Did I mis-remember or does this Mefi post exist? [holiday gift list] November 3, 2023 10:58 AM   Subscribe

I remember at least two MeFI posts about an annual gift/list and/or catalogue that was full of ridiculously expensive and very niche holiday gifts and the author of the link to the article(s) was just delightfully sassy and salty about the entire list and the associated prices.

I'm not American but it seemed like a well known American catalogue /brand?
I don't think it was the famous 'Oprah's list of favourite things' but it might have been ?

Am I totally misremembering this ??

I've searched several different keywords / terms on the site and in my favourites and can't find anything like it.
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The Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog (2022) and searching the site for "Williams-Sonoma" brings up previous posts as well.
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I think Drew Magary originated the Hater’s Guide at Deadspin, and continued it at Defector.

Other previouslies:
I can’t find a MeFi post for 2021.
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Yes yes that's it thank you!
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thanks :)
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