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Missing pony: Author information in RSS feeds. According to this earlier metatalk thread, the RSS feeds should contain the name of a post's author in the appropriate field, but there are no such tags showing up in the feed. Was that pony stillborn? Can it be revived?
posted by mendel to Feature Requests at 9:46 AM (4 comments total)

The current feed follows the 0.91 RSS specification and would need to follow the 2.0 spec to contain those tags.
posted by Rothko at 10:00 AM on June 30, 2005

Yeah, in that last thread mathowie asked where they'd go according to the 2.0 spec. I figured that that was part of the plan.
posted by mendel at 10:13 AM on June 30, 2005

I have a 2.0 template around here somewhere I need to finish up. Deploying stuff under new vague standards-that-aren't-really-standards is kind of a pain and something I've always sort of kept on the backburner.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:43 AM on June 30, 2005

Doesn't the atom feed already have this?
posted by turbodog at 3:11 PM on June 30, 2005

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