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I am the only Mefite who has an entry for among their social-media links on their profile. One just cannot play a rewarding game of chess with fewer than two people. I was hoping that other member Mefites might update their profiles with their names, and identify themselves in this thread.

Ideally ones who are a little bit better than me (so I can learn) or a little bit worse than me (so I can win).

(I’m normally UTC+10 if you want to play)
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I used to play a lot of daily games there but eventually switched to mostly playing 3/0 on lichess. It's evil, I need to get back into playing longer games. Anyway, I'm MaxxLange on both sites.
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For longer games I'm also pompomtom on dailychess.

For lalochezia: that's:

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(and yeah, 3/0? Why not just play draughts?)
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you know the answer
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Ideally ones who are a little bit better than me (so I can learn) or a little bit worse than me (so I can win).

So what rating range are you talking about here?
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Done! I'm not very good but I'll accept any challenges from mefites.
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And I've issued you a challenge, pompomtom, and if I did it right we have a day to make each move. I go by my actual name over there (first initial, last name).
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Well, kingless was taken on so I'm kingsome there. I updated my profile here. My timezone is UTC -5 (next month -4 (boo DST)). I usually play 10-minutes games via an iPad, sometimes after a glass or two of wine.

Until this post, I didn't know about the MeFi Social Explorer. Thanks!
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We should probably add Board Game Arena to the Social Explorer as well. We can’t add, sadly, because it doesn’t have public profile pages.

(I like having lots of little boxes in my profile.)
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I'm dfan on (I have a account but don't play there because lichess is so much better).
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Same username as here for but... I'm pretty terrible.
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This is me on spinifexbones

This is me on lichess: spinifexbones

I am also pretty terrible, but I do find chess to be lots of fun.
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DonKinsayder on I play 10-minute games. I’m ranked at 600 on there. Not very good.
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Okay, everyone is way better than me. I checked. Yikes.
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Do you have to be undead to play on lichess? I’m dead inside, if that counts.
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I use this user name in lots of places, and is one of those places.
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Lichess here. I haven't logged in in awhile though. I play for awhile, but get discouraged 'cause I'm bad.
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Well, I am higher rated than some of the posters in this thread. But I've played people who are actually good, and it was clear that I am not in their company. There's always someone better, and you can set the pieces up again.

If anyone wants to work on their game, I commend to you GM Daniel Naroditsky's Speedrun, which starts against beginners and progresses from there. I suppose he's up to about 2200 by now; I fell behind. "Speedrun" is a joke, he spends a lot of time analyzing the games and answering questions. He is a gifted teacher as well as a very strong chess player.
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My chess score is distorted because 99% of the time? I only do puzzles. So, that's my only accurate score, and it's hovering at around 560.
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Hi. My wife Vespabelle, who is a more reliable MeFite than I am, directed me to this post. My USCF is 1874 and I do have a account, though I play on ICC oftener. Anyway I'm Alan_Hartley, feel free to challenge if you see me there.
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So what rating range are you talking about here?

I'm currently 1236 on 10m games on

I am not challenging O. Bender in a million years.
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I'm vbranning on and I'm a rank beginner.
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I should try playing more chess, both on and lichess. I've gone ahead and added lichess as a suggestion at MeFI wiki since several people shared their profiles here.
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Just wanted to say I love the post title :)
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thelonius, we've played each other recently... !

Without giving away my username, it was a Latvian gambit; I pushed a g-pawn to attack a knight on f3 without noticing it was hanging in the first place, lost a few pawns and ended up in a completely drawn Queen ending, which I then blundered away. Good times!
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On boardgamearena, I am the same username as I am here. Come beat me at various games.
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Cardinal Fang, sounds about right!
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Latvian gambit

But what the what?

As white I play the Scotch game A LOT (I've been trying the English for a while, but moved back the Scotch because, well, honestly because I get more wins). I don't think I've ever received this play. Perhaps it's my level?

I suppose I should try to work on it as black.
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Latvian Gambit is 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 f5. It's dubious, but can be pretty effective, especially in blitz. I think most White players don't know much about the theory. Don't play 3 exf5, play 3 Nxe5. I think 3...Nf6 is then not so good and Black plays 3...Qf6. At some point iirc the e5 Knight has to retreat and c4 is the best square for it, a move I don't think I'd look at first.

the Scotch because, well, honestly because I get more wins

Been playing a lot of Scotch Gambit myself, usually out of the Two Knights Defense via 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Nf6 4 d4 exd4. It's just equal if Black knows how to play it. I remember I used to be terrified of it. I lost my first tournament game to it, to a player I knew and who I knew was underrated and a good tactician.

Maybe I should do it straight up with 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 exd4 4 Bc4, because then you also get the lines with 4...Bc5 to play against, which are kind of fun. 4...Nf6 transposes to the Two Knights move order. Then after 5 e5, it is remarkable how many people misplay the position with Black. 5...d5 is probably best, although 5...Ne4 and 5...Ng4 are ok too - again, provided that Black knows what they are doing. I've won a lot of blitz games that went like 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Nf6 4 d4 exd4. 5 e5 Ng4 6 0-0 Ngxe5?? 7 Nxe5 Nxe5 8 Re1, and the horse is going back in the box. I don't recall what Black is supposed to play on move 6, in this line. Not Nxe5 though!
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but really don't worry about all that stuff, you can just play....I know lots about openings and I'm still a patzer. I lost to a guy who was almost USCF 2100 who barely knew any opening theory, once. He plays chess better, go figure.
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Latvian Gambit

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Added my user name to my profile (since it has my real last name I can't post it here). I mostly play daily games but I wouldn't mind getting some more live games later this year.
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