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May 30

instantly recognisable classic askme answer pirated on reddit

Looks like reddit wasn't smart from the very beginning - this famous AskMe reply was copied on reddit WTF.
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May 28

I believe the gift for this anniversary is unobtanium

Congratulations to byanyothername and to MetaFilter on the occasion of the 150,000th post. Previously.
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May 27

comment describing maladaptive behavior of poor

There was a comment or maybe a series of comments, that described pretty eloquently why the poor and disenfranchised spend money on small, wasteful things rather than saving. Or maybe it was on smoking? I can't find it or remember the context. [more inside]
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May 26

Flooding in Houston

Hope the Houston and Texas Mefites are safe and dry. I haven't seen flooding this bad since Hurricane Ike. [more inside]
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May 22

FanFare Clubs and event calendar

We're super excited to roll out an initial version of a new feature: FanFare Clubs! This is a system for formally collecting a variety of FanFare media threads and discussions together in an organized way on the site itself, and to schedule upcoming club events on-site as well. We'd love your help testing it out. [more inside]
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May 20

Help me find an old comment on diversity in academia

I remember seeing a comment on MetaFilter some years ago, about how letting more women into a social science field led to more discoveries, not simply because of a "more heads = better" effect, but because the women actually found new knowledge by studying a traditionally feminine activity that the men had completely overlooked. I'd love to use this example in advocating for diversity in academia; the only problem is that I simply can't find it any more. [more inside]
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May 18

MeFi Cartoon List

There's been a lot of great cartoons on TV and the web lately. In the recent the Simpsons couch gag post (the one about Rick and Morty), signal made a list of favorite current cartoons that MeFites regard as great, and we've been kind of adding to it. [more inside]
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May 17

Any MeFites planning to do the Jupiter Challenge?

The Jupiter Challenge is "a project encouraging writers to go back to the worlds and characters they created in their childhood or early teenage years and use them to inspire new work." It's happening between June 1st and August 1st this year. Is anyone else here planning to take part? [more inside]
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May 15

Pony Request: Re-promoting Threads with Notable News

With various open threads such as the Nepal Earthquake Thread and the UK Election thread, it makes me think that certain threads where significant events come up days or weeks later, that the moderators would be able to re-promote those existing open threads to the top of the front page, as though it were a new post. [more inside]
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May 14

Friends! Countrypeople! Lend me your Pets.

They say that cats rule the internet - is there proof that they rule Metafilter? Mefites, show us your pets! [more inside]
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"Tramp stamps" and boyzones

I think the community would benefit from talking about how the recent thread about "tramp stamps" went. A number of Mefites have expressed that they felt that this thread felt like a big step backwards, like they were somehow visiting Metafilter in 2005 and not 2015. What can we do as a community to maintain whatever advances we've made in pushing back on the boyzone mentality here?
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May 12


People of Metafilter, lend me your queers! #JuneByQueers is a sitewide initiative geared at increasing community and group-recognition among queer MeFites. It is motivated by a desire to engage, connect, and strengthen MeFi’s queer community from and among members of that community. If your identity is consistent with the term “queer,” and/or if you are not cis and straight, you are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you would really rather not, that’s entirely fine too. [more inside]
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May 11

"The Big Lebowskemoji" from the mind of mathowie

I got a kick out of this and thought it deserved a MetaTalk post: The Big Lebowskemoji, from MetaFilter's own mathowie.
Key: The annotated Big Lebowskemoji | GitHub
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Should No-Doxxing Policies Apply To Links/FPPs Too?

While a hard bright line has been maintained against actively doxxing people in comments on Metafilter, where do we stand about FPPs and comments that link to sites which expose details of people's information and home lives against their will? Most recently, the recent FPP about doxxing members of the intelligence community, to include photos of them, their family, details of where they live, and which cars they drive, etc. Can we, and should we, do better? [more inside]
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May 10

Deleting Mothers' Day?

I truly don't understand why NotATailor's post was deleted, I was really looking forward to hearing the stories of others on this topic. [more inside]
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MetaFilter wordbot jam?

Podcast 103 talked about doing a MetaFilter Twitter wordbot jam thing of some kind and I think that would be super fun. [more inside]
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May 9

FanFare MeMails on the Pony Express

Could we please give users the option to get two kinds of fanfare-related memails?
  1. An alert when someone starts a thread for an episode of a podcast/show that you're following on MyFanfare. (This is perhaps redundant, but I can't be the only one who doesn't think to wander over to MyFanfare that much…)
  2. A digest listing all of the new shows, podcasts (not individual episodes) and movies added to FanFare in the last week. I can't even think of all the media on which I'd be interesting in seeing the community's perspective, and this would be a good way to discover that other folks want to have those conversations as well.

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May 8

"Brown People" Don't Need You Defending Them Like That

We've all seen it -- "brown people" used as an ironic way of saying "X is racist": whether it's accusing anyone in the U.S. military of "[doing] horrible things to foreign brown people" or an academic "getting a disproportionate amount of crap because he's siding with brown people over white people" or even about how "The 'aliens built the pyramids' notion is a recent iteration of an long-term ongoing narrative stating that 'Those brown people couldn't possibly have done this'." [more inside]
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Google says "This site may be hacked" about a post on Metafilter

A Google search just turned up a "This site may be hacked" result for a Metafilter post. They recommend against visiting the website until this message disappears from the search result. I disobeyed their recommendation, and nothing jumps out as looking wrong. [more inside]
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May 6

104: I've Got Wheelhouse In The Head Now

Hey hey hey, it's episode 104 of the podcast. Recorded Wednesday May 6th, Matt and Jessamyn and I yammer for nigh on two hours about a bunch of great stuff from the last month and also complain about cell phone reception. [more inside]
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May 5


Seeing as next month is Pride in much of the country, I'm wondering how the LGBTQ members of Metafilter would do something similar to #JulyByWomen and #MarchByWomen hashtags.
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Is anyone else on the LINE social network?

I'm looking for friends on the LINE social network, mostly so we can play LINE Play together. [more inside]
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May 4

Follow Tags in My FanFare

We just added the ability to follow specific tags in My FanFare which should make it a bit easier to follow movie clubs and favorite topics. [more inside]
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May 1

City Songs: the new MetaFilter Music Challenge

Music-lovers of Metafilter, we would like to extend an invitation to you all to join us over at MeFiMusic for the latest challenge: record a song about a city. [more inside]
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