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Re: The article in French, linked on the sideblog.

Don't take this as a perfect translation, I've only had 4 years of French (in an american public school, no less), but here's the first paragraph of that article.

Last February 28th, the earth rumbled in Seattle, USA. Even before an urgent dispatch came across the news wire services, a net surfer wrote on the american website Metafilter: "I'm sitting at work in the Real Networks building. We have just experienced close to a minute of jostling and shaking. There is now a six foot crack on the wall of my office. Looking around, nothing appears to have fallen over, but there are crowds of people on the sidewalks." This web surfer relayed the news, like every day on Metafilter, one of the most significant american "Web logs".
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And now, because I think it's funny, the translation from Babelfish:

Last 28 February, the ground trembles in Seattle, in the United States. Before even as an urgent dispatch do not fall on the wire from the services news, a Net surfer written on the American site Metafilter: "a large earthquake strikes the downtown area of Seattle. I sat at my office, in the building of Real Networks. We have just lived ten minutes of intense jolts. There is now an enormous crack on the wall. What I see, nothing fell, but it ya of the masses of people in the streets." It is a Net surfer who relayed information, like tous.les.jours on Metafilter, one of most significant "the Web American logs."
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I have to admit, I stole their quote directly from Mars' post, I figured it was a direct translation :)
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Wheee! I'm famous!

Damn, there went my fifteen minutes. I was hoping to save it for something a little more... well... meaningful, you know?

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