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I'm stuck in Tokyo over the next 3 days, due to volcanic activity over Europe! It's an amazing city that I'm just getting to know. My main problem is that I'm eating alone. I'd like some company over dinner please? Any takers? Full details inside.

Dinner is on me.

I'm currently staying in the Roppongi area but can travel.

Prefer Japanese food, but more than happy to experiment...

I'm 26 / male / working in private equity in London. More than happy to meet to chat about studying and working in the UK (I studied in London).

I'll be free from tonight really (it's 7.30pm as I post this)...until Wednesday night.

Bonus points if you're keen on getting wasted. Again, will buy the first round.

Happy to reciprocate if you're ever in London too and find yourself with a similar issue.
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I wish I could, but Indiana and Japan are very far away from each other. Good luck.
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Mefite Armoured_ant also stranded in Tokyo according to his Tweets. Most London mefites will have a mobile. Check out his Metapage for contact details
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Okay I would give my left eye to have your troubles, but for what it's worth, if it makes you feel better:

eating alone in Japan, and especially Tokyo, is a cultural experience and does not mean you are a social pariah (unlike in Europe). Especially you should feel comfortable doing this at a busy ramen shop, where you will be joined by people who are going back to work (either lunch or dinner time). Also in sushi restaurants, totally unremarkable.

There are also whole industries built around finding people to get wasted with you, but... yeah.
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Maybe you'll meet the person on AskMe looking for dining ideas in Tokyo?
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I'd love to join you, but I'm in Chiba, and I've got to be up at 6 am every morning this week. If, say, you're still trapped here next week (when Golden week starts)*, I'd be happy to join you for a meal and several beers. I'm not big on Japanese food (aside from izakaya food), but there are some pretty good Turkish restaurants in Shinjuku, if you're interested.

*I know, don't joke, it's not funny. Have you considered staying? Japan is lovely this time of year!
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theredpen - the askmefi person...is me *yikes.
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Oops, sorry about that, aherdofturtles. It's not like a read for a living or anything, sheesh :) I hope you get both questions answered in the best way possible and have a lovely evening -- good luck.
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That is, "It's not like *I* read for a living." Guess I'll stay off the computer tonight!!
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cstross is likewise stuck, so if you see a cranky British SF author/ ex-sysadmin, you should introduce yourself.
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aherdofturtles, send me a MeMail or regular email and let's see about meeting up.
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Sign up at couchsurfing.org and check out the Tokyo forums. I'm sure you'll find someone who'd like to meet up with you over a meal. You might even find some parties or events that are scheduled in the next couple of days.
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Armage - sent an email to you gmail.
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fairytale of los angeles - I believe "MeFi's own cstross" is the traditional form...
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> cstross is likewise stuck, so if you see a cranky British SF author/ ex-sysadmin, you should introduce yourself.

s/British/Scottish/ if you want to be on his good side :P
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