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It's been mentioned a few times here, but one thread in particular got me thinking about it, and this weekend I finally got off my ass and did something about it. I bring to you, Ask Metafilter.
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Basically, there is an untapped potential in the mefi userbase when it comes to advice and general knowledge, and I wanted to provide a way for it to be accessable without taking away from metafilter itself. Hopefully, this can fit the bill. This is very "first draft", and I am open to suggestions about how it might work better, so please, let me know what you think.
posted by Hackworth at 10:13 AM on December 8, 2003

Well, obviously, it'd be cool if it already used existing user accounts here. I've always wanted to create an Ask MetaFilter area of the site but was weighed down in issues of how to manage it, if I should charge some nominal fee to ask a question (to keep the number of questions down), etc.

It could just be a section of MetaTalk, and grow into its own section if need be. Hackworth, would you be pissed if I did that and sort of undermined your whole thing?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:44 AM on December 8, 2003

This is a great idea, if people use it--Maybe Matt can put in on the sidebar? (I just picked everyone's brain at the hoboken meetup, so I know I could use something like this.)

on preview: if it's actually part of here, that's even better. : >
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Harnessing the collective brain power of the mob - love it. Unfortunately I have no worthwhile area of expertise, so I don't think I'll be contributing much. Unless anyone needs to know something about flowers. Then I'm your man, as it were.

On preview: If Matt takes it over it would be nice if Hackworth could oversee it. And charging money to keep the moronic questions to a minimum is a good idea.
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It could just be a section of MetaTalk, and grow into its own section if need be. Hackworth, would you be pissed if I did that and sort of undermined your whole thing?

DO IT! It's not really "Ask Metafilter" if it's not on Metafilter....

I'd like to put in a vote for tying it into MeFi blue, though. That's where the real power is.

We just need some kind of additional outlet for the community so people won't feel the need to force things into FFPs that really shouldn't be there.

There's a very real community here, as everyone knows, but that community has no way to really ask what kind of digital camera they should buy, announce the birth of a child, or talk about anything else without it being crafted into a perfect FPP.
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[this is good]

This really needs supervision and moderation. It becomes much more valuable if you know the information provided has been validated. Sure, this will happen naturally in the typical MeFi Scooby manner. But it would be more valuable if we had 20 great comments, rather than 20 great ones hidden in 100 pancake injokes.
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Hey, if it gets integrated here, great. As long as it gets done. Maybe I can get a discount ;)
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that community has no way to really ask what kind of digital camera they should buy, announce the birth of a child, or talk about anything else...

Are we going to have to pay to make personal announcements as well as ask questions? If so, I'm making mine while it's still free: I'm moving upstate this weekend! (Don't worry, NYC MeFites, I still work in the city, so will be available for lunch and MeFi get-togethers in the city.)
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When did annoucements become questions?
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"When did annoucements become questions?"

Or, if you charge for posting a question:

I think keeping it focused is key. Help desk questions - Yes. Questions about social what-ifs and glassware - No.
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hmm, maybe I'll leave my forum open for the social whatifs and glassware if the helpdesk (which, I am assuming, means more ask-google-ish content) stuff is done here for a fee. Ponies for all!
posted by Hackworth at 12:40 PM on December 8, 2003

I've always loved the 'which piece of software is best for x' and so on question threads at Discuss at a certain other unnamed site, so [this is good].
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Perhaps the way to implement this is to mutate “Karma” a la Slashdot or K5. Not to reinvent “karma” or anything, but perhaps a modified version could be useful. In the beginning, a user gets a certain number of “Asks.” These “Asks” are increased by some additional unit every time the user answers another user’s “Ask”. If the user’s “Ask” was modded up as +X (Informative, Interesting, ETC.) then the “Ask” given to the user is multiplied/increased. The advantages of this system, it that those who give the most relevant answers are rewarded, without penalizing those who just need a quick answer and who do not use the system. A section of random users are given moderator points, and mod the answers. The downside of all of this is, of course, the addition of new coding and service by Matt. On the other hand, there would always be areas and opportunities for abuse. Perhaps those with areas of expertise could somehow be used. Maybe when you sign up, you could indicate what you do, and what level of knowledge in different areas the user has. Perhaps those with more knowledge in one area, such as Architecture (in my case) could earn the distinction of a moderator in their given area. This could come about by better Karma, and use. But, I think I’m just thinking out loud. It all sounds fine and dandy, but that also sounds like a lot of work, and I wouldn’t know where to start.

Personally, I think “Ask MeFi” would be a great addition to MeFi. Perhaps, this wouldn’t have a home on the Blue, but perhaps a list of the last X “Asks” could be placed on the sidebar. (???) Either way, can we Ask MetaFilter how to implement "Ask MetaFilter"?
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I don't mind questions about glassware actually. If I could ask any question on earth right now to the members here, it'd probably be about HDTV stuff, which is more homeware than software.
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I don't mind questions about glassware actually.

I suspect the "social what-ifs and glassware" kvetch is just y6y6y6 taking yet another swipe at MiguelCardoso.
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yet another swipe at MiguelCardoso

I suspect you're right, but honestly if anyone is going to push the boundaries of what is acceptable it's bound to be Miguel.

(of course, I may just be joining in the Miguel flogging because he spilled the beans about my xmas gift all over MeFi when I've been successfully avoiding other blogs talking about it -- who hasn't heard of "more inside"? I would have liked for it to be a surprise, and was surprised to learn it today.)
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On that note -- would it be possible to block Miguel's IP in the "Ask Metafilter" configuration? I just mean, you know, hypothetically.
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don't worry, matt--we switched to a different gift (and we're not letting miguel know about it this time) : >
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Damn me, I'm deeply sorry, Matt. I tried to do the space thing, like boing boing, but it didn't work. I feel awful now.
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"just y6y6y6 taking yet another swipe at MiguelCardoso."

For the record........

I said a while back that I was done taking swipes at Miguel, and I meant it. I'm trying, really hard, to not take swipes at him. Clearly I'm failing. But I really am making an effort.

Miguel has my respect. He is part of the culture here. And I love this place. If he was offended by the glassware remark, I'm sorry, that really wasn't my intention. It was suppose to be more playful ribbing - Something he and I could sip port and laugh about rather than a sharp poke in the ribs.
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This is a great idea - it was sort of tried with the MeFi Tribe but the bottom line is, if it ain't part of MeFi "proper" it ain't gonna fly. While I can see why you would charge to ask a question, the work involved in administering this and the number of people who will be left out in the cold by being unable to pay for whatever reason may outweigh the benefits in terms of cutting down frivolous questions.
posted by dg at 3:11 PM on December 8, 2003

As someone who is a veteran of Google Answers... I have some advice.

++If you charge, let it be nominal and unless you want to moderate AMF forever, let it just be the up front "ask a question" charge and not have some sort of completion-implication wrapped up in it.

++ karma is a good idea, or allowing the question asker to close the question once they've gotten the level of info they need [since it's in MeTa it will drop off the front page fast and can't be revived with "my comments" like on the front page]

++ think of some nice way to avoid doing people's homework, offering legal or medical advice [if you're not a lawyer/doctor, or maybe even if you are] or doing people's market research, otherwise the place will fill up FAST.

++ it will quickly take over MeTa, might want to give it its own page, or a way to toggle it on and off....

++ be hardass about cutesy bullshit, unless you like that sort of thing. I got attitude from the google answers powers that be for giving a flip answer to the question "I like girls. do you like girls?"

++ let the questions begin! that's cool Matt.... [and hackworth!]
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migs is attention seeking by being naughty
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space thing my arse
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I love this idea. I'm remembering a while back someone posted a link to a site with a name like "Life Support," which was basically running a freeware/shareware script that could run a tech support site - open and close cases, response archiving, etc. Would an arrangement like that work?

It'd be nice if questions with answers could be categorized and archived to create a kind of all-over-the-map "knowledge base" of MeFi knowledge.
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I guess I don't understand the idea of charging for the work of volunteers—admittedly, I may be missing something. Can someone explain to me how this model would work and why it is preferred?
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I think the idea is to keep people from asking any old frivilous question and to keep moderation requirements low, rather than a money generating plan. or not, depends on Matt.
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I guess I don't understand the idea of charging for the work of volunteers—admittedly, I may be missing something.

Never read Tom Sawyer?
posted by timeistight at 9:09 AM on December 9, 2003

Hey, thanks for the props... It should be called Banished Ask Metafilter ehh? I'm just damn glad you got Matt excited about this again. I've wanted it for a long time now.
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