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I was reading CNN today and saw these two separate articles and thought that they were related.

Article 1: This is about fear and violence breaking out over economic crisis. It shows real fear, pain, emotion, and in many cases tragedy.

Article 2 : It is about the GOP being against a 150 billion dollar stimulus bill that will go and benefit State run programs like food stamps, medicare, infrastructure, etc.

Now the point I am trying to make is the GOP can be for a nearly trillion dollar bail out to help wall street but.. BUT when something that is about 75% less is drafted that will help middle/lower class citizens they are against it and call it irresponsible? I know this wasn't blue worthy but would someone please explain their way of thinking to me?
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I don't think this is really what MetaTalk is for.
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This is not what MetaTalk is for, at all.
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