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Fucking maniacs, or, the life and oeuvre of one luckyclone.

Fucking maniacs, or, the life and oeuvre of one luckyclone. Though a prior specialist in one-liner snark (rare exceptions), this user hasn't made a coherent comment since December 6.
posted by dhartung on Feb 1, 2005 - 17 comments

disagree != troll

Orthodoxy again rears its ugly head. Trolling is alleged three times in a row because the poster's views diverged from the Metafilter norm (and the poster was alleged to be gasp repeatedly expressing similar views), with the worst yet to come; another poster is called blatantly biased and therefore "loses any credibility", and told "not to expect to be taken seriously" even though he has himself explained that bias and has been thoughtful and on point to discussion. Another was recently called out for not leavening his posts with, well, other posts expressing a different viewpoint. Is this really contributory to open discussion and debate? Is it really now to be verboten to express a point of view, especially in an FPP? Can someone join a discussion even though they have pre-existing views, whether they be based on bias or principle? Or are some on Metafilter simply annoyed by points of view they don't like?
posted by dhartung on Mar 29, 2002 - 104 comments

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