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Anybody develop any (or know of any) MetaFilter-related OS X Dashboard widgets?
posted by xmutex to MetaFilter-Related at 2:18 PM (12 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

I don't know what you're talking about, but I've already seen a Metafilter widget in the wild.

No, not really
posted by nathan_teske at 8:57 PM on April 30, 2005

Is there a developer's guide for them? I heard it was just a pile of html and simple scripts to make them.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:34 PM on April 30, 2005

Yeah. Looks exactly like HTML/CSS/Javascript. Should be fun when my copy of Tiger arrives Monday.
posted by xmutex at 10:35 PM on April 30, 2005

"Looks exactly like" == is nothing more than
posted by quonsar at 6:10 AM on May 1, 2005

erm, that wasn't a put down, but rather praise. if you can make a web page, you can make a widget.
posted by quonsar at 6:11 AM on May 1, 2005

"Looks exactly like" == is nothing more than

On the level of syntax, this is true. But widgets also have access to a wide range of OS X toolbox hooks. See the "Leveraging Mac OS X Technologies" section in the linked page above.
posted by gwint at 8:26 AM on May 1, 2005

What exactlly would a "MetaFilter-related OS X Dashboard widget" do?
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 1:23 PM on May 1, 2005

An alerter when a stalk-ee posts a comment would be useful ;)
posted by Space Coyote at 1:33 PM on May 1, 2005

Possible widgets:

1) Press of a button turns on the "Matt Signal"

2) Notifies users of posts relating, but not limited, to: Apple, Pepsi, CNN, NYTimes, Iraq, teh gay, Abu Ghraib, a Bush gaffe, fat people, dating advice, switching from Windows, socialist MeFi behavior, a quonsarism, a MeFi Meetup, making fun of Republicans, flameout MeTa threads
posted by SeizeTheDay at 2:24 PM on May 1, 2005

I'm thinking ambient data. Wiget changes color depending on the level of mefi activity (or activity in commented threads). Other gauges for askmefi questions you've posted, etc.
posted by Tlogmer at 2:56 PM on May 1, 2005

Not on Dashboard, but I set my ScreenSaver to be the RSS feed of AskMe, which is pleasantly surreal.
posted by mkultra at 10:30 AM on May 2, 2005

this'll be great - its such a pain to click on my browser, then scroll down the bookmarks . . . keep scrolling . . . click on metafilter . . . such a pain.
I can't wait until metafilter is integrated into my bloodstream.

Seriously though I'm not being snarky. Someone should devlop a metafilter widget.
posted by klik99 at 6:29 PM on May 2, 2005

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