July 20

A thread for Bandcamp Fan Pages

If you buy music on Bandcamp and have made your fan page public, what is it? (Mine is Mister Meows, but lives at runciblejones because such things can't be changed.) The MetaFilter CD swaps have demonstrated that many MeFites are into music that's up my ally, and it'd be cool to see what folks are grooving to on a more regular basis.

Fanfare: Previous/Next Episode Link?

I've really been enjoying Fanfare posts and the ensuing discussions with serialized shows like True Detective and Fringe. I'd like to have a link that goes back to the last episode's discussion thread. [more inside]

What the heck is securewebhosting.org?


In addition to that weirdness, googling securewebhosting & metafilter gives me pages like http://faq.metafilter.com​/237/​Secure​Webhosting​-and-copyright, which is even weirder. Is there some reasonable explanation to all of this that I'm not yet caffeinated enough to figure out myself?

July 17

Show Us Your Desk, 2015 Edition

It has been awhile. Show us your workspace!

July 16

Emotional [Labor] Rescue

I just wanted to call out as fabulous this thread on the concept of emotional labor. It shifted something in the way I see the world and made obvious so many things I noticed every day but thought of as disconnected. There are so many fascinating, honest, brutal, mind-altering stories in that thread; it is worth anyone's time to read it, even if you think you might not be interested. [more inside]

How to save the last space I've read to in a long thread?

What is the best way to save the place one has read to in a long thread? [more inside]

July 15

We're adding a soft warning for long above-the-fold text on the blue

We’re adding a heads-up note to the posting process on the front page when previewing a long-above-the-fold post, to help provide folks with preemptive feedback about post length. It’s not enforced—your post won’t be truncated by the posting process or anything like that—but we’re hoping it’ll help folks think about how they’re framing stuff in terms of how much vertical space it might occupy. [more inside]

help finding an artist posted to Mefi

Hi, the FAQ says ask here. I somehow failed to favorite or save off an artist featured in a Mefi post within the past 8 months. She's an illustrator for a newspaper in the desert states, like maybe Arizona or vicinity. Her work is ink and washes? Or ink and watercolor? Her work features bound female figures bleeding from arrows. Bunnies and birds flying about. Pain of love. Thanks!

Why not have two Greek posts?

I don't think it's right that my post on a particular aspect of the Greek debt crisis was deleted just because a more general thread was still active. Considering we can have multiple superhero/sf movie trailer posts active that thread similar ground to each other, not to mention multiple posts about arguably smaller US political stories, it feels a bit as if foreign stories are not allowed as much attention. I'd understand if it was just a question of not wanting to split mod attention over possibly fractious posts, but not that there can only be one post perse on such an important & interesting subject. It reinforces the idea that MeFi is US centric and the rest of us are just here on sufferance.

July 14

Are the 'deleted' blogs defunct?

The (as far as I know, unofficial) blogs for deleted MetaFilter posts and deleted AskMetafilter posts do not seem to get updated lately. Is something broken, or is something else going on? Does anyone know?

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