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Do you like to play tabletop role-playing games? Do you want to play some TTRPGs online with other Mefites? Come on in and let's figure it out!

During the last couple of years, I've come to really enjoy playing TTRPGs online, and I've noticed some of you do, too. I think it would be fun to play together! That could look like one-off IRL events ("I'm up to GM Honey Heist this Sunday. First five to sign up have a seat at the table."), or larger-scale organized play (for instance, a weekend of games organized through a tool like Warhorn).

Please chime in if you're interested! It would be great to know what game(s) you like to play, and what role(s) you prefer (e.g. player, GM, and/or organizer of games). If you have any suggestions, please share -- and if you feel like posting an IRL game event, please go for it. Hopefully some great games will grow out of this thread!
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I would really be interested in this sort of thing, but trying to figure out the time difference would be a pretty significant hurdle, I'm thinking. If it's at all possible, and time things can be figured out, I'd be up for joining in.
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I would be interested and am on UK time
Remote play only though.
I can be contacted via MeFiMail 🙂
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Yes please
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I would seriously consider, although my schedule is often a mess, so I could probably only commit to one-four session sorts of things. I mostly do horror and weird fantasy. I like PbtA games (Urban Shadows, Monster of the Week, Hearts of Wulin) but also Cthulhu Dark and Trophy. I have a lot of experience GMing, but I’d rather play, I think.
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I'm making it work right now not with MeFites but with a group of high school friends where our DM is in Hong Kong and running a game at 9 pm our time / 9 am his time. D&D 5th Ed. It's a good time -- basically saying that it's possible and y'all can do it! I would love to run a Mutants and Masterminds campaign at some point, but I won't practically have the time until I finish my Master's.
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Yes! I'm hoping to try some new games this year. Since getting back in the hobby a few years ago I've played plenty of Pathfinder/D&D but we never have as much time as we want to try other stuff. (I'm mostly interested in lighter rule sets and setting/narrative heavy games. Still haven't tried any PbtA / FitD games, for example.)

There are lots of ways of handling scheduling--if there's enough people involved we could use Warhorn to manage signups and time slots. We'd probably need something separate to actively chat and float ideas.

As a player I'd be happy to jump in almost anything I haven't tried. Schedule permitting of course. I'm happy to ry to get up to speed on something new and run games too, especially if people are excited to try something new. Enthusiasm trumps rule sets when calculating fun.
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I might be up for this, as player. So far I've been all D&D but I wouldn't mind picking up a new system.
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I'd be interested. I have no experience in this, at all.
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Yes. I mostly play OSR D&D these days. I would like to play some PbtA game just to see how it's done, someday. I would also like to basically try to re-learn how to DM.
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I’m DMing a game of in-person D&D, but I’d like to get into something as just a PC.
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I'm interested too. South African time zone might be a problem. I've played 5e but interested in learning other systems as well.
I've only ever been a player, not a GM. I'm not keen on horror or overly evil themed games.
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I've only ever played 1e and 5e D&D, and only as a player, but I am so down! Pacific time zone, but very flexible time-wise - this sounds like more fun than sleeping!
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Throwing my hat in the ring. I'd be up for playing... pretty much anything, really. Or I could probably be persuaded to GM something. I'm in (eastern) Australia, which probably isn't a good fit with most TZ-wise, though my schedule is somewhat flexible.
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I'd be down to do a one-off from time to time for sure. Very unlikely that I can commit to a multi-session game schedule but a Saturday Honey Heist for example would be great!
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For my part, I love to GM and also to play. I'm also willing to help organize something later in the year if it seems like a larger event is of interest. I don't have room in my schedule for any more long-term campaigns, but I'd love to GM or play some one/two/three-shots. I'm especially willing/able to GM some low-prep one-shots (e.g. Honey Heist and similar) or D&D 5e one-shots.

I GM/play a lot of D&D 5e, and I also have a long wishlist of games I'd like to GM and/or play. Those include Heart, Spire, Blades in the Dark, Scum & Villainy, Troika, Kids on Bikes, Honey Heist (and the rest of Grant Howitt's one-page oeuvre), Dream Askew / Dream Apart, and many others. I'm up for most anything -- as mark k said, "Enthusiasm trumps rule sets when calculating fun."

I'm in a US time zone but I actually quite like scheduling games early on a weekend morning -- which might be workable for those in Pacific time zones.
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I'd interested in something focused on thematic communal storytelling, so on the indie side of things like PbtA systems or the like.
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Yes, please.

Eastern time here.

I've only played the latest edition of D&D and some games a friend designed, but I'd very much love to learn/try other systems (Powered by the Apocalypse, Forged in the Dark, etc.). My list of games I'd like to try is longer than my arm, and while I've only GM'd D&D, I'd be willing to run whatever on a limited basis after I learn other games. My preference, though, would very much be as a player for any limited-commitment games (one-shots or a few sessions long), as I'm probably already in too many games as is.
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Note: Even though I am in the Eastern US timezone, I really don’t have a schedule, so I can play any time of day.
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Thanks for making this thread! I'm interested in playing one-shots or small campaigns (or just messing around trying a new system for a few hours.) Prep time is limited so role preference leans towards mere player or participating in emergent/shared storytelling systems. No system preference: the thought of a MeFite randomly inviting me into a game I hadn't ever considered playing delights me.
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I would be interested in many of these ideas as a player, especially if it could have minimal prep or 'homework'. I am massively into worldbuilding and setting things up (points at username) but am not up for GM'ing.
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What platform?
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I'd love to do this - probably in a playing capacity. I am likely to wear costumes on the slightest provocation. I'd generally prefer one-offs to a sustained campaign, as my schedule is somewhat unpredictable.
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I'd be up for something/anything as a player. Previously have played (A)D&D 1/2/3/4/5, 3th Age, and currently playing Pathfinder 2e. However because of work I only have time one week in three but that week is wide open. I'd love to play some of the rules light/single page systems.
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Through the pandemic, I've been running a (soon to end) West Marches-style 5e campaign for friends of mine in all 4 US time zones. It's a "pick up" style of D&D that works well for adult schedules. I would not, at the moment, be up for running one of those for a large MeFi group of players, but it could be a good solution for the right DM, or multiple DMs.

I'd be very interested in playing pretty much anything, especially PF 2e, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, or Forged in the Dark systems. I've run one shots of Fate and Mork Borg with varying success, and would be happy to run one shots of those or other systems.
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I play and GM indie collaborative storytelling games (PbtA etc.) I'm the UK,
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I am running a GURPS fantasy game on Roll20 these days. There are already a half-dozen players (across four time zones) which is getting close to my limits to give everyone some spotlight time, but drop me a line if anyone is interested.

If there is interest from enough players, I think I could run a separate game -- either one with some peripheral connections to the existing one or an entirely separate game in this or another genre.

I live in the Eastern time zone in North America, for what it's worth (UTC-5).
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In the UK with an ever increasing horde of tragically-mostly-unplayed indie/small press/crowdfunded stuff as well as bigger name bits and bobs. Happy to run or play one-offs or mini-campaigns to frolic through the backlog.

(Currently wistfully eyeing: Blades in the Dark, For the Queen, Burning Empires, Night Witches, Fiasco (box set edition), Alice is Missing, the new version of Everway, Delta Green, The King In Yellow (Pelgrane), Cobwebs, Be Seeing You.)
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I'm fairly interested! I've been painting lots of Call of Cthulhu minis for months now, so have some preference for in-person games once Omicron subsides. (I'm in Oakland, CA; feel free to send a ping if you're in the area.) I'm short on bandwidth right now, but in general very happy to GM.

I've played allll kinds of things over the years, and these days tend to prefer lighter rules sets. Currently reading 'The Dawn of Everything' which weirdly has me wanting to play a mesolithic game of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Somebody want to put together a google sheet for coordinating?
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This sounds interesting - I haven’t played much, but my partner has. We’re east coast, and would possibly be interested in playing.
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I'm up for pretty much anything, but dipping into different indie-ish systems sounds particularly appealing. East Coast.
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I would be interested.
UK Time, Remote.

I have a regular DnD game with some friends every other friday, which I used to DM but someone more competent has taken over. (Was 5e is now savage worlds)
I have a setting idea that I would like to try, but I don't really have the time to get it set up right now. But I would be keen to join a group as a player and then try running it at a later date.
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I'm playing most Friday nights (western Canada, mountain time), but might be interested in this - particularly if it was a system other than d&D 5e which I'm playing a lot of.
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Hey, I'd sure be interested as well. US East Coast, pretty flexible schedule. I have some thoughts about a campaign I'd like to run, let me see if I can convince myself to do it. Would probably be in D&D 5e, since that's the only thing I'm familiar enough with to run, but it would have to be a fairly rules-light, RP-heavy kind of thing.
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I like this idea so much!
But I was on the email list for a local tabletop gaming group for two years and never went. But I wanted to.

So, if a list is made I would like to be on it as a player with some D&D experience (3rd edition? not sure, late 90s-ish). Central time, U.S.
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I’ll take a (back) stab at a google docs sheet this weekend.
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Ooh. I would be interested! Pacific time for me. Evenings/weekends are best. I have played a lot of different systems, indie and otherwise, and prefer story/roleplaying to tactics. Able to list systems as needed.
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I fear spreadsheets in the same way wedding guests fear albatross-wielding mariners, but I’ve given it a go:

Mefites & Mephits: Assemble the Party

If I’m missing something useful on the sheet, add/mod away! Oh, and I’ve only added myself for now - I didn’t want to assume that everyone in the thread is okay with being listed on the sheet without explicit consent.
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I just added my name to the spreadsheet but hope it's OK to offer a specific session here:

I ran a game of the new-ish Swords of the Serpentine RPG yesterday and was fun enough I'd be happy to run a session for MeFites, if there's interest. This is a swords-and-sorcery themed GUMSHOE game, with a heavy emphasis on the investigation aspects of adventuring, and has a nifty fantasy city setting. Zero familiarity with the rules or even RPG experience required.

I'd be targeting late March or April, a weekend session. I'm US west coast but can play morning or evening so there's some flexibility on time. The game would be a one-shot, about 4 hours.

MeMail me if you're interested. I'll start up a Doodle to find a good day if we have enough.
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Very interested in remote play
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Selfishly calling attention to my AskMe for D&D 5e knowing-persons that might have this in Recent Activity but not be following Ask regularly.
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