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Password problems: When I hopped over to MeFi today, I found I wasn't automatically logged in any more. I don't know if that's a MeFi problem itself, as I've had all sorts of weirdness with IE lately on my end. I logged in, no problem. But then when I tried to post a response in a MetaTalk thread, my password wasn't automatically filled in like it usually is. I didn't even notice until I hit "post," at which time I got a yummy ColdFusion error.
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And the password still isn't showing up as I type this. It appears to be a MetaTalk-only problem; MeFi itself is working fine. Here's the error:



Error Occurred While Processing Request

Error Diagnostic Information

An error occurred while evaluating the expression: 


Error near line 25, column 10.

Error resolving parameter USER_MATCH

ColdFusion was unable to determine the value of the parameter. This problem is very likely due to the fact that either: 

1.	You have misspelled the parameter name, or 
2.	You have not specified a QUERY attribute for a CFOUTPUT, CFMAIL, or CFTABLE tag.

The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (#user_match#), occupying document position (25:9) to (25:20).

Date/Time: 01/29/01 14:16:25
Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5b1; Mac_PowerPC)
Remote Address:
HTTP Referer:

Please inform the site administrator that this error has occurred (be sure to include the contents of this page in your message to the administrator).


That's what you get clicking "post". Clicking "preview" just gives you the preview page with a big blank after "Comment Preview:".
posted by aaron at 2:17 PM on January 29, 2001

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