IRC September 20, 2001 12:38 PM   Subscribe you know you want to set it up, matt.
posted by moz to Feature Requests at 12:38 PM (7 comments total)

IRC! weeeeeeeeee!
posted by a11an at 8:49 PM on September 20, 2001

Why not just use one of the hundreds of IRC networks already out there? Speaking from experience, setting up and maintaining an IRC server of one's own is a huge undertaking that would draw the interest of maybe 50 people.

I agree that the ability to chat with peers is a great thing, but no one's stopping you from registering a channel on an IRC network( is nice) and letting people know where its at.. :)
posted by djc at 8:56 PM on September 20, 2001

who would be interested in a #mefi, though? besides us. i'm an efnet slug, but i know no one really wants to use efnet ever.
posted by moz at 12:53 PM on September 21, 2001

I'd be interested. It would suck away far too much of my remaining free time, but I'd be interested.
posted by moss at 2:52 PM on September 21, 2001

I would also be interested.
posted by j.edwards at 3:10 PM on September 21, 2001

Since I have precious little time that Metafilter doesn't not suck out of me, sure why not make it a sweep.

I don't need a life...
posted by fooljay at 8:46 PM on September 21, 2001

i'm looking into a server right now, but if that doesn't work out, we'll probably have to use a regular irc server. i'll let you know.
posted by moz at 2:57 PM on September 22, 2001

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