5th Annual Mefi Valentine Mail Exchange January 3, 2022 4:41 PM   Subscribe

Come and get your love! (love = platonic valentines cards)

If you'd like to send and receive some Valentines with your fellow mefites, now's the time to sign up.

Let me know if you want to send up to 5 cards, up to 10 cards or up to 20 cards.

Send me a memail by midnight EST on Thursday January 13th, and I'll try to get addresses to everyone on Friday January 14th.

Please include:

how many cards you want to send (up to 5, up to 10, up to 20)
the name you'd like your cards addressed to
your mailing address
your email address
your mailing preference - US only or anywhere*

*If you'd like a Euro only option, let me know and I'll try to make that work, but definitely specify if you're ok sending cards further afield if there aren't many Euro sign ups (last year we only had 1 or 2 if I remember correctly)

If you don't mind sending an extra card to a latecomer who might notice this post after the deadline, feel free to include that info as well. If you have special requests I am failing to anticipate, toss those in as well and I'll see what I can do.

Any kind of happy card is fine!

This is meant to be fun and low pressure. There's not a deadline, but if you sign up to send cards and then life happens, please let me know so cupid can cover the cards you can't send. If you'd like a card but don't have the bandwidth to send any, please send me your info - I'd love to send you one.

Please join if you're so inclined!

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Hello. I am the person who signed up for holiday cards in November, promptly forgot I did that, then was so confused when my first card arrived that I sent a card back politely asking how the person knew me. But then I got more cards and and a lightbulb went off!, and I sent out my own cards (finally), including an additional card to that first person I sent the lunatic card to. So, that is one way you can do this. Cards are nice!
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Will definitely sign up. I just received 2 more holiday cards yesterday and it totally made me smile.
posted by kathrynm at 12:21 PM on January 4, 2022 [4 favorites]

Yay! The holiday cards this season were a real boost, and I still have a card from last year's Valentine's exchange on my bulletin board because it was so cute.
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International postage being what it is (and my own procrastinating tendencies) I believe most of my December holiday cards will arrive by Valentine's day...

I need to double check (cards removed from the reach of small hands) but I think I'm on 4/5 received though.

Pretty devastatingly though I thought I'd get some cool stamps on to my envelopes but when I posted them it was boring postage paid printed stickers.

Tossing up if I have the brain space to participate again, but it was so fun to send and receive cards this Christmas. :)
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I signed up, even though I will most likely NEVER, EVER be able to out-do the Valentines I found one year. (They were reprints of Victorian-era nude models, with the butts cut out - the idea was that you were supposed to hold your crooked knuckle behind the cut-out spot and turn your knuckle into the model's butt. I figured that was as eponysterical as I could possibly get.)
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I am EXTREMELY ready to crack into my vintage children's valentine collection.
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Hey, I'm still aiming to send out lists on 1/14 but have errands that mean I likely won't get around to it till the afternoon, so if someone happens to see this Friday morning EST, don't assume you're too late!

I'll post again once I've sent out the groups in case anything has gone awry and someone didn't get a list when they expected one.

Also, when choosing your valentines, be aware that glitter attacks are a felony (link to NBC Miami article with the smuggest mugshots I have personally ever seen; to clarify, the glitter alone was not a felony, but many people do prefer their mail be glitter free). Personally, I don't mind glitter but felt the need to shoehorn this ridiculous story into basically every conversation I have today once it came to my attention, so here we are.
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Ok, lists have gone out, to your email if provided and to your memail if not.

If you didn't get a list or have any issues with the list you did get, please let me know!

If you're just seeing this thread now, there are several participants who said they'd send out cards to latecomers or to people who would like a card but don't feel up to sending, so please let me know if you'd still like to participate.
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Got my addresses! Now to get all the baby cupids to stop wiggling long enough to stuff them into envelopes…

Thank you!
posted by mochapickle at 8:48 AM on January 15, 2022 [1 favorite]

I didn't get a list. I'm still willing to send to latecomers or spoonless MeFis.
posted by kathrynm at 11:19 AM on January 15, 2022 [1 favorite]

Resent your list to your memail kathrynm, let me know if you don't have it!

If anyone else didn't get a list and expected one, let me know! I have some pre-winter storm prep to do, but I'll check back in later this evening.
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i didn't get a list?
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wait, no, i found it. wasn't expecting it to go to my regular email for some reason.
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Outlook thought it was spam. But I despammed it and I'm so happy to send love to all!
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Seems like the emails were suspicious. I swear I'm not a spammer, it's just easier to bcc a few lists at once by email than send everyone individual memails. :)

That said, it is also easy to copy and paste a list, so if anyone else can't locate yours, feel free to memail me and I'll just resend it that way.
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Hi - I'm assuming that the deadline to get the cards mailed out is something like February 1st?
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 6:09 AM on January 18, 2022

There's not a deadline, whenever you can get them out is fine. Late valentines are nice too.

Personally I have a goal to get mine out by the end of January, with a fallback "get your act together" deadline of February 5th in mind if my plans go off the rails.

If anyone thinks they can't send their valentines at all, let me know and I'll get those covered.
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