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MeFi user profiles show a user's most used tags for the Blue and the Green. Could we find a way to add, and would other users be interested in adding, FanFare and maybe MeTa tags to that, too?
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No immediate take on this mod-side (it's doable in principle but we haven't talked about it at all), but happy to have folks in the community talk about their thoughts.
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That would be a good addition.
posted by floam at 3:15 PM on February 23

I mean, I guess sure, but not a priority. Just seems, based on the earlier thread, that there are a ton of priorities and frimble has their hands full, and maybe this can hold off until those can be dealt with?
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As an ignorant borderline non-participant in both venues being discussed, I’d nevertheless suggest yes for FanFare, no for MeTa.

... since MeTa serves many functions, it seems like tracking it in this way might have unintended negative consequences. But, again, WTF do I know? Probably nothing. I dunno, just be careful is all, maybe I’m just paranoid.
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I wonder whether most-used MeTa tags would be all that useful--per the Infodumpster, the majority of site members who have made a MeTa post have only made one or two (which leads me to think there's a good chance the majority of site members have never made a MeTa post at all).
posted by box at 12:14 PM on February 24

Having thought this over a bit more, I wonder if tags are best for each of these. I wonder if showing their most frequently-posted to MetaTalk "Category" might be useful. For FanFare, getting their most commented-about TV series' or whatever.

I assume the main function of a users' tag cloud is literally, having the profile page present a decent profile of a user. When I'm profiling fellow MetaFilter users, like because I'm interacting with them for the first time, getting an idea of their MetaTalk behavior would make things a little bit nicer for me.
posted by floam at 12:46 PM on February 24

(By "profiling", I mean innocuous stuff like this example, not profiling profiling:

Let's say you're arguing with User X, and User X is wrong. You click on their profile link in order to form a quick first-approximation caricature of User X, to try to better understand and empathize where they are coming from. User X has posted three times to MetaTalk and their top tags are microaggression, parents, children, happychildfree, childfree, declawing, and quonsar, and all were in the Policy/Etiquette category.

Now better informed, you have the ability to tweak the comment reply you were about to post to the argument. Perhaps you amend:
Anyhow, User X, that's how I feel about it anyhow. Sorry if I was coming off overly-passionate here, this isn't the hill I want to die on today. In fact, I felt exactly how you do about this just a couple years ago, and it was something I spent a lot of time thinking about. I never would have dreamed I'd see it from the other side, that is until we had my baby daughter and I became a parent.
I never thought I would be the one saying this, but the things that I thought were meaningful before, I realized mostly didn't matter. My thinking evolved (I mean not everything, like of course I still don't think it's cool to declaw cats), my heart grew, my mind expanded. So many paradigms were shifted. My thinking from before I had a kid, it kind of reminds me of being similar to how it feels to remember views one had as an adolescent.

So you're not wrong, User X, any more than I was. Reasonable people can disagree here. Have a good night and stay safe!"

posted by floam at 1:58 PM on February 24

Generally into this (especially for FanFare) as well as the option to toggle new fields since people might have been tagging with the expectation of some privacy, especially in MeTas. My +1 isn't an endorsement of reshuffling the development schedule or asking for an implementation date.
posted by michaelh at 1:50 PM on February 25

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