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Could there be a feature that automatically makes a disparaging comment about a poster's physical appearance when a nude picture of the person is posted?
posted by brownpau to Etiquette/Policy at 3:00 PM (21 comments total)

dunno, but angry modem's about to get banninated.
posted by PrinceValium at 3:06 PM on March 18, 2004

thanks for highlighting that fuckwit
posted by carfilhiot at 3:20 PM on March 18, 2004

posted by The God Complex at 5:10 PM on March 18, 2004

It's times like these when I thank nature for giving me a natural filter to danger, for example to understand that when four people in a row post humorous "this is me naked" links, at least one of them is likely something very bad I don't want to see, and as such I have avoided actually looking at it. Thanks, nature!
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 5:40 PM on March 18, 2004

If that's what I think it was, I've successfully avoiding seeing that for years.

And now...
posted by Cyrano at 5:41 PM on March 18, 2004

[Repeatedly slams head against keyboard in an effort to banish images from mind.]
posted by orange swan at 5:51 PM on March 18, 2004

I was, again, referring to the thread. What is wrong with you people?
posted by The God Complex at 5:57 PM on March 18, 2004

Cyrano, I didn't click, but that can only be the voice of someone directed to Goatse.

Nice knowing ya, modem.
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 6:05 PM on March 18, 2004

What, everyone wants to ban Angry Modem just because he linked to something?

I don't know about you guys, but when I hover over a link, my browser shows me the address on the bottom of the screen. Also, he did the (nsfw) thing. Isn't that enough to tell you not to click the link?

Also, whatever you do, DON"T google "tubgirl". I'm warning you, don't do it!
posted by interrobang at 6:15 PM on March 18, 2004

Normally I'd agree with interrobang, but posting a link and saying it's NSFW as if that absolves you from guilt is like putting a bottle of bleach on the floor and telling your kid "don't drink this" before leaving him to go shopping.

If he didn't think anyone was going to click it, then he wouldn't have posted it. Tricking people to go to Goatse is pretty much the most annoying and insulting thing someone could do on a site theoretically devoted to intelligent conversation. It's a lack of respect not just for a single person but Matt and every user on the site. To say it's like taking a dump on Metafilter demeans its true vulgarity.

That sounds preachy, but ignorance honestly upsets me more than anything else. At the very least I think modem should apologize for something as stupid as that. And I don't advocate that he gets banned; only that I'd understand if he was.
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 6:25 PM on March 18, 2004

posted by interrobang at 6:28 PM on March 18, 2004

Who cares. Neither of these god-forsaken thread should have existed in the first place. Reap what you sow, mother fuckers.
posted by The God Complex at 6:30 PM on March 18, 2004

I mean that in the nicest possible way.
posted by The God Complex at 6:31 PM on March 18, 2004

it's not a bannable offense I don't think...didn't we just have a FPP about goatse a little while ago? (goatse pops up here a lot actually, which says something about us)
posted by amberglow at 7:06 PM on March 18, 2004

But the link was to my comment, and my anus isn't gaping. Because I pixelated it.
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:10 PM on March 18, 2004

I, for one, welcome our goat-fucking overlords.
posted by keswick at 8:25 PM on March 18, 2004

This pixelator...did it vibrate?
posted by trondant at 8:28 PM on March 18, 2004

i havent been that shocked since, oh, five minutes ago when i read that bono is getting fined for saying fuck.

or was that nbc is getting fined...

or someone...

anyway, that was seriously gross

fuck you/nice job
posted by tsarfan at 8:29 PM on March 18, 2004

All I gotta say is, you have two threads about nude people in metatalk, and you want me banned for goatse?

At least I said it was NSFW.
posted by angry modem at 11:56 AM on March 19, 2004

Correction: two threads about nude MeFites. Much, much worse.
posted by DrJohnEvans at 2:30 PM on March 19, 2004

and I mean that in the nicest possible way.
posted by DrJohnEvans at 2:30 PM on March 19, 2004

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