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A jolly splendid place to express displeasure at fucking everything

A reasonable suggestion has been advanced, by MeFite pelvicsorcery, for another MetaTalk where one can decompress, vent, yell, scream and utter other statements of displeasure in response to climate change, the pandemic, politics, and anything and everything else of a frustrating, grating or infuriating nature. This is in the nature of previous threads such as here, here and here. Please proceed with unrestrained abandon within the box provided below. Thank you.
posted by Wordshore on Aug 11, 2021 - 134 comments

Fucking Fuck: The Venting Continues

Latest venting thread now open as there is much to vent about. Gentle members, pray begin your cries of woe within.
posted by Bella Donna on Jun 11, 2019 - 239 comments

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