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End of another long week, let's carve out a space to talk about something other than politics for those that need that space. Let's talk about the nice things we do for ourselves. What's something nice you've done for yourself lately? Maybe you set some time aside to read a book. Or went for a walk and left your phone behind so you could clear your head. Or you bought that small bar of chocolate at the impulse aisle of the grocery store. Maybe you had a drink or a smoke to relax at the end of a long week of work. Whatever it is, I'm sure you deserve it. Feel free to also talk about something nice you've done for a loved one as well. As always, be kind to yourself and to others. TREAT YO SELF!
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A mefite recommended Medicine Stories by Aurora Levins Morales and reading an essay after work each day has been very therapeutic. Essays are my ideal medium for reading these days I find. The less focused on current event specifics the better.

I cut out of work early because technical difficulties were bringing the rage so I took a breath and a bath. I deserve it and 47 hours in a week is more than enough.

The game Control is up on PS Now -which I have an expiring subscription to - and I've been waiting to play it on PC due to the EpicGames exclusive. Liking it so far. Also pulled the trigger on Divinity original sin 2 as it was on sale in the online store and I'd been waiting for it as well. Really looking forward to spending time with them.

Working on getting governance documents together for a local bail fund to go nonprofit. Bringing back memories of an ED I worked with that colluded with the corporate attorney to basically lie and thwart a fair organizational election. I've held a lot of resentment. For him. For other board members that were underinformed and scared to go against the "experts." But now I'm seeing So. Much. Value. in that experience that I'm bringing to bear as I try and pull 3 separate bylaws and a myriad of activists onto something resembling the same page. It's more "work" to get this all done, but it's the actual work I want to do. My 9-5 (ehrm 8-6) is solely to facilitate an adequate skillset.

Also, if anyone has relevant experience working with bail funds, would love to bend your ear.

Finally, not working this weekend! Unheard of in my profession but I'm resting. I'm sleeping in.
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Last night instead of sleep watching Key and Peele on Hulu and then staggering to bed at 1:00 a.m. crosseyed and unflossed, I kept the door to the room where the TV is resolutely closed and went to peaceful sleep with sparkling clean teeth at 10:00 p.m. This means that tonight I can watch Key and Peele while awake!
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Visitor coming from out of town tomorrow, and I have the ingredients and a plan for making flourless chocolate cakes. I'm looking forward to it.
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I've mentioned this, but I impulse-bought a ukulele a month ago, and I have practiced every single day since it arrived. It's pure joy and a tiny bit of frustration but only because I'm not literally magical and still have things to learn. Tonight I plan to finally master the E chord; I am not alone in having trouble with this. YAY
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Recently bought Noelle Stevenson's comic-book memoir/journal The Fire Never Goes Out on my kindle, and read it simultaneously with my 12yo (we share kindle accounts). It's sad and lovely and scary and makes you want to move to California and make friends with CalArts alumni.
Also finishing bingeing The Good Place with him.
It's awesome to have a like minded little-person to geek out with.
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I went ice skating today. There's not much that can make me feel as good as gliding around on the ice for an hour. Then I went to the place that has the world's best chocolate peanut butter bars and got there just in time to buy the last one. And last night I made pineapple upside down cake for my family even though I don't like pineapple, so I guess I've been doing a pretty good job of treating both myself and my loved ones.
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I adopted a cat last weekend after wanting one for about 25 years! Cat tax. He's a tiny little 11 year old and he makes me very happy.
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I’ve been getting really into pizza lately. Like, making them. Friday’s are now pizza day and I’m thinking about that pizza all week. And that’s today! 🍕
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I had to drop some stuff off on the other side of town, near one of the Mitchell's ice cream locations, so I basically just went, "Fuck it, I'm having ice cream for lunch." (Dark chocolate raspberry truffle, for the record.)
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Oat. Milk. I have been guzzling the stuff, courtesy of my job as a barista where I get to have it for free. It’s so delicious. Honestly I’ve probably been drinking too much of the stuff, and maybe I’ll go off it soon, but right now it’s silky and joyful and it makes me happy. #notpepsibluebutididlikepepsiblue
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I joined a kickboxing gym back around Thanksgiving, promptly got sick and missed most of Dec, but have made it 4-5 times a week this year. Beating the hell out of the heavy bag for an hour after a day of work is quite cathartic, and a hell of a workout too.
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I had a “right place at the right time” chance meeting with a patron at my library who is a recent immigrant, and got him hooked up with a free English language tutor through the organization I volunteer with. He absolutely could not believe that he was going to get one-on-one tutoring every week to help improve his English—for free. He started with his tutor this week. This was a total chance encounter and getting this tutoring help will hopefully have a lasting impact on his life. I feel really, really good about this.
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I have just whipped up a batch of this chocolate pumpkin bread.

Spring break is just around the corner, and I, nothing planned. However, Mantel's The Mirror and the Light will be here, so I intend to hunker down with it.
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In Seattle, and high risk for COVID-19. So. I'm staying home except for absolute necessary errands in March. I'm OK on supplies, so I can handle this.

Just ordered some colored pencils, a sketchpad, and a thick yoga mat to help with the boredom and cabin fever.
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Been working quite a bit of overtime this week because people sensibly call in sick the moment they feel any common cold or flue like symptoms. So I'm happy to be healthy and I deserve a few beers now. Cheers!
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I uninstalled FB messenger from my phone because I am tired of being available for everyone's needy and stressful bullshit while I'm just trying to take a shit or get groceries in peace. I probably won't leave it off my phone forever but for the last few days it has been really nice to look at Metafilter or Instagram without someone's head popping up with a ding to need something from me.
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I am failing at self-care. I need to get it together, because the last week and a half have been brutal, and it's unlikely to get better soon. This weekend I plan to go to the bookstore and get some fun books and magazines, cook and freeze some yummy things, and buy some yarn, even though I don't really need new yarn. I also had a talk tonight with my father about how he needs to get a therapist not just for his benefit, but also because it's not fair of him to dump all of his shit on me. So yeah. It's been that kind of week. Last week there was a 12-hour stretch when it wasn't clear that my mother was going to make it, followed by a night in ICU when I was sure that she could understand me but the doctors told me that I might be imagining what I wanted to see, so this week has actually been an improvement.

I do not have time for the fucking coronavirus. Next week is spring break, and I need to be at my parents' house. If I can't safely fly there, I will need to drive, and it's 15 hours each way. I may be in the market for some nice audiobooks.
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I bought a lathe and I've been turning a lot of bowls lately. It's quite therapeutic and satisfying. There's this moment when your tool is perfectly sharp and the bowl is spinning at the right RPMs and you get these perfect wood shavings and you can hear how smooth everything is. It's like skiing in perfect conditions.

Then sometimes you get a catch or massive vibrations and occasionally, only once so far, you don't have the bowl chucked on the lathe properly and it flies off at 800 RPMS!

There's probably some sort of metaphor for life there.
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I haven't really framed it as "treat yo self" literally until I started reading this Fizz prompt, but I realize that especially in the past 6 months or so I've given myself permission to make those contributions to political campaigns, pitch in to friend's gofundmes, contribute to someone's facebook birthday fundraiser for Alzheimer's or dog rescues or whatever... I am blessed to be in a position where dropping a hundred bucks a month on average helping out people and putting my money where my mouth is when it comes to my political values falls into the "who the fuck cares" level of spending. Being able to just freely give without doing financial calculus or "are we good enough friends" calculus makes me feel better than just about any $100 pile of hoo ha I might otherwise buy with it.
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I can't think of anything which means I'm probably due for something, also my birthday is coming up so I hope I do something nice.
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I spent a day this week at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s still on this weekend, so there is time to go. The theme is Riviera Holiday, and they had some brilliant landscapes with just gorgeous and creative designs. There are also flower arrangements of all sorts, and interesting art projects: hats decorated with flowers, mini diorama, pictures made of dried plants. And tons more.

My favorite part is the plant competitions. Rows and rows of perfect plants.

Anyway, I exhausted myself taking it all in and have made a mental list of everything I will buy if I ever win the lottery. Until then, I’ll be fine with some plants on the window sill.

I am looking forward to next year already.
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I had my hair colored, which I never wanted to pay for in the past but by God it makes me feel awesome. Pure indulgence, only for me, because I want to

I also read an article on ADD in women that made me wonder if some of my issues could actually get better and so I'm going to take myself to the dr. to find out. Self-care, bitches.
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Much like Bailey Warren, we're about to eat our feelings in burritos, refusing to release them and wagging our tails furiously if someone tries to take them away from us.

It's been a rough couple of months and I finally got some kind of reprieve from overscheduling at work, so I can probably actually take the entire weekend off. I'm going to plant some grow bags of butterfly and hummingbird flowers, and prep my cucumber and tomato beds.

In an act of pandemic optimism, this week I've bought us Hamilton tickets for May and They Might Be Giants and Pet Shop Boys/New Order tickets for October. We already had Alanis/Garbage/Liz Phair tickets plus the final year (for now) of MaxFunCon for June. May all of these things be safely and comfortably attendable, but I won't hate it if the professional conference I'm supposed to attend in Vegas in April is cancelled. I had to drive out there this week for a customer visit, and I do love that drive (from LA), but I am too much of an introvert for these kinds of events.
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Just tucking into a warm bed and into Haruki Murakami's Killing Commendatore. Haven't read anything by him in ages. Someone in my book club picked it and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy his writing.
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I bought an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. No reason, it just randomly entered my head on the way home from work. I have never done that before. I just felt like, fuck all y'all; I'm buying an ice cream cake and not sharing.

It was good, and for several days it made me smile whenever I thought of still having more in the freezer.
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I’m also in Seattle and employed by the health department - yikes! Tonight’s self care was methodically cleaning every surface in my kitchen with disinfectant wipes (I’m doing one room at a time) then watching the latest episode of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, which features my favorite butterfly. People who’ve seen it, can you really raise monarch butterflies in an indoor enclosure like that? If so, I actually might do it, as they were a major source of both science and magic in my childhood.

This weekend I’m rebuilding my raised beds with good quality cedar, then planting peas outside and tomatoes and tomatillos to germinate in my boiler room.

Community care/mutual aid is going to become more and more important here. In the spirit of that, I checked in with my retired next door neighbor, then offered to bring my other neighbors, a family with a newborn and two other kids, a giant pot of vegetarian chili this weekend.
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I was really looking forward to Emerald City Comicon next weekend but it's been cancelled. One of my favorite comic artists of all time was going to be there and she agreed to do a commission for me! Even with the con cancelled she agreed to do the commission so I'm still getting some art from her. I don't know what it's going to be yet but I'm super excite.
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I bought an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. No reason, it just randomly entered my head on the way home from work. I have never done that before. I just felt like, fuck all y'all; I'm buying an ice cream cake and not sharing.

Baller move. A couple years ago (or so) I posted a comment here about feeling too old for ice cream cake on my birthday. Everyone told me I was wrong, but I never did get that ice cream cake.

I am not much of a treat myself type of person, really. I did, though, last night, after a hassle of a day at work throw a bunch of pork belly and veggies into the air fryer. I also whipped up some homemade samjang (from my mother-in-law's homemade gochujang, natch) and cracked a bottle of soju. That used to be a fairly usual occurrence, but with the kids who has the time anymore? So I guess that was a bit of a treat.
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Our old espresso maker, which I’ve been babying along and repairing at an increasingly frequent rate, finally hit the point where I was going to need a soldering iron and some expensive replacement parts to fix it again, so to my husband’s delight, I declared myself unwilling to sink more effort or money into it, and we bought ourselves a snazzy new upgrade. So I’ve been levelling up my biscotti recipes (the triple-chocolate-pine nut-bitter orange went down particularly well) out of my baking stocks I want to use up, slowly reading The Mirror and the Light, and we’ve been working our way through The Expanse. He’s been home on sabbatical, beavering his way through learning another programming language, and we’ve been working on fixing up our house for sale, and it’s just been so nice to spend so much time together, after 23 years of marriage, and find how much we still really enjoy each other’s company. Also, we have delightful cats to keep us entertained, or vice versa. When the world is as scary and awful as it seems right now, having a rock solid partner is a huge consolation.
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I bought myself a new bed! Bigger and better for my back than the previous one. I got made redundant last month, and am on 3 months garden leave (thank you french employment law!) so for the first time in possibly ever, I have time and money at the same time! I will have to focus more on job hunting soon but not yet.
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Tuesday was my birthday and I’d decided I wanted to go to an art museum. It’s my first birthday in our new area, and we hadn’t been to the Smith College one before. Then, whenever we go in that direction, we like to stop in to Herrell’s for the best ice cream (chocolate pudding). So that was the plan.

I thought I remembered that Herrell’s offers a free scoop on your birthday, so I googled it the day before and that’s when my birthday plan really took off. I found out that not only do they have free ice cream, but it’s a whole medium sundae! I’d never had a Herrell’s sundae. And not only that, but the shopping arcade they’re in has several other spots with free birthday treats, too!

So, the day before, I picked up free museum passes at the library. We went and enjoyed that, then went and got a free raspberry truffle, then a free tea (which I gave my husband), then a free coffee (which I brought to Herrell’s). Then my free sundae, which the server was positively gleeful about giving me, adding an extra cherry and two kinds of whipped cream, one of which I then spooned into my free coffee. So it was just the best free-everything birthday and I felt very, very treated.
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A delicious bacon and gruyere egg bite from Starbucks... on the way home from my Weight Watchers meeting 😄
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I picked up two new books yesterday. The first is Esi Edugyan's Washington Black, a slave narrative that involves ballooning and the underground railroad. And the other is Marlon James Black Leopard Red Wolf which I've heard is a kind of African Game of Thrones, only much much better.

I've struggled with reading books the last few years, my attention is just not as good as it once was and I'm too easily distracted. But both of these books are pretty hefty and I feel myself falling into them easily, so I'm quite excited to get back into reading regularly.

Also, I bought some chocolate bars at the impulse aisle. Did you know they still make Mr. Goodbars, I thought those had like phased out in the 90s, but nope, still a thing up here, at least in Canada.
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Also, also, I play most of my games seated on the ground in front of our tv, so yesterday I picked up a large dog pillow to sit on because I wanted something super comfy. To be clear, we do not own a dog but I am more than happy to take advantage of this giant dog pillow because it makes sitting more comfortable.
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I bought a sewing machine!

Now that I am too old and too professional to wear nothing but T-shirts to work, I have been struggling to buy clothes that fit my body and my sense of style, and after getting some comments on a recent AskMe question that I should look into tailoring and bespoke options... I decided it wouldn't be a bad thing to relearn how to sew. (I have some previous teenage cosplay experience!)

I am waiting for some nice lilac shirting and some poplin with beetles on it to arrive from one of the big online fabric stores, and perhaps I'll have a new shirt by the end of spring break.

Fizz - Washington Black is an interesting book! I am looking forward to Black Leopard Red Wolf. Still working my way through Lady Hotspur, which is great but very long, and this week I went to a reading with Garth Greenwell and Brandon Taylor where I got signed copies of their new books, so I have a lot to keep me reading through spring break.
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Hi from Stockholm in Sweden where, apart from a few days back in the open prison*, I've been since late November. Things I've done as indulgences over the last few weeks include Semla on Fat Day (Shrove Tuesday), wandering around on ferries in the archipelago, looking at sunsets, writing by the waters edge, and some more cake.

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Happy birthday daisyace!
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I picked up two new books yesterday. The first is Esi Edugyan's Washington Black, a slave narrative that involves ballooning and the underground railroad. And the other is Marlon James Black Leopard Red Wolf which I've heard is a kind of African Game of Thrones, only much much better.

They're both amazing books! Enjoy.
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Most of my indulgences involve food and/or good scotch. But this year, instead of popping my tax refund into savings or a retirement fund as I usually try to do (by way of pretending like I'll ever have enough to actually retire on), I splurged on better lenses for my camera. I'd been getting a bit of Gear Acquisition Syndrome lately and was considering getting another camera, but then I realized the one I have is pretty darn good already and I'd get more bang for my buck with lens upgrades.

Of course, it's still Rainy Season here in the Pacific Northwest and sunny weekends are hard to come by, so here I sit just itching for an opportunity to use my new toys....
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These are all so great!

daisyace - Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you got to have ALL THE FREE THINGS! Now I want a sundae.

Fizz - I'm so glad you're going to be comfy while gaming! You could always have an imaginary dog, you know.

Wordshore - I'm so glad you're still having cake! (Although I feel you should be sure to get some proper coffee walnut sponge. Wouldn't want to develop a deficiency.)

Greg_Ace - congrats on treating yourself to some fabulous lenses! Photography is a grand way to treat yourself.

And Fizz - thanks for yet another great thread!
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I've been very anxious about the coronavirus here in Seattle, so I decided to get out of town for the day and avoid the news. I went to Port Townsend by myself for the first time ever (I usually visit with family or friends) and it was so fun to just walk around uptown and take pictures of all the Victorian houses and flowers blooming, on my own time and schedule. I went to Fort Worden State Park and did some unfruitful rock hounding, saw my first rainbow of the year, and then I had some amazing small plates at Finistère. I didn't step foot in downtown at all, which was a first.

I got hot chocolate on the ferry and it was surprisingly delicious! No whale sightings but I did see lots of double crested cormorants while the old man sitting behind me narrated their actions to his wife, which was fun to listen to!
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Fifty years ago, Gene Roddenberry’s series Star Trek had been cancelled and he was at loose ends, so was selling off stuff related to the show. I bought an envelope of what he described as “cutting room floor scraps” that have sat around untouched ever since. These are strips of one to five frames of original color positive film.

Last week I took a few to a photo business and had them scanned and printed. The results were better than I could have hoped for, and the folks at the photo place were really excited.

I was just a kid when I got the clips and am very happy that I held onto them. In 1970 nobody thought that Star Trek would endure; I bet most of what Roddenberry sold got tossed.

I have 38 unique sequences in total and I’m now getting all of them scanned and printed. Prop test shots, lots of guest stars and images from the pilot, and plenty of oddball Shatner pics. Elisha Cook Jr! Klingons! Extras! Clapperboards! Spock! Sooooo much fun, and nobody has ever seen any of it. Can’t wait to see the results.
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I had an extremely lazy day yesterday, and it was glorious. After getting up early and feeding the herd, we all went back to bed until about 10:30 am, which is unheard of for me. I spent a lot of time watching TV, playing video games, reading, and doing a little bit of cooking, and that was it. I think in the future I'm going to try to schedule the first day of Daylight Savings time to be empty, and maybe take off Monday too, just because.
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Inspired partly by people in this thread, I bought myself a bass guitar and amplifier yesterday. I'd been considering it for a few months, and the idea hadn't gone away, so that seemed like some kind of a sign.

I got as far as playing a few notes yesterday, which sounded about like you'd expect for someone who hasn't touched a guitar in about 30 years, and wasn't good at it even then. But my expectations are incredibly low, so it's already fun.
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I went back to my previous job after dealing with this situation for a while! Things actually ended rather well, but I'm still glad I left. It's nice not to experience the workday through a thin curtain of dread anymore.
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