I changed the way new/same window targetting is done January 9, 2003 5:24 PM   Subscribe

I changed the way new/same window targetting is done, so if you have your preferences set to "open links in a new window" and links internal to metafilter are spawning new windows, let me know and I'll fix them. Only links within posts, comments and on the front page should lead to new windows, everything else should stay the same.
posted by mathowie (staff) to Bugs at 5:24 PM (11 comments total)

Cool, thanks mathowie.
posted by dg at 5:35 PM on January 9, 2003

Ahh, that explains why when I hit "Preview" it's opening a new window!
posted by rushmc at 5:49 PM on January 9, 2003

Also, every old thread is coming from a flat file. If you venture into any old threads and see a weird display/missing page, let me know.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:49 PM on January 9, 2003

(Only on the MF side, it appears, not in Meta.)
posted by rushmc at 5:50 PM on January 9, 2003

Where at on the mefi side rushmc? I fixed the comment page. Is it only in preview?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:51 PM on January 9, 2003

oops, should be fixed now.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:56 PM on January 9, 2003

Matt, the internal links on the side blog spaw in a new window for me. (IE6 SP1 on XP SP1)
posted by riffola at 6:22 PM on January 9, 2003

posted by riffola at 6:23 PM on January 9, 2003

I'm not getting anything but the logo, the menu and the textads. That is to say, no posts.

In IE 6 on Windows XP, slightly drunk.
posted by Hildago at 6:28 PM on January 9, 2003

Clicking Current Archives of the MetaTalk Index page produces an error for me
Element METATALK_LAST_VISIT is undefined in SESSION.

The error occurred in C:\metafilter sites\metatalk.metafilter.com\archived.mefi: line 40
Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-US; rv:1.2) Gecko/20021126
Remote Address xx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Referrer http://metatalk.metafilter.com/
Date/Time 09-Jan-03 08:38 PM
Stack Trace
at cfarchived2emefi1949762971.runPage(C:\metafilter sites\metatalk.metafilter.com\archived.mefi:40)
posted by willnot at 8:41 PM on January 9, 2003

When I click Login on the login page, the "Thanks for logging in" page is in a new window, then when I click "jump directly to the index page" it opens another new window.

This happens both with Mozilla 1.0 and IE 6.0 on XP.

(Gak. The first time I post something where I include my system I'm on my company laptop, not my Mac. :-( )
posted by blm at 3:01 PM on January 10, 2003

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