Mefi member count discrepancy June 19, 2001 8:20 AM   Subscribe

Someting simple, actually (I hope). On the front page of MeFi, if you're not logged in, the member count is 9342. When you're logged in the member count is 9075.
posted by pnevares to Bugs at 8:20 AM (8 comments total)

Is this the difference between the point at which new membership stopped and those that have accounts through the 5K? Just guessing.
posted by machaus at 10:36 AM on June 19, 2001

Obviously, MeFi is bigger on the outside than it is on the inside.
posted by kindall at 4:10 PM on June 19, 2001

It's the disappeared! Free the Metafilter 267!
posted by rodii at 4:56 PM on June 19, 2001

As one of the 267, though I can't claim to be the spokesperson, I signed up right here. I decided to jump in after being a long time voyeur. I thought I was a secret member.
posted by mmm at 6:45 AM on June 20, 2001

I think it's a quantum effect.
posted by daveadams at 6:59 AM on June 20, 2001

The answer is obvious: there's a wormhole in the space-time continuum!

:: sigh :: Well it worked on Star Trek: Voyager...that was their answer to everything.
posted by metrocake at 8:32 AM on June 20, 2001

No. Eddies in the space-time continuum. And those are his accounts.
posted by kindall at 9:17 AM on June 20, 2001

I hope Eddie can get back out of the space-time continuum. Who'd want to spend his life in there?
posted by Steven Den Beste at 11:36 AM on June 20, 2001

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