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Long ago we started up a group for magical mefites, it has grown into something that includes mefites and nonmefites alike, and I'd like to welcome polytheists, witches, animists, unidentified flying spiritual practitioners (or nonflying) if interested! Zoom meetings are happening.

Currently we have been focusing a lot on how to create resources from the land in connection with spirits and deities in the area. Community preparedness for uncertain times, and just general sharing of our different spiritual practices and growth. There is a zoom meeting tonight (theme of spring and what we are growing) and we might be moving our meetings from monthly to weekly for the next few months.

Message me and I'll get you into the group! Currently using facebook as a base but I am trying to move to a website as much as my technically challenged abilities let me.
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This is not for me BUT I find the concept wonderfully uplifting. Thank you for doing this.
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I wish you all the best. Put in a good word and see if any of those spirits and deities might could tone down the whole 2020 thing a bit. I mean, I get it, we deserve it and all but who knows, maybe they could go on a coffee break and see if we humans can come out of the timeout corner and do better maybe instead of throwing feces at the nice curtains and being wasteful little shits by not finishing our plates at meals.
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Long-time devout polytheist & animist here. I'm glad to learn that something like this exists on MeFi. Will send a message soon.
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RolandofElf, as a long time agnostic and atheist for the same reason, I think if the gods existed it would be reasonable to be enraged by them if they were actually planning all this, or even just ignoring that it's happening. The first few years of believing consisted of screaming at the deities for failing humanity. (Well a few deities in particular).

I would still say I'm in an agnostic space of that I don't know what is, what is is going to do it's thing whether I believe in it or not. Polytheism (which consists of hundreds of paths) doesn't usually have the same rosy ideas of deities or spirits being benevolent or human centric. If they exist, some of them could be the problem here, in addition to humans choices.

Any compassionate person should be enraged if there are beings with that level of power who are ignoring the suffering in earth right now and for thousands of year. Any reasonable person would be willing to consider with all this suffering and complete lack of communication should indicate it's at least a likely and reasonable possibility the deities don't exist at all. The deities who agree with those statements are the only ones I honor.
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