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So we can all be like y2karl ... okay, maybe that's not a positive

When the "title" tag is used on a link, it most often provides useful additional information (or a bit of nonsense that was better left out of the main text). So why not make it easy to do? Can you add a second field in the link dialog box to fill in a title tag? One rule for posters: Please don't use it for important parenthetical information like (pdf) or (NSFW).
posted by wendell on May 21, 2008 - 89 comments

Tame the Tags Blob!

The Front Page Posting page shows a big blob listing ALL the tags I have used on previous posts. Particularly big because I have made 199 posts on at least 175 different topics, including high-tech band-aids (an early NewsFilter with 2 now-dead links), a-list blogs, MetaFilter-related stuff before MetaTalk existed (this post features jessamyn making a suggestion to create something like MetaTalk) Interpol, Steely Dan, ICANN, and Fat People (without a trainwreck in the comments!)... and that was all in my first month participating here. Anyway, that tag blob, as it now exists, does me no benefit and just blocks the way to the "Preview" button. Can we have options to show NO tags or most used tags or tags used more than once ple-e-e-eze?
posted by wendell on Mar 18, 2007 - 32 comments

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