I really don't want to check MF one day and find a link to Mahir March 26, 2000 7:38 AM   Subscribe

Almost without exception, all the stuff I've seen posted here in the last week is stuff that has either been posted here before or has been posted everywhere else first. I have a small suggestion to help alleviate this situation: a disclaimer on the post page discouraging people to post links culled from other weblogs. That way, there will be more first-run links. I really don't want to check MF one day and find a link to Mahir. I really don't.
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I don't know if it'll work, but I'm afraid I feel the same way. As I indicated in the previous thread about this subject (what's this? a third thread about repeating stuff in as many days?), I don't think it's necessarily reasonable to do this programmatically - but with *hundreds* of new users over the last few weeks, it is becoming a bit of a problem. It does make sense that by discouraging links found on other weblogs we could strip out a lot of the repetition...

I was thinking about the fact that when I first came to MetaFilter I spent probably 2 days trying to find something worthy of posting here... Since another problem (IMO) on MeFi these days is a lowering of standards for posts, I'm going to work on getting back to that level of restraint - - - I'll find someplace else to deal with my bloggerea™
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i've been seeing so many posts lately that are incredibly old. and then, a lot of the others aren't even worth discussing. even as recently as a month ago, 2 out of 3 posts had lots of comments and were at least mildly interesting. not that i have any solution, the only way to enforce higher standards is to monitor the posts, and that's just a horrible time sink.
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I doubt people are knowingly posting links from other weblogs, and if they are, a simple disclaimer could help. I only check out maybe two or three others, so things I post may have been posted somewhere else, but how would I know? I think other people might be doing the same thing. Shrug.
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I hold myself responsible for the lack of interesting posts.
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