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I was thinking about making an fpp about how Whole Foods is using a "heat map" of factors to try and prevent unionization. The article is behind a paywall at Business Insider I read it on an archive site. Is there a way to make post that people can read ethically?
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You can use the Wayback Machine to find an archive of the link and this shouldn't be paywalled.

Here is the wayback machine archive for your Business Insider article.

You may still want to offer up both the original and the wayback link together and notate that it is paywalled but still accessible through the archive.

I hope that helps. Cheers.
posted by Fizz at 1:36 PM on April 24, 2020

Which is to say, some felt that the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is a grey area (though they respect sites' robots exclusion standard [Wikipedia], for what that's worth). I tend to agree that mirrored articles on MSN seem more legitimate, and I try to look there or elsewhere for proper content mirrors of page-limited or paywalled sites, before looking to the Wayback Machine or (which archives pages on demand, and doesn't pay attention to those robot limitations).
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Thanks, I'll put in the MSN option for access.
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Glad to your FPP is up, 445supermag. I'll read the article on MSN. Thank you.
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