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Does anybody know how to make bookmarklets? (Also here.) I have an idea for a great one for Metafilter users.

I, like many, use lo-fi me-fi almost exclusively. It's easier on the server, it's easier on my eyes, and it's not so obviously "not work." But when I want to post a comment, in lo-fi, I have to go up to the URL bar and delete the string "comments_deleted." from the URL and click Enter to bring up the comment window. A bookmarklet that did this would allow me to bring up that comment window with a single click to the links toolbar (IE6) -- and perhaps strip out the color at the same time? Anyone?
posted by stupidsexyFlanders to Feature Requests at 11:55 AM (8 comments total)

I don't even know what lo-fi me-fi is, but if you're just removing a query string from a URL, you'd probably just want:

javascript:void(window.location = + document.location.pathname)
posted by endquote at 1:03 PM on October 10, 2002

ok, due to some weird stuff, i can't work out how to post the bookmarklet here (it seems that server-side code on meta is munging quote characters). so, apologies for the self link, but what you want is at the bottom of this page. at least, it works for me on mozilla 1.0.
posted by andrew cooke at 1:36 PM on October 10, 2002

if matt wants to drop the self link, you can make your own using href='javascript: location=location.href.match(/(.*)_deleted(.*)/).slice(1,3).join("");' - just stick (with no line break) that in <a> tags and bookmark the link.
posted by andrew cooke at 1:41 PM on October 10, 2002

with an hour's work, I could have the plain text "skin" of lofi as an option in the customize area for members. I changed most of the site's html to accommodate this.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:19 PM on October 10, 2002

Great. While everyone else is giving you birthday greetings, I'm giving you work. Don't do it if you're not inclined...andrew's solution works fine for me.
posted by stupidsexyFlanders at 9:31 PM on October 10, 2002

Matt, I'd love to see an option where you could just past in your own CSS code to "skin" mefi any way you want.

That would be ulta-cool.
posted by Neale at 10:15 PM on October 10, 2002

endquote: Lo-Fi Me-Fi =
posted by metaxa at 1:51 AM on October 11, 2002

Alternately, in lofi if you click on the "Post a Comment" link at the end of the FPP instead of the "n comments" link you'll get the "standard" MeFI BLue comment thread with no editing of the url necessary.
posted by DBAPaul at 3:50 AM on October 11, 2002

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