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Mefi users' extreme locations?

Geographic extremes of all kinds of Mefi users. [more inside]
posted by InsertNiftyNameHere on Jul 9, 2013 - 92 comments

How many MeFites are there by country?

Specifically I am wondering how many users are from Canada; but I am also interested to know if there is a breakdown somewhere of users by country. [more inside]
posted by Lizard on Mar 30, 2013 - 88 comments

Ask MetaFilter Travel Locations

Today we're introducing a new way to find travel questions at Ask MetaFilter: Travel Locations. [more inside]
posted by pb on Sep 7, 2011 - 113 comments

Is there anywhere a survey of where Metafilter users live?

I'm getting the impression that a huge percentage are like myself: -Mac users, living in Toronto who ten to leave food out on the kitchen counter too long.
posted by bonobothegreat on Dec 7, 2008 - 75 comments

Region filter?

How about some kind of regional filter for AskMe questions that relate only to a specific country/area? Like this one. If the question appeared on the front page as [AU] What should I do ..., it would be more easily brought to the attention of people who could answer it and allow people who can't answer it to easily skip over it. [more inside]
posted by desjardins on Jul 28, 2008 - 48 comments

How to find Mefites by city

How to find Mefites in a specific location? I want to find all Mefites in Panama City, Panama. Is it possible to do this; if so, how? Someone suggested editing my profile and changing my location to the city I want to locate others in and then looking at nearby mefites but that didn't work.
posted by lometogo on Jul 1, 2008 - 16 comments

Where in the world are all these people?!

We've began updating the metafilter KML file again. If you're using Google Earth, point it at metafilter.com/metafilter.kml to get the latest data (it's about 3Mb so it'll take a while). It'll be automatically updated once a week from here on out.
posted by mathowie on Aug 28, 2007 - 36 comments

Job Locations

Can you please list the city a job is in on the front page? It seems kind of silly to have to click every job to see if it's even in your state. Thank you.
posted by Manhasset on Oct 20, 2006 - 4 comments

City Guides Subsite?

cityguides.metafilter.com? How about it?

Inspired by Lougi's recent Askme Q, I suggest a section be set up where people can a) post requests for specific city info and b) post their fave tips for cities they know well. These threads could remain open indefinitely and be a great resource for people travelling or moving and would cut down on AskMe Q's about such things. If possible, perhaps a sidebar on Ask which just lists the names of the last 5 cityguide threads that have had activity would be a handy way to see when a city you know/care about has questions/activities.
posted by dobbs on Sep 26, 2006 - 39 comments

We all live in a Chicago rowhouse

Apparently over 100 MeFites live in a rowhouse in the McKinley Park neighbourhood of Chicago. Here's a few of them; you can find many, many more by looking at the "Users nearest this user" display. Perhaps we should hold our next meetup there?
posted by Johnny Assay on Sep 15, 2006 - 55 comments

Is the Google Earth Network link file broken?

Is the Google Earth Network Link file no longer being supported? It appears to be borked.
posted by geekyguy on Aug 9, 2006 - 8 comments

Can You Search Profiles?

Is there a way to search profiles? I want to see if there are any members in a certain city (not near where I live, so the ones listed in my profile don't help).
posted by Framer on Jun 28, 2006 - 11 comments

Users Near Me

Small ponies, roaming free...

On my user page, it says there are 5 users near me, since it only 5 users live within 50 miles of my fair city. Sixty miles away, though, there's an absolute assload in Seattle. Would it be possible to increase the 50 mile limit if there number of users near someone is less than some magic number, so the poor guy living in Valdez, AK has users living within 1,000 miles, but those of us just outside of a more major metropolitan area don't feel quite so left out? This may be the world's smallest pony, but the 10 mile difference between almost no one near me and having a bunch of people near me has nagged at me a little bit.
posted by Captain_Tenille on Jan 27, 2006 - 21 comments

User Maps

Link to a map on user page? As long as you have the coordinates, creating a link consisting of "http://maps.google.com/?q=lat%20long" would be trivial. Pardon me if this has been suggested already, but I scanned the threads on the lat/long feature and didn't see it.
posted by George_Spiggott on Dec 31, 2005 - 20 comments

MeFi on Google Earth

All MeFi members plotted on Google Earth (screenshot of the Western US). To load it into Google Earth, go to Add, Network Link, then put in http://junk.haughey.com/metafilter.kml in the location field. Wait a minute or so for the file and all points to load and you should be good to go.

That file will be periodically updated, but for now you can zoom around and see who is near you on a grand scale.
posted by mathowie on Dec 28, 2005 - 100 comments

Profile Bug

I want to update my other preferences, but I don't want to enter my latitude/longtiude. Trying to do so leads me to an error page about my lat/long coordinates.
posted by hooray on Dec 28, 2005 - 1 comment

Profile Locations

I updated the userpage location stuff. If you haven't noticed, you can now add your latitude/longitude anywhere on earth (not just the US), though I started by converting everyone over from zip codes. I also figured out sorting nearby users by zipcode, and now I'm showing the closest 50 people, along with a google map.

It works great in most cities. Seattle and Boston have a nice layout. SF and NYC are less than perfect because everyone in the same zip code got the same exact location, so points stack up. LA is the worst in that regard. The zoom level of the google map depends on how many people are near you, NYC gets zoomed in, while people in the sticks get zoomed out.
posted by mathowie on Dec 22, 2005 - 109 comments

I worked up a custom google maps view showing every user

I worked up a custom google maps view showing every user (screenshot inside). Once I get it working more smoothly, I'll post the URL for folks to play with it.
posted by mathowie on Jun 30, 2005 - 86 comments

MeFi Locations

Where do MeFites live? I've been aware for a while of our denizens living in Chile and So. Korea, but recently have seen postings from Uganda and Japan as well. Is there any listing and/or breakdown of members' self-reported locations similar to the professions list?
posted by matildaben on May 20, 2005 - 46 comments

would you like to know where all MeFi users are from?

Topic drift... would you like to know where all MeFi users are from? Discuss.
posted by SpecialK on May 9, 2001 - 11 comments

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