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Time magazine columnist gets weblog.

oh, goodness, now even my mother will know about weblogging. Time magazine columnist gets weblog.
posted by epersonae on Feb 4, 2002 - 14 comments

how to send a ping to changes.xml

Having recently switched from Movable Type to b2, I was wondering how I can send a ping to changes.xml over at weblogs.com. b2 is flexible, easy to edit and most of all, a good learning tool for PHP but no ping option.
posted by lostbyanecho on Jan 31, 2002 - 5 comments

I have my head up mu culo.

I have my head up mu culo. I have only just learnt of Blogger.com from todays post by Mr.Howie. I think I will make use of something like this, probably for professional promotion, touting my CV etc. Are there other sites more practial to my application? Any pitfalls i should be aware of?
posted by Frasermoo on Jan 31, 2002 - 4 comments

WinerLog has moved.

WinerLog is no longer being hosted on EditThisPage. Film at 11.
posted by rcade on Jan 29, 2002 - 22 comments

Time for a non-propietary weblog-ping service?

Time for a non-propietary weblog-ping service? It seems Winer is picking and choosing which blogs get listed on his ping-service depending on his whims. Is it time now for the weblog community to move away from this?
posted by owillis on Jan 15, 2002 - 15 comments

Matt Drudge and Julia Phillips discuss the web

Matt Drudge and Julia Phillips discuss why the web format (and blogging, by implication) is allowing the little guy to stand up to the old media establishment, and replace it. I remember Scott Adams predicting this in his book, The Dilbert Future. It's spooky how many of his predictions have come true (including the media killing celebrities for better ratings).
posted by insomnyuk on Jan 3, 2002 - 4 comments

Columnist compares blogs to the Reformation.

Columnist compares blogs to the Reformation...
posted by owillis on Dec 31, 2001 - 16 comments

Yesterday, NPR's Fresh Air attempted to introduce its listeners to blogging

Yesterday, NPR's Fresh Air attempted to introduce its listeners to blogging, and the results weren't pretty (RealAudio file). Linguist and commentator Geoff Nunberg says "The only thing bloggers have in common is that they have a lot of time on their hands and an exhibitionist streak."
posted by BT on Dec 11, 2001 - 13 comments

Single subject weblog

The Joy of Soup. Yum. With so many weblogs about, is focusing on a single subject the way to go?
posted by feelinglistless on Dec 7, 2001 - 21 comments

Micropayment idea.

Idea for a web content payment system (more inside)
posted by owillis on Nov 12, 2001 - 17 comments

Blogging is now a job.

Blogging is now a job. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Nothing on Monster or Hotjobs yet, though.
posted by owillis on Nov 5, 2001 - 6 comments

What's the point of a personal site?

A quoi sert un site perso ?, or, What's the point of a personal site? An article and discussion in French: "There are at least two reasons to make a personal site, and beyond those reasons, multiple consequences... Worst of all is an article in the press. An article in the press makes you a little crazy. A publication on the web gets its legitimacy in the acknowledgment by the real world, in the "paper" press. "Site of the week" on searchengine.com is good. But that lasts three days. An article on paper, that shows legitimacy to friends who make fun of the web. A big illusion, sure, but an illusion based in legitimacy... 'You have a site, yeah, so what?' they say to me. And then somebody writes about it in a serious newspaper. 'Oh, shit! That's crazy! That's cool! Party! Gimme five!' they say. Except it's no longer me, it's somebody else."
posted by Mo Nickels on Oct 28, 2001 - 4 comments

Broad blogging patent. discuss.

Someone just got a patent on a "System and method for building a web site using specific interface". Read the description: it pretty much covers all site-building software, and blogging tools. How the fuck did this one get through the prior art checks, if it was filed in 1998? I was using rudimentary templating stuff in 1995. (via Scripting News.)
posted by holgate on Oct 16, 2001 - 14 comments

Mac bloggers ahoy

I don't use blogger, so I don't know if this functionality exists elsewhere, but this looks pretty cool for blogger users on Mac OS 10.1.
posted by machaus on Oct 9, 2001 - 2 comments

What's up with people cutting and pasting entire conversations from IM, ICQ or IRC on their blog?

What's up with people cutting and pasting entire conversations from IM, ICQ or IRC on their blog?
posted by
cyniczny on Sep 25, 2001 - 11 comments

The Blog Twinning Project

The Blog Twinning Project - Didn't think this was worthy of a front page post, but it's nice concept.
posted by corpse on Sep 24, 2001 - 9 comments

Instant weblog software!

I was just thinking (but only briefly): What if you took a simple guestbook script, tweaked it so new entries went on top, then password protected it. Oila! Instant weblog software! Granted, you would have to hand code the templates and such, but it seems like it might work.
posted by mecran01 on Jul 6, 2001 - 4 comments

Yet another weblog article

Yet another weblog article. This time about Australian weblogs, but MeFi gets a mention. Notice the cynical bastard at the end.
posted by Neale on May 25, 2001 - 0 comments

Weblog comics

Weblog Comix! It's about time we had comics about webloging!

let me know what you guys think! :)


http://www.adnan.org/comix/about.htm for more info
posted by adnan on May 22, 2001 - 11 comments

Money for Blogging and Your Chicks for Free

Blogging for cash? Anyone think that there's any sort of business model that could be applied towards weblogging? I've been thinking about something along the lines of text advertising, a-la Google's AdWords.
posted by owillis on Apr 23, 2001 - 9 comments

the Web Intersections weblog showed up in my referrers today

Maybe I'm just slow, but the Web Intersections weblog showed up in my referrers today. It's an automated link convergence checker: find a link, then find weblogs that link to it.
posted by Mo Nickels on Mar 19, 2001 - 2 comments

hi. i dont get how this how blog thing works .

hi. i dont get how this how blog thing works . isnt it just like message boards?
posted by aliak18 on Mar 13, 2001 - 2 comments

Is there a desktop app that will do what Blogger does?

OK, suppose I wanted to create a blog on a LAN, so it would not be available to the outside world. Is there a desktop app that will do what Blogger does? Thoughts?
posted by jpoulos on Feb 2, 2001 - 4 comments

Blogger = dead?

Is blogger dead?
posted by capt.crackpipe on Jan 31, 2001 - 3 comments

cCranium talks about the weirdness of having his blog down

My weblog (and the rest of the paltry place I call my website) has been down for over a week now, due to various complications and incompetance on my part.

I had no idea how ingrained into my being the ability to right-click and "Blog This!" whenever I had a random thought, whenever I wanted to remember something for future reference or whenever I wanted to just scream in frustration.

In a textual sense, that is.

[more inside]
posted by cCranium on Nov 30, 2000 - 4 comments

Why Blog?

What's the point of personal weblogs? Does it fulfill some psychological need? Is it for attention? For fun? I'm trying to figure it out myself.

I just started my own, and it's like... why am I doing this? It seems like a waste of my time. I'd really like to do one, but... I just don't know. And reading other peoples'... I mean, I'll never meet these people, never REALLY get to know them. I'm just posting my random thoughts to a webpage. But it's not like a journal, which I really enjoy, because it's not tangible, it's not there, for you to touch, to write in. Why do you guys and gals blog?
posted by gramcracker on Oct 24, 2000 - 23 comments

What do you think the most underated weblogs are?

What do you think the most underated weblogs are? I could give a damn about the popular ones: popularity usually = mediocrity, in my opinion. I'm just searching for the more obscure ones that don't suck. No shameless self promotion please. No one likes an egoist.
posted by Mr. skullhead on Oct 8, 2000 - 9 comments

I neglect my blog for the love of mefi

Other-bloggers: I've noticed something, and I'm wondering if it's just me (so many things are just me), or if you'venoticed it, too.

Since I've become an active participant on MetaFilter, it seems to me like I post less stuff on my own 'log. Has this happened to you, too; and if it has, what are your speculations on the *specific* reasons why?
posted by baylink on Oct 4, 2000 - 7 comments

"blogging" is going to get discovered (again?) by the "press."

Folks, this may sound like you've heard it before, but I've got a feeling that "blogging" is going to get discovered (again?) by the "press." That would be a good thing. It would focus on web community instead of web commerce. As a meme, it could take on a momentum all of its own! The AOLers and Everyman would see there's a whole "new" level of social web browsing, which may lead to more action-oriented life choices.
Whaddaya think?
posted by goodhelp on May 24, 2000 - 0 comments

I got my first anonymous flame today

I got my first anonymous flame today. Question to more experienced hands: Does this kind of thing happen a lot?
posted by mattw on May 15, 2000 - 2 comments

Weblog. A link

Weblog. A link, a one to two sentence comment. Usually links to another weblogger. The web is completely known. Time to pack up and leave.

Occasionally someone with say something half-way intelligent about web trends, or unknown/misunderstood webthings, and sometimes that person will not be speaking from their own point of view as a dot-com person, but will try to take a critical perspective and derive some insight about the Internet society, and not simply the Internet marketplace.

I'll be damned if half the riothero's of the weblog world would stop writing essays on how get hits and do the above more often.

And another thing -- Is there anyone who simply reads weblogs. (Personally, I am a buswaiter at a trendy Internet restaurant, but I have a homepage I've been revising....)
posted by rschram on May 8, 2000 - 9 comments

can they withstand a business model test?

While both deepleap and pyra are interesting applications can they withstand a business model test? I don't think so... From what I've heard, deepleap is scampering for investors but how do they plan on making money? Also the folks at pyra created the famous blogger but have yet to make any money? I ask the weblog community, especially Matt, does this make sense? While these web pioneers may get the web, and the people the met at sxsw get the web, I think they are missing a crucial factor... you must have a business model and not just a functional and useful application. What do you think?
posted by efader on Mar 20, 2000 - 3 comments

blog rankings

because of cliquiness and popularity rankings. I don't think the author gets that not many people take the popularity rankings seriously. And when people redesign, they're doing for themselves or their readers, not for higher rankings. I haven't checked the beebo site in a couple weeks, and when I did, I was surprised to see how high MetaFilter was.

Weblog-as-genre is blowing up in terms of numbers, especially if you open up the definition of weblog to "anything regularly updated and listed in some sort of time frame." Tools like blogger are making personal publishing easier and there will be more and more of these types of pages everyday. I don't see an end in sight or any cause for concern from the "old guard" of the weblog community. About the only problem weblog writers and readers face is trying to find and read all the good ones each day. But that's what update lists and meta-blogs are for.
posted by mathowie on Mar 8, 2000 - 9 comments

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