posts with "highweirdness2020."

Etrigan is offering any in-print wallet game from Button Shy Games (and a recommendation of which one to get, if you would like) for the best post about gaming. Please tag your post with "gamingbpj" (not required to win).

Fizz offers fake points for the best post about Victorian Literature, and wins best tag contest, with associated tag 'viclitforfizz'.

Homo neanderthalensis is offering a custom artistic garden-y sign as a reward for the best post about cabbage family crops. Please tag with “Brassica.”

Rangefinder 1.4 is offering prizes for posts about not-so-famous women doing awesome things, with bonus consideration for diversity and underrepresented people. Please use the tags "awesomewomen" and "representation."

Daisyace will reward the best post about extreme connoisseurship -- a person or a site that goes overboard analyzing what's the best X, for any given X. Prize will be a regifted Chrismukkah present. Please tag with "fivestars."

Mchelly will reward the best post about anything Jewish. Winner will get a mezuzah case, with the winner based on fantastic flags. Please use the tag "MetaGefilter."

Box will reward the best post about libraries (with a broad definition of that term) with a prize TBD. Please tag with "libraries."

Box will also reward the best post made *by* a librarian or library worker with a prize TBD. Please tag with "librarianpost."

Cozybee would like to see art (like drawing, painting, sculpting) posts ... art guides, highlighting of good online art, or good in depth art history discussion, etc. The prize will be a photo of a sketch based on a prompt from you, probably in colored pencil. Please tag your post with "artsy."

spamandkimchi will award a sticker and a magnet of a "kimchi juice" for the best post on fermentation (in which the fermentation process results in something ingestable). Please tag with "fermentation."

spamandkimchi is also offering a copy of Sana Goldberg's "How to Be a Patient" for the best post about health / medicine / human biology / health care / medical trials / home health care. Please tag with "healthcare."

Jessamyn is offering maple sugar candy to the best post about any rural or small-town thing, anywhere in the world. Please tag with "rural."
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Woohoo, it took til Week 4, but two people posted to my category! I’m psyched :) Ooh, and in one case, the same post is also in two additional categories... a contest trifecta!
posted by daisyace at 3:12 PM on January 26, 2020 [1 favorite]

I'm so happy that people liked my post! I'm even more pleased that the discussion there has been so deep and thoughtful.
posted by daisyk at 7:05 AM on January 27, 2020 [1 favorite]

Hey, that's great! Thanks, everyone. I'd forgotten all about the January contest when I posted, so I'm thrilled that it hit the spot. I was just hoping that nobody else had posted the Pitchfork article that sparked my curiosity in the first place.
posted by rory at 1:43 AM on January 28, 2020

If we offered prizes in two different categories, and have a winner from one (healthcare)... should we memail the winner directly to figure out how to get the prize to them?
posted by spamandkimchi at 1:12 PM on February 1, 2020

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