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MSP Meetup - since we all need to start drinking heavily.

Okay, so Denver has their DNC meetup tonight. For those stuck in, or visiting, the Twin Cities for the RNC (and associated protests), how about a meetup? [more inside]
posted by cabingirl on Aug 28, 2008 - 52 comments

Mayday update

Hey, remember that MayDay meetup we will have in Minneapolis? Here is some updated info. Also mods can you create something where a user can update the info on the meetup sidebar? That would help. Thanks. [more inside]
posted by wheelieman on Apr 28, 2008 - 5 comments

Horay for Mayday!

Mefi Mayday (May 4) Minneapolis Meetup at Powderhorn Park! [more inside]
posted by wheelieman on Apr 10, 2008 - 28 comments

Minneapolis MeFi Meetup tonight

Reminder: Minneapolis MeFi Meetup tonight at the Loring Pasta Bar at 8 P. M. Please wear nametags that state your screenaame along with the word MeFi. It will be easier to ID each other. See ya there!!
posted by wheelieman on Feb 10, 2006 - 9 comments

Minneapolis Meetup Feb 2006

Minneapolis Meetup (if anybody can)
Friday, Feb. 10 at Britts at 8 P. M.
If I have to sit alone I will!!
posted by wheelieman on Feb 5, 2006 - 21 comments

Twin Cities meetup January 2006

Twin Cities Meetup: Minneapolitans and St. Paulis, we're meeting at Brit's Pub in downtown Mpls at 7 p.m. [Prior thread]
posted by grrarrgh00 on Jan 13, 2006 - 7 comments

Are we still trying to set something up for MSP meetup?

Hey, so, MSP meet-up? Are we still trying to set something up?
posted by Zosia Blue on Jul 27, 2005 - 15 comments

Minneapolis meetup September 2004

Minneapolis Meet-Up
This Saturday, Sept. 25th
7 PM
Be there or, uh, I guess don't be there
posted by Zosia Blue on Sep 22, 2004 - 13 comments

Minneapolis post-meetup

Since the Minneapolis post-meetup essentially fell apart a couple weeks ago, is there any interest in attempting another informal gathering?
posted by nathan_teske on Aug 29, 2004 - 5 comments

Plan the next Minne Meetup

Lots of email chatter lately about the next Minneapolis meetup! Lawn bowling at Brit's or mini-golf at the Walker--what's the plan?
posted by clever sheep on Jul 6, 2004 - 25 comments

Photos from Friday's Minneapolis meetup.

Photos from Friday's Minneapolis meetup.
posted by mrbula on May 2, 2004 - 40 comments

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