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How's everyone doing?

In California where I live, news reports of bad weather are usually absurd exaggerations and it's a bit of an eyeroll when people call/email/text to ask if I'm ok. But the accounts we're seeing look dreadful so here I am doing the same to all of you.
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Thankfully Paris missed the worst of it, we had medium rain and strong but not dangerous winds. My parents near Brighton had heavier rain but not dangerous winds, stronger than here though.

I hope everyone is doing ok.
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It scared a cat that loves storms. Otherwise, fine.
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Two storms in two weeks, two near apocalyptic warnings about how it would go here from the met office, and... I guess it's been a bit rainy lately? It's like this every time. Bad in coastal areas, fine here, all the apocalyptic warnings cover us this far inland anyway.
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Here, four Danes went out in a sailboat last week despite everyone telling them not to, and it didn't end well. There was lots of rain and lots of flooding as well, more in the north than in the center / south. In Lisbon it meant mainly piles of wet, uncollected garbage everywhere. Thanks for asking!
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Endless rain here in Amsterdam!

But Amsterdam is a city of canals and these are connected eventually to the ocean which has been having storm surges.

Last week they closed all the locks! That means we are disconnected from the river IJ and the sea. First time in 20 years they say.

It's kind of exciting especially as developers built houses on the IJ outside the protective locks and those houses had water up to their windows...
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Stoneshop and I did not suffer any real danger or bad outcomes. Thanks for asking!
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Copenhagen here. All is calm with typical autumn weather.
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North of England here. Apart from it raining for approximately the last subjective seven and a half years, everything's been fine except for a couple of rail lines between here and a couple of the nearby cities being flooded out for a day or two back in October.
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I (in the U.S.) spoke with a friend in Paris last week, and she was telling me about the weather near her and on Île de Ré, where she had been the weekend before.

I told her about the STORM DANGER graphics that run on American television news broadcasts pretty much every day. I hadn't realized just how severe the European storms were, because they didn't make the news here. If American newscasters really cared about people being in peril from storms, this should have been leading the news each night: the winds were huge and the rain was heavy! But not a peep.

Man, I hate the news.

Stay safe, friends!
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East of the Netherlands here. We don't seem to have been in any real peril, this far from the coast, and now everything is back to normal. Thanks for the topic!
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Report from the Irish Midlands. Have power this morning and heaved one branch off our lane at first light.
Hereabouts we name storms alphabetically in partnership with the UK and NL Met Offices, starting from 1st September. Last Year Sep2022-Aug2023 we only got through A for Antoni and B for Betty both in August 2023. This year, we're already 4 storms down [Agnes 27Sep, Babet 16Oct, Ciarán 02Nov, Debi 13Nov] in less than 3 months with Debi blowing through last night tracking more or less N of us and heading for Scotland today. Ciarán skirted the coast to the South and heading up La Manche. The Atlantic is so fizzy hot that we're expecting at least some of Elin, Fergus, Gerrit, Henk, Isha, Jocelyn, Kathleen, Lilian, Minnie, Nicholas, Olga, Piet, Regina, Stuart, Tamiko, Vincent and Walid to make landfall this Winter. Met Éireann have used their names to commemorate real scientists including Jocelyn "Pulsars" Bell Burnell.
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That explains the change in naming conventions, thank you!
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Honour rather than commemorate, Bell Burnell is still with us.
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