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Let's open this thread up to shout-out some one or some thread that deserves our praise. Feel free to shout-out yourself, your partner, a friend, a lover, a family member, a pet, a stranger, and/or another mefite or mod. Whether its an awesome thread or an awesome person, let's shout-out the awesome we see in others. Stay safe and be kind to yourself. Cheers.

I'll go first. Shout-outs to my partner for putting up with me when I'm cranky because of my work, thanks for always being awesome. And shout-outs to Johnny Wallflower for always injecting some delightful goodness into the community. And a thanks to our mods for keeping this space open for us, I'd lose my mind without the community. Hugs to all.
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Ten years ago, this community saved the lives of two Russian women caught in a sex trafficking operation in New York City. I was going to make a post about a week from now but this is just as good.

I'm still friends with K who is alive and well and in love. We write each other often. I haven't heard from S in a while but assume she's alright.

Over the years I've tried to keep the updates coming, to let the huge number of MeFites involved know what came of it, the impact they made (see my MeTa posts for more). So much more happened than was surfaced on the site.

Thank you all and especially to Kathrine who had the emotional intelligence and courage to talk to K&S in a way they could understand. There were many forces at work but that approach was decisive. There are literally dozens of others who made similarly big impacts (seriously, the State Dept... the guidance of the mods, etc) but if I start naming people I won't be able to finish this post. If we communicated at that time, I thank you. If you missed the update from Hazlitt, please check it out.
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an anonymous call out for the lady I just saw at the store pushing her cart with mask and gloves trying to negotiate the crowd.

and I lost it. I had to go into sporting goods to stiffle my tears. I cried on the way home.

I've never felt more helpless in trying to reach someone.

and I'm fucking angry and livid with rage

that I don't have her strength.

a shout out to our health care folks and the Flint police and fire who handled a crash, a very bad one, with honor.
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Hey Fake, I remember the meet-up/dinner we had for them at the time. I was in New York for business so I joined (I had a different user name back then). Thanks for bringing back that memory. It's nice to feel good about something for a moment. To remember how amazing this community can be.

Speaking of Meet-ups, I also want to thank the Chiyoda City/Japan expats who graciously let me crash their Zoom meet-up Sunday morning. I had a really terrible week last week and needed to socialize with just some nice people, and they were there for me. I know I didn't say much, but I really enjoyed hanging out and thinking about something else for a while. I had never really thought about Steven Seagal's oeuvre quite like that before.

Finally, I want to thank all the mods, you've all been amazing through this. So much wisdom on display. And I want to deeply and sincerely thank Cortex. Thanks for keeping this going for all of us. You're amazing and generous and hearing you and Jessamyn on the podcast has really helped me escape every now and then. You're doing a fantastic job and I can't wait for this to be all over so I can visit Portland and give you a great big hug.
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extremely sincere and delighted shoutout to whoever named their recent askme "help me lie to a child about magic" as i have been laughing about that for 6 hours now
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Stanczyc, was that the one at Rub's BBQ?
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Ten years ago, this community saved the lives of two Russian women caught in a sex trafficking operation in New York City. I was going to make a post about a week from now but this is just as good.

Oh cool, so that means it's been almost 10 years since my first Mefi meetup. It was this thread that made me realize that it was not just ok, but in my best interests maybe, to meet people from the internet.

My shout out goes to me me me me. I'm in the final stages of buying a house, which I'm doing totally on my own without financial or emotional support from anybody else. I'm really proud of myself.

What I'm looking forward to the most from homeownership is getting to have more than one dog.
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I think it was an Asian street food place, if I remember correctly.
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I just found the post. It was Kenka on St. Marks.
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My OA sponsor isn't on here, but today is her 66th birthday. Last night she gave me some critical encouragement on a project I really want to do.

As a result I'm moving forward with putting together as good a pitch as possible... and what will be, will be. On my own, Bad-Brain would probably have put the kabosh on it.
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I’ll give a shout out to my mom, who will celebrate her 90th birthday next week.
She’s been managing on her own, alone in her apartment for the last two months, with no complaints or problems, and all in all had been a beacon of strength and positivity, not only now, but always, her whole life.
I was going to fly over and surprise her, but decided against it, even if there will be flights.
Instead I got about 70 people on Reddit to send her cards and gifts, which should start arriving in the next day or two.
She’s awesome.
If anybody here wants to send her email greetings on May 20, let me know, I’ll get you her address.
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Today at work another team sent out an announcement about a global site they just launched that will really help streamline things for our customers. It’s great, but my colleague pointed out that the landing page was a drop down list called ‘Country’ in alphabetical order and the top item was ‘Africa’. They are a smart team and I can totally see how this happened, but it’s problematic and offensive. I sent them a email thanking them for putting up the site and gently pointing out the issue. They’re on US time and I’m in the UK. By 3pm my time, it was fixed.

This may seem like nothing but this is a massive FTSE 100 company with loads of process and my coworkers are absolutely great. I love that this wasn’t an issue at all and things just got done. Everyone was positive and cheerful throughout, no defensiveness or lengthy explanations, just doing the right thing. Amazing.
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Everyone was positive and cheerful throughout, no defensiveness or lengthy explanations, just doing the right thing. Amazing.

That reminds me. Shout out to this guy for showing us all how to be graceful and endearing in our dumb wrongness.
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To be super fair to my coworkers, it was absolutely not ignorance that led to this, but an overly complicated regional classification system and being in the middle of a major change to the structure. But they are endearing and graceful too, so extra wins all around.
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The Sydney Metafilter crowd is an amazing community that has helped me keep what is left of my sanity the last couple of months. And just generally. It's been the absolute best thing about moving to Sydney a few years ago. I'm not going to name them here, because maybe some of them are locationally vague on metafilter, but you know who you are :)
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I will shout out the person I'm thinking of a lot today, a friend who made me feel really warm and loved and appreciated and cared about this morning when he gently woke me up, made me a breakfast of eggs and potatoes and onions, and who gives me the gift every time I see him of remembering that there are some really excellent, good, kind men in the world.
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Here's to all the worlds bonk religions; from Scientology; to Billy Graham; for giving me some weird cosmic moments of consideration during the equally bonked social isolation of late.

So; shout outs to Art Bell hosting a call in program featuring Xenu, and Billy Graham. Metafantastical.
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Shout out to my daughter, who is slaying her 22nd year and continues to amaze me with her accomplishments even during these incredibly tough times. In short order, over the past year she: ran a half marathon, moved to a another country to complete her last semester in college, graduated summa cum laude, returned home just long enough find a job and an apartment in a state she had never even visited and then moved cross country on her own. During this quarantine she works safely from her apartment and busies herself with reading, writing poetry, painting, gardening, researching graduate programs, walking her roommate’s dog, and sending home-made cards to friends and relatives. Plus she still finds time to call me every day. I know this year has been challenging and downright scary but she's determined to be optimistic. She gives me hope.
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Shout out to the CEO where I work. Here's why.

He actually had coronavirus in early April, and had it pretty bad. Like, he was thisclose to having to be intubated bad. What helped him, though, was he got his hands on a CPAP machine - and it helped keep his blood oxygenated enough for him to fight off the virus, so that he ultimately recovered without having to go to the hospital.

Most people would go through that and say "thank God I got lucky" and go on with their lives. But his next thought was "dang, this would work really well to help people, why don't more people use CPAPS this way?" and then he looked into it and saw - those things are expensive.

Most people would stop THERE and say "oh well" or tut about the insurance system, or something. But his reaction was "lemme see if we can figure out how to make one, or something that works that way, for only a couple hundred bucks."

That project occupied our company for the past month or so, and we figured out how to do exactly that and we're starting production next week.
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I've appreciated our state library who, during all this mess, has been an incredibly cool and calm bunch of folks who have been helping a lot of teeny libraries (many of whom are not particularly online) deal with safely delivering library services to people while we're all mostly shut down. There's a term we use in the library world, "vocational awe," which refers to the sense that what we do is not just a job but a calling and you'll kind of do it because it's so important, even when maybe it's not a good idea. And this can sometimes translate into doing it even though you're poorly compensated or disrespected or, and this is the tricky part, when you are asked not to (sort of) because of public health emergencies.

So libraries in the US have always been on the front lines when there's a disaster, trying to stay open, trying to be here for people. And figuring out how to do that in a situation like we're in has been really hard, pitting librarian against librarian since so many of our systems are intensely interdependent. Our state library has managed to be supportive of a community that is really struggling with identity and fostering conversations that have been truly difficult. They haven't always been that way and it's made the libraries in my state feel like more of a community than ever.

Local shoutouts to vrakatar, pintapicasso, Slarty Bartfast, all the other MeFites and MeFi-adjacent people doing difficult work in uncertain times, many with kids at home, or family not-at-home who you're trying to support and be helpful to. I'm glad we have this space to be together. Thanks mods, for keeping the lights on.
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My partner, who is an extreme introvert, for putting up with me 24/7 when he used to get much more of a break! 2 of my friends who have independently set up trivia nights. Other friends and family who have reached out in various ways. Mefites, who keep me feeling connected.
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The Instagram account nowhitesaviors. I've learned more about colonization in the last week following that account than I did in 12 years of public school.
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I did my first ever livestreamed electronic set on FB on Saturday night. Although I've been performing live with my band for about 5 years, it was my first ever solo effort. I'm trying to break through some personal barriers and start to build momentum to restart my sound design practice after this is all over and theatres and venues can restart. Some of my best and favourite friends and collaborators tuned in, and some people from the theatre and music worlds that I would never have expected to. And some of those people, who I not only admire but I am inspired by, thanked me for the set and encouraged me to do more. So it's very small and very personal, but I want to shout out to those people that we never realised that they care.
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I'd like to mention MeFite katra, who has been posting helpful links and resources about coronavirus and related issues in reply to Asks for the last few weeks. (lots of examples, too many to link)
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Grace, the person in charge of a nearby food bank, who greets every person that comes in to get food with compassion, warmth, and as a friend.
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My best friend whose life has just been upended in the most staggering way. She's a kind and generous and forgiving person who doesn't deserve any of what's happening to her. Anyone would be flattened by what she's going through. But she's getting up in the morning. She's taking care of her kids. She's doing what needs to be done.
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Shout out to you Fizz for all of these posts.

Close to home, great love to the neighbourhood (chain) grocery store whose employees and management have been doing heroic duty in keeping the shelves stocked and us safe.
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My daughter played a recording from NYC at 7:01 AM this morning, across the rooftops of the deserted city, is this amazing din. I asked her what that was, and she said that everyone in NYC cheers the essential workers of the city from 7:00 AM-7:03 AM each day, and they go to it, they are so loud, it was wonderful and made me appreciate the spirit of that city, so much!
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Oh, thank you for this post because I need to give a shout out to the MeFi Card Club. I've had a streak of bad luck and disappointments lately (unrelated to the pandemic) that were wearing me down, but the creative, encouraging, inspiring, and hilarious birthday mail has brought me much needed joy and delight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

(I hope to replenish my Card Club supplies soon!)
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Shout out to my MeFi "friends" whose islands I got to visit in Animal Crossing.

My 3 oldest kids are unsurprisingly super depressed and beat down by this whole experience and taking their daily Animal Crossing vitamin is keeping their spirits up. We got virtual cherries and pears and apples and peaches from you and honestly it was the biggest news of the week.

(And shout out to the creative Etsy-er who has sweet AC-inspired gear. Dodo Airlines shirts and konichiwa tees all around.)
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Oh, and shout out to our local PTA/school administration. There was money set aside for the middle school's 8th grade activities - end of the year dance, graduation, breakfast, etc. - and they had to decide how to spend it when those things were cancelled.

Rather than a t-shirt or yard sign or other temporary folderol for students, they donated the money to the school district's coronavirus Food Insecurity Fund for families who need a little extra help. That's pretty great.
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Shoutout to all the people home with young or otherwise demanding people to take care of.
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Like Ruki, I'm appreciative of this post as a chance to shout out to the Card Club and to everyone who has ever sent me anything in the mail! Thanks to Sparky Buttons for keeping it going every month!

Also, thanks to needlegrrl, who made a FPP about letter writing in April 2017 and sparked my pen pal writing, and who then organized a holiday card exchange that was lots of fun!

Then mochapickle came up with the Valentine swap, and the primroses were over took it over, and Valentimes is fun again!

And then there is the recent covid card swap that Sparky Buttons coordinated, ongoing happy mail!

Sending letters and cards has been very grounding for me. Memail me if you want a card!
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Thank you very much, paduasoy, and may I also suggest what cat engagement photos would look like?

I'd also like to give a shout out to our mods, for all of their guidance and support of the awesome in this community.
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I'd like to shout out mefi itself. In a time of bullshit all around us, gloom, doom and stupidity everywhere you turn, this place is a ray of light, intelligence and empathy. Thank you all.
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Shout out to the Seattle Mefi Pub Quiz Juggernaut who never lose* the toughest pub quiz in the city and who have become not just Internet-friends, but like actual real life friends. I’m talking about ChrisR, skyscraper, palmcorder yajna, clew, errant, cgc373 , the man of twists and turns, corb ... and oh my god I’m probably forgetting someone. We’ve been donating our winnings to MeFi for probably over a year and choking on the world’s worst onion rings for much longer. I miss Tuesday nights and it’s high on the list of things that’s happening right away when it’s safe to come out.

*note: once in a while we lose
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I appreciate the Mefi Card Club as well! Happy to be part of this community. Seconding danabanana that sending and receiving letters and cars has been grounding for me.
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Neely O'Hara has my appreciation for posting a lost-thing Ask, which begins: "I have this vague memory of a website from at least ten years ago called Cat Town." Spatch's awesomeness (I mean, just look at it) is making me laugh and laugh. Thank you both!
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Shoutout to my current WWOOF host for being a wonderful teacher, a welcoming host, and I think someone who will become a friend for life.
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shoutout to mefi user carter for this post. i have had to abruptly go off my mental health medications this week due to some sudden side effects (after 2+ years of not having said side effects, goddamnit!) and that post introduced me to the whole genre of soothing switzerland train videos and it has been my most effective self-care tool for the past week or so.
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I am going to go with the assumption that in every comment where a name isn't specifically mentioned you were referring to me. So, thanks everyone, glad to be of help as your (scrolls up) 22 year old daughter, CEO, uhhh... PTA member and best friend. It's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it.

More seriously, I have been trapped at home with 3 young kids for ages, my mom passed away, my dad is turning to the dark side, the list of struggles goes on and on, but MeFi in general has been there for me. When I asked about how to deal with not being able to attend my mom's funeral, people were so kind and helpful and empathetic. At the end of the day when I feel like freaking out, I read the blue to settle down. Thanks everyone.
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I have wanted to thank the scheduling staff at my hospital for a while (I think I will try to send them a thank you note soon!) because they were so instrumental in helping us switch over to telehealth-- I imagine they must've been slammed with managing all the phone calls every day in the early days of the pandemic and they really did a great job.
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Shout out to hippybear for the great music posts, and Fizz for the fantastic games posts.
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This is a shout-out to the band 3 Mustaphas 3 for their song "Sitna Lisa" and to a friend of mine for mentioning it in answer to the question "what is one song that always makes you happy no matter how often you hear it". I don't think I'd ever heard it before, and it was stunning and shook up my morning in a way I don't think I've felt for a year.
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Right this moment, I’m going to say Jessamyn, because she was the keynote speaker at a virtual library conference I attended today and her presentation was great. Plus when I was explaining to a friend why I was excited, I was told it was the nerdiest I’d ever been, so that was neat too!

It was a fun “worlds collide” kind of moment when I learned she was the speaker, since I don’t talk about metafilter with anyone in my “real life,” but then there was mefi’s own Jessamyn, librarian royalty, popping up at a work conference.

So thanks for being awesome!
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Shout out to the newspaper editors who published my too-many words in my home state, where they're not taking it seriously yet. Shout out to anyone who reads it and takes it all seriously. Shout out to my friends there who are working as hard as they can to keep people safe, in a zillion ways.

Shout out to FencingGal for telling us about blood shortages. Yesterday my favorite cousin hit her eight weeks and while she was giving again, texted her friend that also gave a couple of months ago. The friend sent back a selfie; she was already in the Red Cross chair. Shout out to them and a buncha other people who gave blood because they knew it was needed more than ever.

Shout out to the mourning doves my grandpa uses to haunt me and the elaborate sky-blue-pink sunsets that are my mom's metier. Shout out to my neighbors, who continue the far-apart jolly yelling conversations they've been having for forty years.

Shout out to the grocery storers and the bus drivers and the factory workers and the bin takers and the bodega guys and the caregivers. Shout out to the woman strolling down the roofs across the alley in her bikini far away from anyone. Shout out to anyone having to postpone a birthday or a wedding or a graduation or a funeral. Shout out to the mutual-aid people who send the texts about who needs gloves or disinfectant. Shout out to the people helping other people figure out and handle all the feelings at once. Shout out to anyone who makes anyone laugh in that way that makes life feel better and manageable.

Shout out to whoever can tell me the difference between taking care and giving care, for when I have to explain that at some point in my life. Shout out to the scientists who research and the scientists who explain. Shout out to you there, with kids or without, with strife or without, with pets or without, with jobs or without. Cheers to you all and this place and taking and giving care. Everyone needs a hug!
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Shout-out to the NYC neighborhood microblogs, helping make it possible for us to hunt down goods and services in these weird times. One has literally spawned a crowdsourced searchable map of businesses which are open in some form in the vicinity.
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RE: Shout-outs

1. Food delivery
a. Home Chef
b. Freshly
c. Safeway
d. Fred Meyers

I've actually been eating every day and real meals instead of just cottage cheese and mozzarella sticks and vodka-spiked ice cream. I'm remembering that I'm a pretty good cook and thinking that I might start feeding myself again for the first time in a very long time.

2. Delivery and nearby beer
a. My liquor store, a block-and-a-half away has a small selection of non-liquor, but over the years I've gotten to the point where I chat with the people who work there and in the last couple months they've been my main point of in-person social interaction.
b. Labyrinth Forge. Expensive but great beer. Last Friday they brought me a roll of TP with my delivery.
c. Safeway also delivers beer.

3. Working from home. It's awesome for so many reasons. I never want to go back to the office. That combined with eating real food and smoking less weed has led me to take small steps toward reasonable self-care. I can get up from my desk for five minutes and unload the dishwasher or do some laundry - something I rarely make time for when I'm working in an office - or take a nap after my 9:30 AM meeting.
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I *just* retired in the middle of the ‘Rona, and now I have breast cancer. So my shout out is to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, who are all over this, and to my many friends who are there for me, and to my husband, who is my rock. We got this.
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Hey dbmcd, cancer sucks but I’m glad you’ve got the support you need. Also, happy belated birthday! Naturally I want to give a shout out to the blue and the green and everybody here on MF who helps keep me sane. A shout out to katra for all of her amazing service to the community. Finally, a shout out to my daughter, who found a rental company that does not use the queue system. Most places in Sweden, certainly in larger cities, require that you register as an apartment seeker. The people who have been in line the longest are the ones who get offered apartments first.

I’m not against that system but it meant that I would probably not get to move to my kid’s new town for a couple of more years and she and her family moved last July. That’s a long time for this particular Grandma to be so far away. But then my kid found a different type of rental company. Also, I finally got stabilized on good meds for my depression and my ADHD is mostly going OK so I was able to pull together all the paperwork I needed to make a convincing case for myself as a tenant even though I have not rented officially in this country and only had a US landlord testimonial. Plus I’m self-employed. Eek!

But I persevered and signed a rental agreement last week for a tiny apartment that is going to be available in September (and is super close to my grandkids). I could not be more excited. It is an amazing thing to finally get to have a place of my own after sharing apartments for many years. And my kid made this happen, so a shout out to her and to everyone who is doing their best to support the people their life and, when possible, their communities as well. Thanks, everyone!
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Shout-out to my brain for surving the week. And hugs to everyone.
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Shout out to me. I finished my garden center shift after being up at 2 this morning with a migraine.
All I want to do is rest and sleep but am now sitting in my car in the parking lot of the emergency department because my neighbor woke up this morning with a swollen leg (Probably an infection from a cat scratch ) and she waited for me to get home so she could have company rather than going on. Obviously they aren't letting anyone else in.

Like a good neighbor; mightshould is there....
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Much love to a non-mefite friend: both she and her partner work in what are deemed essential services and they have to deal with a lot of the public who have sharply varying levels of concern and belief about COVID-19, so they are both on edge trying to keep healthy. Just yesterday she mentioned that her partner has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday morning, so the stress mounts.

And as he is -- as I say -- deemed essential, his employer is dragging their feet on giving him some time off. For myself, I suspect that if someone cut my scrotum open, I might want to take a few days before I went back to work.
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I will also take this opportunity to applaud hippybear for the great music posts!

And also Zoom, for propelling us into whole new phases of global communication even as it enables so much to continue, through the crisis.
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Thank you to all of you for being you. Today has been hard, like yesterday was, and like tomorrow will be. But we are all doing our best. Watching you try makes it easier for me to keep trying. So thank you.
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Shout out to all loners who either do or don't enjoy it. I am sitting out by my purple petunias which smell like old timey hair tonic. So sweet! To the yet soft spring, and my garden coming in so tall and green. To my neighbors and their joy! To the train that blows unrepentantly at 6AM, so close by, and the motorcycles which suddenly race frantically, and the planes followed by their shadows. Tomatoes on the way, kitty cat, what man? Oh and to that mourning dove who always says the same thing. To the letter carrier delivering out late, and still coming back with packages. To the fire fighters who just went somewhere, May the essential workers make it back to safe homes.
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Me! I'm fucking awesome because I'm waiting on a terminal diagnoses and dealt with that by leaning on AskMe (thank you) but I have also had opportunities to tell various people in my life that things I admire about them.(without them knowing about my turmoil), something true and genuine and special. (Of course, that makes me feel awesome as well, but let us not think about rational atruism - I just want to feel like a nice person).
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Without a doubt, Johnny Wallflower who is a general mensch, super-poster, good friend, enthusiastic supporter of the arts & underground hero in ways most of of probably don’t collectively know. He brightens up my Twitter DM’s with cute pics of his grandkid & is solid dude.
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I will also take this opportunity to applaud hippybear for the great music posts!

Also this. My cup runneth over - I need a longer commute!
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Shout out to the Card Club members! I threw myself in for a request this month, and my mailbox overflowed with adorable, creative, lovingly-sent cards and it was wonderful. I am behind in life in general right now, but I owe lots of individual thank yous

I'm not going to name names, but there are a few Card Club members that routinely send cards to everyone on the request list for the month - shout out to them. They seem like absolutely lovely people, and I appreciate the amount of work that is.

Shout out to my therapist and lawyer (....different people..) who have been dealing with a lot from me lately, and are just wonderful experts that I'm happy to have in my corner.

Shout out to the emergency vet that saved my dog's life 5 weeks ago, and to my regular vet who didn't charge me for the last 2 bandage changes, suture removal, and check-up when part of the wound didn't feel right. Taco is pretty much fully recovered, and I'm so grateful.

Shout out to all of you, who build this community by sharing little parts of your lives , thoughts, and feelings here. I've been busy and not around as much lately, and I'm super glad to get back. Thanks to Fizz for the prompts, to everyone who donates money to keep the lights on, and to the mods who keep everything running smoothly.
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Oh hey well that's sweet - I was scrolling down through here thinking "I must thank Sparky Buttons for running the card club" and here she is! Thank you, Sparky Buttons!

And to everyone who's sent me cards through the club, even if I haven't got around to pinging you a message to say thank you, and especially to ColdChef because receiving an unexpected envelope with the words "I will bury you" on a sticker on the front of the envelope was extremely unnerving, which gave way to peals of laughter and "OMG, I got mail from ColdChef!" upon opening.

And to cortex and all the mods for keeping this place up and running, and jessamyn for being a joy with Josh on the podcast.

And to all of you (especially on the green) for having collectively cultivated the AskMe Voice that lives my head and which I often ask life advice from, and which - without me even having to post a question on the site - will tell me what a wise MeFite would say in response, and makes me feel that, even at the age of 45, I'm still being raised by a village.
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